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An Alternative to Embarrassing Moments...

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I started a very short workout program recently that I loved. It was short and sweet and a really good workout. I then had to end it as quickly as I started. Not because of my knees hurting or inability to do it physically… the problem was urinary incontinence. This problem came on quickly and got worse over time.

My program was jumping rope… and this was not a lot of jumping just light jumping to get my heart rate up for 8-10 minutes. So my point is… not very strenuous. So when sneezing, laughing and sometimes a whole lot of nothing started making me have similar issues (urinary incontinence), I became worried about the situation Anyone else been there?

Twenty plus years ago my Mom had a procedure done for the same issue that caused her some embarrassing moments. I can remember her hospital stay and her 6 week recovery which was terribly painful. I knew that was not the route I would take. I also knew that I would not be using pads, as I had never used them even before a hysterectomy… not my thing.

So I began my search for how I would handle this problem. And my research led me to a procedure called Votiva. You can read more about it here. I agree that feminine health and vaginal rejuvenation are topics that are difficult for many women to talk about… including me. But I feel that this is important female issue.

According to American Family Physician, 47% of women between the ages of 20 to 49 experience urinary incontinence.  The percentage is even higher for post menopausal women.   And in speaking with other women I am close to, a majority of my friends and family experience the same issue. So it’s good to know that there are alternative’s to these embarrassing moments and a lifetime of pads.

After finding Votiva, I found the New Day Wellness Spa in Ballantyne, a modern health care clinic in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte that focuses on women’s health care needs. I met with Dr. Kristin Black, MD and Shannon Shipe FNP-BC, to discuss the Votiva procedure. I was very impressed with their professionalism and reassurance regarding any hesitations I had. I loved the fact that there would be no pain, no side effects and would see immediate improvement after the procedures. I immediately signed up.

The procedures were not uncomfortable whatsoever and I did not experience any issues afterward. I am happy to say I am thrilled with my results and am back to jumping rope, laughing and can now control a sneeze. There are additional benefits that I will be happy to share via email but if you heard any of Glenn Close’s interviews earlier this year… you might suspect the topic. So if interested please send an email to jan@silveristhenewblonde.

I sure hope that anything discussed here did not make anyone uncomfortable. And I’m sure you understand the reason behind no pictures, too. My goal is to share info, that I feel is valuable and to help anyone experiencing similar issues. Back to jewelry and clothing in my next post.

Until next time… thanks for reading,




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Glamour Italia

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Last year, if you were following me then, you may recall that I was featured in the New York Times as one of seven “Glamorous Grandma’s of Instagram” written by Ruth LaFerla. If you did not get to read the article, here is a link. I was so honored and humbled to have been chosen. And then it was re-printed by the Independent in the UK here. And I am happy to say that the article continues to be re-printed many times over.

I was a bit surprised when a writer for Glamour Italy reached out in February and asked for an interview. My sister Kathy and I used to sit on our beds each month and gush over our GLAMOUR magazine. She proceeded to tell me I had huge fans in their offices and they wanted to feature me with some other “Golden Girls” in a similar article. We scheduled a 30 minute interview and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I am happy to say that the article just published this month and I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard-copy to one day show my grandchildren and maybe their children. I am working on having this translated but until then here is a link to the article and I have posted pictures of each page below. The good news is that google will translate it for you. Enjoy!

Thank you Chiara Oltolini. I am again honored and humbled for this opportunity and to be featured with these magnificent women.

My Grandpa Luca and Grandma Nana (Angelina) would have been so proud…

GL1904 page156_19518599.jpg
GL1904 page157_19518613.jpg
GL1904 page158_19518627.jpg

Until next time… keep blooming,



Be a Perennial

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Keep blooming and growing every day so that you continue to evolve as a beautiful perennial.
— Jan Correll
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When asked for a quote to inspire and encourage ageless women, I always provide the one above. This conveys my approach to life and gives it purpose and meaning; it’s the legacy I want to leave behind.

For those that aren’t gardeners… an annual plant only has a set lifecycle. Typically a year, or even one to two seasons. They have to continue to be replanted each year. A perennial plant lives more than two years. They continue to grow and return year after year. Although they do have a maturity point… the idea is that they keep blooming with the right nurturing and nourishment.

So friends… let’s also keep blooming. So much good can come from this approach. If we keep learning and growing, we will have so much more to talk about, more to share with others, more experiences, more memories and more love to share with our friends, family and loved ones.

