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Spring Things for the Home

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I have been on the road for over 10 days and am happy to be home and re-group a bit.  Whew!  It's been a whirlwind... and a blast as well!   AND for the first week of spring, what is with this crazy weather?  Sure glad I did not put my winter wardrobe away yet!!   I am ready for some milder days.  Are you? 


Speaking of home... I recently had the opportunity to choose some items for our beach cottage, from Soft Surroundings when they asked to collaborate.  Did you know they offer fine home goods?  They have a beautiful selection and most items come with the Softness rating.  

My first selection was this beautiful Paris Faux Fur Throw in Tranquil Teal.  It is so beautiful and the perfect throw to curl up with!  I have used it several times this spring as the weather fluctuates and know it will be my go to when we are running the A/C full blast.  


I also chose a NEST Reed Diffuser.  I love the constant fragrance a diffuser provides and am trying to stay away from candles.  The Grapefruit is a wonderful light scent for Spring (they offer 5 other choices) and the glass vase will compliment any decor.  Both of these items are below in the gallery, if you are interested in shopping.


Don't forget to keep Soft Surroundings in mind when shopping for your home.  The spring line is beautiful.  Their slogan says it best, "My Time, My Place and Myself."

Thanks to Soft Surroundings for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own. 

Hope your week has been great and thanks for stopping by the blog.



Pearls Two Ways

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Pearls are always appropriate
— Jackie Kennedy

Happy first day of spring!  Hope you all had a great week last week and a fantastic weekend as well.  I was missing in action, as I spent the week in Texas with my daughter’s family.  Her two small children had spring break from their pre-school program.  We spent the week doing kid stuff every day; playing pirates, picnics in the park, train rides, movies and visiting an amusement park catered to special needs children, but perfect for little’s of any age.  By the weekend, this Nannie was worn out, but would not have traded the time spent for anything.  Lucky for me, we also fit in time for some pictures, taking advantage of one of many daughters many talents; photography.  Texas has such fun backdrops and beautiful landscape.  



Today, I am collaborating with my friend, John Wind; you can find his Modern Vintage line here.   As part of his spring line, John asked me to introduce you to his new-knotted pearl line, which I love.  You can wear this piece as a bracelet or as a necklace, as shown.   I added a black tassel, but John offers other adornments that will compliment any outfit.   The collection also has matching earrings. 

I am wearing a Joan Vass White silk top from the closet, and William Rast Black jeans, details in the gallery below.  




Lucky for you, John and I are doing a giveaway for my readers on Instagram.  So be sure and to enter for a chance to win the exact JW pieces, I am wearing.  Also, if you would like to browse the rest of his website and to find some additional wonderful pieces, John also is offering a 15% discount to my followers and readers on your next JW purchase with code: SPRINGFLING. 

Thank you to John Wind Maximal Art for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own.  I only feature and promote, what I find valuable to pass along to my readers.


Have a great week, lovelies and as always, thanks for stopping by and reading! 






Rainy Days and Mondays

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There are Mondays, and then there are rainy Mondays.  Blah!  But I have to tell you that when I went out for a stroll around town in my new pink coat, I was feeling anything but blah!  I had pep in my step due to this bright pink rain jacket from Crossings on Main, in Ft. Mill.  Located around the corner from where these pics were taken.  I saw this coat over the winter (which comes in a variety of colors) and told the owner (and my friend) Cathie Smith, I had to have the pink!  The jacket is made in Italy and is very high quality and can be worn year round, especially if you live in the south.  I will be wearing this throughout the spring and summer rain or shine!  


I like to shop locally whenever I can and as a frequent Crossing's customer, Cathie has offered to pass along a 15% discount on this coat (mention that Silver sent you or give them the code SILVER.)  I promise you will love it.  I have included their website and contact here.  Call them and they will ship it out to you!  


Also featured in these pictures are black hunter boots (linked in the gallery below) a polka-dot umbrella from Nordstrom Rack, closet staples; black pants and a black turtleneck and a gold alligator ring found at TJ Maxx.  


Hope you all have a great week! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading the blog.   I sincerely appreciate your support!  xoxo





The Altruism Wall

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Hi Friends,


While in Greenville, SC this week,  we found this wall by Gaia a well-known street artist, which spoke to my heart.  You can read more about the wall and symbolism here.   It is hidden among construction sites going up everywhere in this fabulous southern city, and in fact, the wall had a danger ribbon around it to prevent it from harm.    However, the importance of the wall, altruism, is to remind people to spread kindness and provide inclusiveness to all.

Kindness is so easy to share, with anyone and it all starts with love in our heart for everyone.  In fact, when we practice altruism, we benefit greatly as well. A smile, a compliment, a conversation, a gift of love or compassion, making others feel welcome: is a simple act shared every day can make the world a better place.    Kudo's to Greenville, for this wonderful street art and the meaning behind it. 


In this photo, I feel like I blend into the wall.  Maybe I do!  I am wearing a classic jean shirt from Chico's pants, and their so slimming jeggings and my favorite Sam Edelman slide on leopard sneakers.  I have put links to all or similar below in the gallery.  

Mr. Silver and I are planning a trip back to Greenville soon.  If you have time while near Charlotte or Atlanta, take an extra little journey on I-85 and explore Greenville, SC.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I  appreciate this time together!  Hope that did not sound too much like Mr. Rogers!  :)



So Soft Cardigan

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Earlier this week, my husband and traveled down to Greenville, SC to see Willie Nelson in concert.  I have always wanted to see him perform live and at 84, this may be his last tour.  This was a birthday gift from my children which included awesome seats.  We had a great time and got to explore the Greenville, beforehand.  What a great city!


The weather had taken a turn and was chilly, so I took the opportunity to wear a new spring cardigan and necklace that Soft Surroundings had sent me.  If you are familiar with SS, you know that they have a softness rating on their clothes of 1-3, #3 being the ultimate of softness.  This "cardi" as they call it, did not disappoint and is very soft (a #3), and warm too.  The rosy-peach color is trending this spring so will be wearing this sweater with tee shirts, and the like throughout the season.  


Along with the sweater they also sent this beautiful handmade necklace; a leather bouquet of colorful flowers.  It truly is a wonderful piece of jewelry.  You will see it in the future with a simple black dress and many more outfits.  I have linked these items and my black patent booties below in the gallery.


I really enjoy shopping at Soft Surroundings, not only for clothes but for skin care, makeup and home goods as well.  Watch for future posts showing other spring items!! I look forward to sharing them.



Thank you to Soft Surroundings for these beautiful pieces and sponsoring this post.   All opinions are my own. 

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!



Simply Venom

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After posting this picture on Facebook back in January,  a woman accused me of having "work done!"  I was quick to let her know that I have not and don’t plan to.  Although other women may choose that route.  More power to them, it’s an individual decision.  However, I know it’s not for me.  I choose to work with what I’ve got and want to look great for my age… not necessarily younger.  Yes, as you can see, I have laugh lines around my mouth and smile wrinkles, too.  

The same month, I was in contact with Simply Venom™ and we made the decision to collaborate.  I had seen a few big time bloggers advocating the product so of course wanted to try it and share my results.  You can read all about the product here to learn more about how and why it was developed by two doctors.  The first thing I liked is the fact that the specific ingredients are right on the bottle.  Secondly, after 30 days of use, feel it is a great product.  Did it remove my wrinkles?  No, however, I feel it made them much less noticeable and made my skin look great.  Everyday, I used both the day and the night cream and noticed my skin became firmer and tighter after a few days of use.  Fun fact, I was out of my foundation and ran into Sephora to get a refill.  The sales consultant quickly helped me and asked if she could take a moisture reading on my skin.  I said sure and she could not believe the results.  She asked what I was using and said, “keep using it… I have never gotten a higher rating and your skin looks great!”  Her endorsement said a lot about the product and the way I felt about my skin. 



I should also mention that my skin feels wonderful and even though I did this trial over January/February  (in the middle of winter), it feels hydrated all day long.  Therefore, I give a big “thumps up” as my second grandson would say and I would highly recommend Simply Venom to my friends and readers. 

Thank you to Simply Venom for these wonderful products and sponsoring this post. We can all try to look and feel our best, but aging is going to happen, let’s try to make the most of it and us!   All opinions are my own.  

Simply Venom has offered my readers a special discount.  Go to and enter the code: SILVER for 20% off.  Not available through the Amazon link!!  

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers! 



Transitioning to Silver and Beyond

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8.30.05 pictures 14.jpg

I never thought I would age.  I am serious.  Why for some odd reason, I thought the clock would stop for me!  Then reality hit me in the head, literally.  At 35, my hair began to gray.  I had some stress, but not a hard life.  I could not figure it out… aging prematurely!  So I did what any young female professional would do and I covered it!  My hair was important to me.  My hair framed my face and I thought it defined who I was.  So I did this FOR YEARS!  Until my 50th birthday approached when I said no more!  I was done.  I felt fake.  I was covering up who I was.  I was not supposed to still have this luscious head of almost black hair.  I was silver underneath.  I saw the dreaded line, “Morticia” every 3 weeks, and would examine her closely.  Is she gray or silver?  Due to the cost, I would push a color to 4 to 4 ½ weeks.  And on the rare occasion, when I had to, I would color my hair myself! 

At 49 and a half, I decided to embrace my hair for its true color.  My husband, the love of my life, who supports me in anything and everything, was all for it. He said go for it!  My son and daughter, who mean the world to me, said the same, “Do what you want!”  Well, I was not completely sure but almost sure.  I kept remembering my Nana (Italian Grandmother) saying that Italian women should not go blonde or gray… this is the same woman that did not like my curly “messy” hair!

One thing I did know from my observations in the mirror, “Morticia” was more than gray. She appeared to be pretty silver!  So I decided to go for it. I was going to be authentic, and everyone was going to see my silver strands.

I talked to my stylist and told him my plan.  He tried to talk me out of it because this impacted him too. After a long consult, with not a lot of choices, we proceeded towards my goal.  This was way before silver color was cool!!  After a long afternoon at the salon, I ended up, a platinum blonde, mixed with gray and I swear, my Nana, was rolling over in her grave.  My nieces and nephews called it “gronde!”  Lord have mercy, what did I do!!  At that point, there was no turning back.   So I cut off my shoulder length hair to a very short pixie cut.  I had not had a pixie cut since I was five years old and my Dad decided to play barber one afternoon. That’s another story that was a short-lived hobby for my dear Dad.


Eventually, my hair grew out. Thankfully!  And I embraced it.  I got up in the morning and put my makeup on and it got to the point that I did not think about the color of my hair.  It was who I was! In fact, I loved it.   I was not allowing my hair color to define me.  I had many people and colleagues tell me how much they loved it. The fact that I was authentic and still looked so young!  Until one night… when a female colleague, albeit 10 years younger, told me that I looked old!  PAUSE.   “What”…as I choked on my red wine?  Why would one woman feel that they had the right to say that to another?    It took me down… I had to absorb it and ruminate on it.   I discussed it with family and close friends, thinking I may have made a mistake.  They told me what I knew in my heart…continue.    So I ultimately decided to kick myself in the butt and move on. I was a young at heart, spirited, smart, kind, stylish 50-year old that believed in herself and no one had the right to change my opinion.  She was entitled to her opinion, but I was also entitled to mine.  It was my HAIR!!


Fast-forward, five years later, I purchased a few URLs and launched Silver is the New Blonde™, my fashion/lifestyle blog, in December 2015.  SITNB is my platform to show how great aging can be.  Staying young at heart, fashionable and learning to love, own and be the best version of yourself at 50, 60, 70 and beyond.     My goal is to help others see it’s OK to age and do it your way!I


As a side note: Everyone is entitled to be his or her self, or to color his or her hair.  Gray or silver is not for everyone and that's ok!!  Thankfully views are changing and social barriers are dissolving, which makes this easier.   Aging will happen (whether we believe it or not), the millennials and boom-lets will have it happen, too. It’s time to come together and look at each person.  What can they contribute? When hiring, when marketing, when interacting, no one should be invisible.  We all matter…

If you are thinking of transitioning to gray or silver, now is the time.  It is cool, modern, fun, and can make life easy!  Today, colorists have the means to help you transition with beautiful silver colors!!  I have a habit of counting women that have transitioned or who are transitioning and not a day goes by without having seen 20 or more.   If I can help you in any way... please reach out!

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers! 



Sparkle Day to Night

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I love finding a multi-function dress that can be used for daytime casual or an evening out.  I recently found this cute little dress at Anthropologie, on the sale rack and below $50.  So I did what any fashionista would do and grabbed it, knowing it would be worn several times!  Now before you run out to grab it or shop online, I am sorry to tell you it is gone and sold out quickly.  However, I thought I would show you how I styled it, so that you too can get many looks out of one simple dress.   

download (2).jpg

For a casual day look, I paired it with my favorite (Silver is the New Blonde™ personalized) jean jacket and some fun silver sneakers.  I wore this look to lunch with a friend and to a fun new brewery on a Saturday afternoon with Mr. Silver.  I also added a fun snakeskin purse and jewelry to make it a bit more casual.  


The same dress has now been worn to an evening dinner event, styled with black pumps, a black moto jacket, and a black clutch.  I have plans to wear this same dress for an upcoming evening wedding, with some strappy sandals and fun jewelry.  


Do you have a fun sparkle dress that you wear day to night?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below and if you too, have added some fun tennis shoes.  In the future, I plan to wear this with my low-top converse.  Why?  Because as we live this life to the fullest, we should find a reason to sparkle every day!

As always, thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting!  I so appreciate each and everyone one of you!









Forever Fierce Day - What does it Mean to be Fierce at Midlife?

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 Illustration by Beth Briggs

Illustration by Beth Briggs

It was just one year ago, that Catherine Grace O'Connell along with myself and 50 other bloggers began a campaign called the Fierce 50.  At that time, I introduced you to my Fierce Friend, Elaine. Since this time, our group has continued to grow with over 4600 members.   

When Catherine started the Fierce 50, it started out as a push to make retailers realize that being 50 does not mean you shouldn't market clothing to us, that has since expanded to the fact that women in midlife have an important story. As a member of Forever Fierce, we want women at any stage of their life to be empowered and feel great about themselves. The second campaign this fall was to have midlife bloggers pair up with millennial bloggers to help us realize that age is truly just a number. That's when I introduced you to Miranda .

And now, we would love to hear from every midlife woman.  Whether you are reinventing or simply perfecting while trying new experiences, careers, fashion, travel, etc., our hope is to show that the midlife woman is cool.  As we embark on this new journey together, join us in supporting each other.   If your interested, we would love for you to join us in the Facebook group where we talk about issues, ask questions and share our experiences.

Forever Fierce

For this year's Forever Fierce campaign, I am one of 50 bloggers  chosen because we embody the spirit of supporting and helping one another. We are serving the community by having our post act as a platform to share other women's voices. We truly believe it's not just about us, but there is strength in numbers.

A blog is really a means of creative self-expression and each of us is excited to use this platform to share the powerful voices of these women. But let's not stop here. Ask your friends and family around you "what it means to be fierce at midlife?" Share their answers with the world by using the hashtags #foreverfierce and #foreverfierceday.

I am so excited to introduce you to some incredible and amazing women from around the world that I have met through this group.  Please read what it means to each of them to be Forever Fierce!  



Kim, 61, Cincinnati, OH - Follow on Instagram @kimdecherfitfoodie and on Facebook @kimwalkerdechert

Fierce in midlife means being my best self possible and having the confidence and courage to live out loud, while supporting others to do the same.



Debbie, 55, Charlotte, NC - Follow on Facebook @debbiemcknightsmith

Being fierce in midlife means I have a new confidence in myself and my ability to face difficult situations head on. It is finding the best version of myself, one that I love and respect. One that realizes the end of my 33 year marriage doesn’t mean I was a bad wife or unloveable. One that has no regrets after losing my precious 19 yr old daughter to mental illness 2 years ago. Being a mom that can take a terrible,  tragic situation and with confidence and love make sure my daughter’s memory lives on by helping other families going through similar situations shows others I am fierce. Being able to give love and receive love again from a wonderful man instead of withdrawing and feeling sorry for myself is fierce. To put it in a simple sentence,  It is the confidence that comes with knowing I am good enough and settling never will be, It is an attitude, it’s acceptance, compassion, confidence, love and a grateful heart.



Georgette, 59, Suffolk, VA - Follow on Facebook @georgettebridger

On February 26th I will turn 59 years old. In my almost 60 years I have survived a less than happy childhood, and escaped with my infant and toddler an abusive marriage over 30 years ago. I went on to marry my husband of almost 25 years and we raised my two boys who are now remarkable men. I earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degree while working and raising a family. I retired from a career in Education but in my late 50's became the founder and CEO of an Educational Consulting and Advocacy business. Two years ago I began a weight loss journey and have lost and kept off 90 pounds. What fierce in midlife means to me is: don't look back on life with regret, rather take those life lessons that have been learned and use them to live each new day to the fullest! Life is all about choices, and as I have grown older and become more mature my motto is, " If you choose it, you can achieve it! If you choose to be FABULOUS AND FIERCE in midlife than you can achieve it! 



Paula, 68, New York, NY - Follow on Facebook @paulamarks

The best thing I can say at 68 is that I have consistently supported women through my life. Tho my mother was hardly supportive of me I had some great women who did support me and I wisely chose to be more like them.  I write a series called “Inspiring Women” ( and men) that I post on FB and Linked In. I like to focus on people who have made a difference such as, Career changers , drivers of not for profits etc.  Women undervalue other women and we have the power to change that.  Up with women!



Kelly, 55, Westminster, MD - Follow on Facebook @kellynippardgroseclose

The Definition of Fierce:  4 : wild or menacing in appearance I don’t think you have to be wild and crazy as far as style is concerned to be Fierce.  I think Fierce is an attitude.  Fierce is a confidence that many of us didn’t have in our younger days.  Fierce can be making some life changes that don’t necessarily fit into your personal mold.  For me, travelling is something I didn’t do prior to turning 45, but a new marriage to a wonderful man has changed that and I am doing and seeing things I never thought I would.  Fierce is having a second chance and giving it all you’ve got.  Fierce is a sense of humor about mid-life. Fierce is most definitely participating in a campaign about being Fierce, at least for this kid.  I would never have done this 10 years ago.  



Deb, 65, San Antonio, TX - Follow on Facebook @deborahbecht

As a career woman who spent years in executive level human resources management positions, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t need to be fierce.  To be successful, fierceness came with the territory as I built my career.  So now that I’m retired, is it still necessary to be fierce?  Absolutely!  Today in my midlife retirement years, being fierce means embracing my new life -  my time is my own; if I want, I can sleep in, travel, stay out late and go dancing, be with my grandkids, enjoy and openly live this new chapter of my life. Who cares if I don’t have workplace anecdotes to talk about?  My life still has meaning. I also don’t worry so much about what people think nor do I need their approval.  Life and this kind of fierce is DELICIOUS!



Tania, 49, Melbourne, Australia  - Follow on Instagram @taniadalton

Being fierce in midlife means that I have finally developed the courage to risk failure and start attempting things I always thought about but never considered I was capable of. I still experience fear and insecurities but I now live life out of my comfort zone - it's a great place to be.



Cindy, 56, Mount Holly, NC -  Follow on Instagram @cindymtholly

I work as a proofreader, so before I answered this question, I consulted Merriam-Webster dictionary to see if I remotely fit the definition of “fierce.” Violently hostile or aggressive. Not much. Given to fighting or killing. No! Unrestrained zeal. I don’t know about the “unrestrained” part, but having a zeal for making the most out of my life is something I strive for daily. Being fierce in my fifties means making certain I grab happiness when it’s looking me in the face. And dealing with the lows in life with a positive outlook, knowing that tomorrow is a new start.  I definitely try to maintain a fierceness about being optimistic. I enjoy helping others and I’ve been volunteering at a residential facility for pregnant women and new moms and their babies.  Making a priority to give more of my time is what I’m fierce about.

If you agree and love hearing these women's voices and also want to move forward and  and embrace this season of your life... I would love for you to join me!  

I invite you to read about all the women's voices, featured by the other heart centered bloggers from our Forever Fierce Facebook group  here.  

As always, thank you for reading and remember to always be Forever Fierce!!






I blinked and turned 60

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Last Sunday, I had a milestone birthday.  Yes, the big 6-0!  I thank god every day for this privilege and the fact that my loving family was here to help me usher it in.  They made a big event of it, which made me feel so special!  What more could a woman want, to be surrounded by a wonderful, loving husband of 43 years, a wonderful son and daughter, an equally wonderful SIL and DIL and four sweet grandchildren.  My Mom and two sister's and a BIL were there to help me celebrate. This is one I shall always remember!  They know me well and know I don't like surprises but around every turn, made the whole weekend special!  My kids and their spouses gave me tickets to a concert, I have always wanted to see and I have included pics below of some additional "special" gifts!

 Hand sparkled by my 4 year grandson!

Hand sparkled by my 4 year grandson!

I don't tell you this to gloat, only to explain my thoughts.  You see I never thought I would be 60! I never thought I would age!  Do most young people think about what it will be like to age and hit birthday milestones?  I never did!  Maybe I was naive or thought it was too far off in the distance!  

 A special Hot Wheels for racing, picked out by my 3 year old grandson!  This guy also made me cupcakes!!

A special Hot Wheels for racing, picked out by my 3 year old grandson!  This guy also made me cupcakes!!

 A beautiful "J" scarf from a Sis!

A beautiful "J" scarf from a Sis!

What I will tell you and that many of you have experienced, is that it is wonderful and awesome to look back at what you have accomplished.  The challenges, the opportunities, the misses, the wishes, the hopes, the dreams and most of all the love.  OK... I promise not to be sappy but truly, if you are younger, talk to your elders, at 70, 80 and 90!  Ask them to tell you about their life, and truly listen!  

 A precious gift from my Daughter completely personalized!

A precious gift from my Daughter completely personalized!

 Another personalized gift my baby sis!!

Another personalized gift my baby sis!!

 My hubby replaced some "special" earrings that were misplaced!

My hubby replaced some "special" earrings that were misplaced!

 And a blanket from my SIL... personalized for me to a T (NSFW)... pretty awesome!!  

And a blanket from my SIL... personalized for me to a T (NSFW)... pretty awesome!!  

I blinked and then I was 60.  My babies now grown, are awesome human beings! Mr. Silver and I both have "silver hair," and are still in love (since high school.) But we are not slowing down and have many plans for the future.   Last Sunday on my birthday, I promised myself to relish every moment until I turn 70 and beyond and own it!  It's was harder to do when young with all our responsibilities; kids, jobs, spouses, parents, always caring for others.  But I can do this now!  And if you read my last post, about DVF... "I will never, ever lose myself."  Because I like me and in the end that is all that matters!  

Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color.
— J. Iron Word


Fashion, JewelryJan CorrellComment

Most people know the fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, who revolutionized the feminine wrap dress back in the 70's.  Today, this fierce woman that built a fashion empire is so much more.

These days Diane is embarking on her "third act or her fulfillment phase"... and her mission is to empower women and help them find their strength! You can read more about her recent interview here with Poppy Harlow and Haley Drazin from CNN Money.  The interview is definitely worth watching, reading or listening to.  One big point Furstenberg makes is that "the most important relationship in life is the one we have with ourselves.  It's very important because if you lose yourself, you have nothing."  I love this advice!

DVF has always been one of my favorite designers, and her line has expanded greatly since a rebranding!  I recently found this beautifully detailed blouse and want to share it with you!  Notice the ribbon on the cuffs and down the front.  I believe it is simply spectacular for a simple white blouse.   I paired it with red slacks but you could wear it with anything.  


As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO



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Do you celebrate Valentine's or Galantines?  Mr. Silver and I usually stay in and fix a special dinner for the two of us!  It is much more relaxing and since my birthday is right before, we are usually done celebrating and like to keep it simple.  But for those of you that like to celebrate on the town, I have put together a few looks around light pink and a little rose gold!  I wanted all three dresses to feature the same rose gold shoes and purse but the last dress did not work with the shoes... so I used black and added a fun new clutch ($12 at TJ Maxx!!) but linked below.

Hope you enjoy these three different looks!  I may use one of these looks for an upcoming wedding in March!! (I am a  bit late due to some heavy celebrating for my milestone birthday this weekend!)  I have linked all in the gallery below, unless the piece is from my closet, #ftc.


As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO


A Coatigan!

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What's a "coatigan?"  It is a coat and a cardigan combined and this one is wonderful!  Perfect as winter winds down (wishful thinking,) this can take you through the spring.

I was looking for something I could wear round the clock, day into the evening to take on an upcoming trip.  Since I only want to take one coat, this versatile find will work with so many outfits; to stretch my wardrobe.  It comes in additional colors so be sure to check it out before it's gone.  


Love to share fab finds that are wardrobe staples.  In fact, as much as I wear black and grey this compliments everything I own and will be part of my core "capsule" wardrobe!!

Hope you are enjoying the week and if you were rooting for the Eagles... congratulations!!!

Do you see yourself wearing a "coatigan?"  I look forward to your comments and as always,  thanks for stopping by.  XXOO



Animal Print Jackets

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Back to fashion... sharing my love of this cute Chico's faux fur, animal print jacket in leopard.  I love to throw on a cute jacket and go and this one really dresses up jeans or simple black pants with a touch of chic.  I would also wear it with red, kelly green, white or brown.  This jacket is very warm... so for the next couple of months, you can wear this literally everywhere.  


Do you have a favorite animal print jacket?  And how do you wear it?  This one is still available from Chico's and is a steal.  But in case it sells out,  I have linked a few others to provide choices! 


I look forward to your comments and as always,  thanks for stopping by.  XXOO


Super Woman Wednesday - Meet Gwen

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When talking about menopause with my female pals, I  share that I have been experiencing menopause for 8-10 years, due to a hysterectomy.  And have always questioned whether or not I am in menopause "purgatory" and wondering if I will ever get out.  Thankfully it is subsiding but anytime I can read up on how to beat or ease symptoms, I am all in.  A week ago while working out, I saw information about an upcoming segment about a Facebook menopause support groupon Good Morning America, and made sure to tune in at that time!  I have included a link to the segment here.  This is when I met Gwen Harris, the founder of this group.  Gwen and I had similar stories with menopause symptoms beginning after a hysterectomy.  And as she states in the article, her symptoms hit her "like a ton of bricks." She started the group to find women she could relate to and offer a safe haven for discussions.

The group has quickly expanded from 11K followers to almost 23K since the airing on GMA.  As a new member myself, I jumped right in and started reading. I learned a ton about new treatments, found great ideas and saw the loving support of women dealing with this condition.  The group is run by Gwen herself!  I knew I had to meet her so reached out to learn more about her.

We had a great conversation and laughed about some similar stories.  Gwen is genuine and heartfelt about helping others.  What a great leader for a support group!    I was so impressed by Gwen, I want to introduce her to you, too!  

Gwen was raised in Zambia, South Africa and came to the US at the age of 15.  She said it was a hard move dealing with an accent, and being an outsider.  She shared she was saddened by the greed and found it difficult to understand the love of money. However, after 44 years here, has definitely become accustomed. 

Gwen is married and currently lives near Seattle.  She has two grown sons, one in Washington and  the other in Nashville, both married.  She and her husband will be relocating to Tennessee in the future.

Who inspires you?  "Mother Theresa,  because her value came from her heart!" 

What's the most exciting/adventuresome thing you have ever done? "Conquered Angels Landing, in Utah's Zion National Park, (with her son.) Which included a 5-mile hike, traversed the side of the canyon, and crossed the canyon, a mile in the air." Can we say #agelessadventure?  YES!

Do you have a motto you live by? Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!  

What would you tell your younger self? "Be who are... your not ordinary, your one of a kind!"   We laughed about trying to re-invent ourselves when we were in high school! 

Thoughts on aging? Gwen saw her Mom age not so gracefully but has turned that initial fear into facing the fact that she can age on her terms and by embracing it and all that life has to give!!  Gwen, it appears you are doing just that but also giving a lot at the same time! Especially  to those of us dealing with menopause!

 Gwen and Topaz

Gwen and Topaz

Bravo, Gwen!!

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO




Ageless Adventure - Ax Throwing

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Happy Saturday!  YAY!  After the interview with Ashton Applewhite, I have decided to show my readers that life is not boring as we get close to 60 and beyond!  In fact, life and each adventure we create, can be quite fun and maybe even surprising!  

I don't recall ever waking up and thinking, I want to throw axes!  However, when my son told me about a new activity in Charlotte that included craft beer, I decided to check it out.  The closest I have been to throwing axes are darts!  Which is fun... and the pin holes created on our basement wall were easy to patch.  Not so much with an ax!  Hence a trip to LumberJaxe


We were greeted by our very own Lumberjack, Sam!  He truly is a lumberjack (arborist by day.)  Sam was our coach for an hour and coach he did!  He quickly taught Mr. Silver and I the art of throwing axes, (including safety instruction)  as an axe can be a weapon.   One-handed throwing for the Mr. and two-handed for me.  I had no idea it would require skill and finesse but it did.  With Sam's help, we were quickly hitting the board and with a bit more, actually sticking our axes.  I even got a couple of really good hits on the target!  It takes some power, and follow through, somewhat similar to golf!  See Sam, I was listening.  :)


Even though I am a Mich Ultra kind of girl, the craft brew selection was great, which Mr. Silver loved!! The place was rocking!  It would be a great couples outing, girls night out, company function, etc. And if you are really into it...  they offer leagues!!  Have to say we truly enjoyed the adventure and will be back to perfect our throws!    I am giving ax throwing and LumberJaxe a thumbs up!  One tip is to book online! There are lots of ax throwers in the area.  And if you don't live close, check out ax throwing in your area!!

Wearing #ftc (from the (my) closet):  a Madewell sweater, a fun workshirt from Luxe Angle Boutique, and my favorite puffer vest from GAP!  All lumberjack gear!! :)

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and adventures as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO








Wonder Women Wednesday - Ashton Applewhite

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Today is the second in my series of #wonderwomenwednesday and I could not be more excited to introduce you to Ashton Applewhite!  Ashton is the author of, This Chair Rocks, " a manifesto against ageism, and the belief that now is the time for Age equality and Age pride!!  I feel it is a must read for people of all ages as we embark on the path of making  age discrimination as unacceptable as any other kind.  Ashton, also writes a blog, Yo, Is this Ageist? and gave a TED Talk in 2017.  Asthon has been widely recognized  and published as an expert on aging, an aging influencer and a sought after speaker, including the Library of Congress and the United Nations.

Ashton is lively and funny, in fact she wrote a best-selling paperback in 1982, Truly Tasteless Jokes, under the pseudo name; Blanche Knott.  In fact, Blanche made the New York Times bestseller list four times.

What was the catalyst behind the book and the ageism movement?  Ashton wants to challenge why the view of late life is so grim when the lived reality is so different.  Deeply researched, Ashton understands that stereotyping starts in early childhood until it is hardened over time into a set of truths: "it's just the way it is." Old people are incompetent and sad and wrinkles are ugly.  The book does a great job of promoting the benefits of aging and diminishing the fears, which is what everyone needs to understand.  

What are the antidotes to ageism?  Awareness, Integration and Activism  I highly suggest the book to learn more.  You won't be disappointed!  Click here, to read and learn more about challenging the stereotypes that segregate us by age.

Bravo to you Ashton for bringing awareness and activism against Ageism!  You are truly a Super Woman, helping us all raise our consciousness to rethink aging and welcome what the future holds.

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO








Making Beauty Last

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We enjoyed some family time and had a fun Sunday!

Have you ever had a nice compliment and then someone threw in a modifier?  "You're very successful, you've got style, you really take care of yourself, you look great... for your age!  Rewind!  WHAT?  This modifier does not need to be said.  Don't you agree?   A compliment is great, and everyone loves them... but forget the modifiers especially... for your age!!!!

Beauty is different to everyone and I although I don't like the term anti-aging, I do believe in making  beauty last.  I have said it before and will say it again but want to look and be my best at every age!!  With that said, whatever I can do to accomplish that goal, short of having "work" done, I will do it! 

I have always used sunscreen, applied moisturizers and utilized a good skincare routine.  In fact, I suggested my daughter start a similar routine as a teenager.   Being part Italian, I feel lucky to have good olive skin and a Mom that has very few wrinkles at the age of 83.  And until last November, have never used Retin-A or a Retinol product.  

ROC Skincare sent me some of their newest product, Retinol Correxion Max to try.  I'm happy to share  I saw improvements after one week in my crow's feet, forehead and under-eye wrinkles.   And now after using this product for the last month and a half, my results, continue to improve over time. These are the kind of results, I like to see.  


When I wrote to ROC to tell them how pleased I am with the results, they ended up sending me more product when I asked if they had if they had a product to help with eye puffiness. They sent Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum and Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.  I have to say I was thrilled!  And am equally as pleased with the Eye Cream and the other products. 

My recommendation is to try any or all of these ROC Retinol products, especially the Retinol Correxion Max!  I hope you will be equally impressed with the results if you're on a similar journey...  to make beauty last!! 

Thank you to ROC Skincare for these wonderful products. And also for changing the conversation.  Love that you are heightening the awareness of misguided phrasing and negative implications of backhanded compliments.  Let's do embrace the aging process... on our own terms.  As always, all opinions are my own.  

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO



Wonder Women Wednesday - Bonnie

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Recently on a flight to San Antonio, I met a really cool lady.  Her name is Bonnie and she is a flight attendant for American Airlines.  My Mom was with me and we engaged in an ongoing dialog with Bonnie throughout the flight.  Soon into the conversation we found out, she is not your ordinary 70ish year old!  In fact, she started as a flight attendant 33 years ago and continues to enjoy her career today.  She said the day she stops enjoying it, is the day she will retire.  

Bonnie has the best smile and a beautiful head of curly, silver hair.  These days, she only makes day trips but that does not stop Bonnie from traveling for pleasure.  When I asked Bonnie about taking risks and adventures, she did not hesitate to tell me about her most recent excursion.  Drum roll, please!  Bonnie drove by herself from Charlotte to Alaska and back in her Prius; 12,800 miles!  Let me repeat that... all by herself.  Many people want to do something like that but she did it.  We talked about the adventures she had including one mishap and how she met the best people along the way!!

 Bonnie at her destination, Chicken, Alaska

Bonnie at her destination, Chicken, Alaska

When asked about her motto or mantra, Bonnie shared that it changes all the time as she evolves.  Most recently, she borrowed one from an author who walked the Pacific Coast Trail, "I am safe, I am strong, I am brave."  You are awesome, Bonnie!

Bonnie also said she has no regrets!  She loves herself and attributes that to all she has experienced in her life, both negative and positive! 

 Jasper National Park in Canada

Jasper National Park in Canada


It was a true pleasure to meet Bonnie and I hope she inspires you as she did me!  Bonnie, is one fierce lady that I am lucky enough to count among my friends!  And kudo's to American Airlines for valuing this fierce, ageless woman!  


If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Super Women Wednesday, please send me an email to  Thank you!

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!   Keeping it fun, chic and ageless...







Ready for the New Week...

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We all have those weeks! And I am glad to put last week behind me and move on but thought I would share with you a little with you. 

Last Sunday night after watching our team's awful playoff game, I got that terrible stomach flu.  I barely surfaced till Tuesday afternoon as it hung around.  That night my Mom had a mild heart attack and we quickly met her at the hospital.  Thankfully, after two procedures, care and rest in the hospital, she is back home and feeling much better! 

Mom is a strong, independent, fierce, 80 (plus) year old that does things her way!! She still lives on her own with her two little dogs, drives herself, plays bridge 2X a week and enjoys life with her family and many friends.

 My Mom and I

My Mom and I

My family is so blessed to have her in our lives and what a loving person she is.   Who was she worried about last week?  Not herself but me!  She was worried that I had not gotten enough rest after the flu and spending the night and days with her. Talk about a mother's love! 

Hoping to get back to normal this week but will be spending a lot of time with Mom till she is back in the driver's to speak.    


I am wearing a cute plaid shirt from one of my favorite boutiques, Luxe Angel in Charlotte, a grey Eileen Fisher sweater from the closet, #ftc and jeans, also from Luxe Angel, which happen to be some of my new favorites.  The brand is Articles of Society and they are a dark gray with a raw/cut hem.  The fit is great and so is the price.  In fact, they are still available here.  My boots are Ralph Lauren from the closet, which I bought on sale at Belk last year for $7.  They have the best sales.  I have linked some similar boots for you.  


Hope your week is great and thanks for stopping by as always.  XXOO