What are you doing to keep blooming and be a perennial? Please do tell. I’m taking a glass blowing class next and plan to learn my ancestors native language: Italian.

silveristhenewblonde (9 of 174).jpg

My talented friend and jewelry designer, Sassie Grissom, @sassierocks (on Instagram) and I decided to collaborate on a piece of jewelry. This gorgeous necklace was created to remind ourselves to “keep blooming” at any age - to see the world, exude bold personal style, learn how to make pottery, speak French! We are giving away one "Keep Blooming" necklace to a fellow ageless sister on Instagram. Hope you enter!!

Until next time… keep blooming!



Ageless Adventures: Six Great Trips to Take with Your Girlfriends

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One of my best friends is beside me on this trip… my daughter!

One of my best friends is beside me on this trip… my daughter!

There’s nothing quite like setting off on a new adventure while having your very best friends by your side as you explore new places and make new memories together. Sometimes you don’t even need to go out of the country to broaden your horizons and try new things. Below are six great trips to take with your girlfriends that will keep you staying active and having tons of fun!

New York City is a great place to visit if you and your girlfriends are up for a wild adventure and don’t mind the hustle and bustle of a big city. New York City is known as the “melting pot” of the United States, so expect lots of great food and wonderful cultural experiences! Experience a day of tourism and visit places like Central Park, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Empire State Building, or indulge in a theatrical experience at a Broadway play or musical. No matter what adventures you choose to embark on, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience.

Charleston, South Carolina is the perfect low-country destination getaway if your friend group enjoys exceptional seafood, rich history and beautiful historical landmarks, and of course, the beach! From Charleston Harbor tours to exploring the Battery and Fort Sumter, Charleston is home to beautiful views and excellent tourist sights. After spending a few hours scouting out the best sights and touring the grounds of Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, you and your girlfriends should treat yourselves to a night of drinks and excellent cuisine on King Street.

Nashville, Tennessee is known as the home of country music, so if you and your closest friends can’t help but join in every time a country song comes on the radio, Nashville is the place for you. Some great places to visit in Nashville include the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Music Row. For those who aren’t as keen on country music, don’t fret, Nashville has something for you too! Places like the Tennessee State Capitol Building, Belmont Mansion, and The Gulch, are all destinations that are sure to impress the history lover, the fashion expert, and the art connoisseurs of the group.

Denver, Colorado is full of beautiful, scenic sights and tons of adventurous outdoor activities. Some must see places in Denver include the Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and the Denver Art Museum. If you like to hike, there are so many wonderful hiking trails that are less than an hour outside of the city!

Wine Country in California is a must if you and your girlfriends love wine almost as much as you love traveling! Explore the Napa or Sonoma regions with your friends, and treat yourselves to an abundance of fabulous wine tastings and upscale cuisine as you take in all of the rich culture that Wine Country has to offer. A few things to check off your travel list when in Wine Country includes touring the stunning vineyards and participating in a wine tasting, going on a hot air balloon ride over the valleys, or exploring on the ground on a bike tour.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina is the perfect destination for friends that love a scenic view of the mountains. You can spend your days hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature, or roaming through the various shops in the picturesque downtown of Blowing Rock. From skiing and exploring waterfalls, to spa days and winery tours, Blowing Rock has a little bit of everything for everyone in your friend group!

No matter the destination, wherever you decide to go you’re sure to make a lot of wonderful memories with your girlfriends... and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures to document your travels! And since today is International Women’s Day… don’t forget to celebrate those friends that are always behind you or beside you every single day.

As always, my goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  I feature fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information and help women continue to grow and bloom as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading! 



Ageless Active: Yes to Pilates!

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PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

South Providence, Charlotte Club Pilates  PC: SweatNET

South Providence, Charlotte Club Pilates

PC: SweatNET

At the core of my being… I want to be stronger.  As I age, I want to: get down on the floor (easily), pick up 30 pounds as if it’s no problem and and want to make sure that I am in control of my body.  My legs are strong, my arms are strong… I need to develop a strong core.  Why? My goal is to look and feel my best everyday and to always be able to get down on my grandchildren’s level till they tower over me.

PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

We all have problem areas… mine is my core.  I forgot about it for the longest time.    So when looking for it and ways to improve my body, I found Pilates; originally known as “Contrology” and developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.  Lucky for the Charlotte area and many other cities across the US,  I found Club Pilates

PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

I am excited to tell you that I began working with Club Pilates 3 weeks ago and am already seeing results.  The individual club locations are South Providence, Fort Mill, Huntersville and Mooresville.  Each of these individual clubs offer Level One Foundation/Beginner classes up to more advanced level 2.5 classes.  I am now in 1.5 classes and really enjoying it. I have had various well trained  instructors thus far and love the fact that can truly coach me as needed. 

PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

 I hope you follow along on my journey at Club Pilates.  I will post updates along the way so tune into my Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories for updates.  Be sure to book an intro class for free at each of these studios.

Fort Mill Club Pilates

Fort Mill Club Pilates

Huntersville Club Pilates

Huntersville Club Pilates

Mooresville Club Pilates

Mooresville Club Pilates

Thank you to Club Pilates (the four locations mentioned above) for sponsoring this post.  I am so excited about this journey. 

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  I feature fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information and help women continue to grow and bloom as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading! 



My Girl's Photo Shoot

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As a Mom I have two awesome children, a son and a daughter. I feel awfully lucky as they are both special people that are very dear to me and Mr. Silver. My son and wife, have two children, a son and daughter and my daughter and her husband, have two sons. When our daughter shared the news they were expecting a third, we all prayed for a healthy baby and Momma. And when they shared the news that this one was going to be a little girl, I was thrilled that she too would get to experience a Mother/Daughter relationship… as we have shared.

My daughter and I have fun and loving affinity and have always supported each other. We have also pushed each other when needed and are very open and honest with each other. It’s like having a best friend, other than your hubby.

When I decided to start the blog, she was behind me in every aspect. She took some of my first pictures and then handed that responsibility over to her Dad. She was always fluffing, fixing and catching little things that a detailed eye could see. And it always made me feel so special.

When she decided to do a maternity shoot, she planned it so I could be there. I was so excited to be part of this to in turn do the same that she had always done for me! We had such a fun time as they setting was magical and the “golden hour” was perfect.


My daughter chose her very close friend, Kameron Rogers for this shoot, Owner of Kameron C. Photography. She is based in Texas and I highly recommend her, if you have photography needs. She is super talented and made it so much fun that the three of us laughed the whole time.


I love these photos and was so happy when my daughter said I could share them with you. I hope you enjoy them too!


This bundle of joy arrives in February and I can’t wait for my girl to experience her “girl.”


As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 


Investing in Beauty Sleep

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As an ageless woman, I have realized how important sleep is.  I used to be able to get by on 5-6 hours of sleep but learned the wear and tear that regimen can take on your body and your beauty.  ;)  Once I hit 60, I made the decision to not take my sleep lightly.

Mr. Silver and I had been discussing investing in a new mattresses since we both felt we were tossing and turning way too much each night.  He sleeps very sound, whereas I am a very light sleeper and usually wake at least 2-3 times per night.  My waking is usually the result of night sweats or just being uncomfortable in a particular position.  Do you wake up many times each night, too? 

So we turned to the Internet and began researching the best mattresses out there.  Luckily we found The Wave by, designed for advanced support for your body at 33 key points, temperature regulation (breathable foam for increased airflow) and 5 layers of premium foam. 

I want you to know that although this is a sponsored post, I am truly in love and so happy with our new mattress, that I would endorse this mattress regardless.  Mr. Silver and I are both sleeping better than we have in years and feel that this bed was made specifically for us.  I am sleeping through the night.  Neither one of us is tossing nor turning and best of all, I have eliminated my night sweats. 

If you are considering a new mattress, I would highly suggest The Wave by  It was shipped directly to our home, setup was a snap, and they offer a 100-night trial with free return and pickup.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by investing in a great night’s sleep. 


As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 






Staying Active and Friendships

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We all know how important it is to stay active not only for our bodies but also for our minds… especially as we age. When recently working with Humana, I was not surprised that 85% of older adults say it’s important to develop friendships and that many have found a new friend or a workout buddy as a result. I believe this is so important and have found this to be true. I have some lifelong friends I met through working out via group classes at my Y.

I also found the following video inspiring and hope you do too.

As a result, this video made me think about taking my Mom who is 84 to her closest Y, to show here all that it offers. She is very social and I feel that this would be one more way for her to stay involved and continue to build friendships for many years to come.

Are you staying involved, working out and building friendships? I sure hope so. I’m always looking for a walking buddy if you live near me! Thank you to Humana for sponsoring this post!

My goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog!