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Making Beauty Last

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We enjoyed some family time and had a fun Sunday!

Have you ever had a nice compliment and then someone threw in a modifier?  "You're very successful, you've got style, you really take care of yourself, you look great... for your age!  Rewind!  WHAT?  This modifier does not need to be said.  Don't you agree?   A compliment is great, and everyone loves them... but forget the modifiers especially... for your age!!!!

Beauty is different to everyone and I although I don't like the term anti-aging, I do believe in making  beauty last.  I have said it before and will say it again but want to look and be my best at every age!!  With that said, whatever I can do to accomplish that goal, short of having "work" done, I will do it! 

I have always used sunscreen, applied moisturizers and utilized a good skincare routine.  In fact, I suggested my daughter start a similar routine as a teenager.   Being part Italian, I feel lucky to have good olive skin and a Mom that has very few wrinkles at the age of 83.  And until last November, have never used Retin-A or a Retinol product.  

ROC Skincare sent me some of their newest product, Retinol Correxion Max to try.  I'm happy to share  I saw improvements after one week in my crow's feet, forehead and under-eye wrinkles.   And now after using this product for the last month and a half, my results, continue to improve over time. These are the kind of results, I like to see.  


When I wrote to ROC to tell them how pleased I am with the results, they ended up sending me more product when I asked if they had if they had a product to help with eye puffiness. They sent Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum and Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.  I have to say I was thrilled!  And am equally as pleased with the Eye Cream and the other products. 

My recommendation is to try any or all of these ROC Retinol products, especially the Retinol Correxion Max!  I hope you will be equally impressed with the results if you're on a similar journey...  to make beauty last!! 

Thank you to ROC Skincare for these wonderful products. And also for changing the conversation.  Love that you are heightening the awareness of misguided phrasing and negative implications of backhanded compliments.  Let's do embrace the aging process... on our own terms.  As always, all opinions are my own.  

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO



Wonder Women Wednesday - Bonnie

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Recently on a flight to San Antonio, I met a really cool lady.  Her name is Bonnie and she is a flight attendant for American Airlines.  My Mom was with me and we engaged in an ongoing dialog with Bonnie throughout the flight.  Soon into the conversation we found out, she is not your ordinary 70ish year old!  In fact, she started as a flight attendant 33 years ago and continues to enjoy her career today.  She said the day she stops enjoying it, is the day she will retire.  

Bonnie has the best smile and a beautiful head of curly, silver hair.  These days, she only makes day trips but that does not stop Bonnie from traveling for pleasure.  When I asked Bonnie about taking risks and adventures, she did not hesitate to tell me about her most recent excursion.  Drum roll, please!  Bonnie drove by herself from Charlotte to Alaska and back in her Prius; 12,800 miles!  Let me repeat that... all by herself.  Many people want to do something like that but she did it.  We talked about the adventures she had including one mishap and how she met the best people along the way!!

Bonnie at her destination, Chicken, Alaska

Bonnie at her destination, Chicken, Alaska

When asked about her motto or mantra, Bonnie shared that it changes all the time as she evolves.  Most recently, she borrowed one from an author who walked the Pacific Coast Trail, "I am safe, I am strong, I am brave."  You are awesome, Bonnie!

Bonnie also said she has no regrets!  She loves herself and attributes that to all she has experienced in her life, both negative and positive! 

Jasper National Park in Canada

Jasper National Park in Canada


It was a true pleasure to meet Bonnie and I hope she inspires you as she did me!  Bonnie, is one fierce lady that I am lucky enough to count among my friends!  And kudo's to American Airlines for valuing this fierce, ageless woman!  


If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Super Women Wednesday, please send me an email to  Thank you!

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!   Keeping it fun, chic and ageless...







Ready for the New Week...

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We all have those weeks! And I am glad to put last week behind me and move on but thought I would share with you a little with you. 

Last Sunday night after watching our team's awful playoff game, I got that terrible stomach flu.  I barely surfaced till Tuesday afternoon as it hung around.  That night my Mom had a mild heart attack and we quickly met her at the hospital.  Thankfully, after two procedures, care and rest in the hospital, she is back home and feeling much better! 

Mom is a strong, independent, fierce, 80 (plus) year old that does things her way!! She still lives on her own with her two little dogs, drives herself, plays bridge 2X a week and enjoys life with her family and many friends.

My Mom and I

My Mom and I

My family is so blessed to have her in our lives and what a loving person she is.   Who was she worried about last week?  Not herself but me!  She was worried that I had not gotten enough rest after the flu and spending the night and days with her. Talk about a mother's love! 

Hoping to get back to normal this week but will be spending a lot of time with Mom till she is back in the driver's to speak.    


I am wearing a cute plaid shirt from one of my favorite boutiques, Luxe Angel in Charlotte, a grey Eileen Fisher sweater from the closet, #ftc and jeans, also from Luxe Angel, which happen to be some of my new favorites.  The brand is Articles of Society and they are a dark gray with a raw/cut hem.  The fit is great and so is the price.  In fact, they are still available here.  My boots are Ralph Lauren from the closet, which I bought on sale at Belk last year for $7.  They have the best sales.  I have linked some similar boots for you.  


Hope your week is great and thanks for stopping by as always.  XXOO




Teeth Whitening at Home (and smiling fearlessly)

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Out of the mouths of babes!  Thought this was too funny!  

Out of the mouths of babes!  Thought this was too funny!  

SMILE FEARLESSLY (teeth whitening at home)

I feel a smile is your signature.  A smile also exudes confidence.   And I don’t know about you but I would much rather be smiling than not!   Thanks to Smile Brilliant and our recent collaboration, I am smiling fearlessly!   

I am a coffee drinker and a red wine drinker. And love both!! Even my daughter (very young at the time) noticed my yellow teeth from enjoying these habits (see above!) 

I always wanted to have my teeth whitened but due to tooth sensitivity was fearful.  Smile Brilliant made my decision easy when they asked me to collaborate.  Have to say I was thrilled.  The process was simple and my teeth are no more sensitive today than they were initially.  For sensitivity, they offer a special desensitizing gel that counteracts any sensitivity. 

First, they send you a kit to make the dental impressions.  This was the hardest part for me.  They key is to do this step in front of a mirror; after that, it was a breeze.  I always planned on about 2 hours to make sure I followed the process.  I whitened every other night but some people whiten every night. 

I am thrilled with the results and feel it’s a great alternative to traditional teeth whitening.  I plan to continue to whiten with the Smile Brilliant product because I love the results! 

And the best part is that Smile Brilliant is offering my readers a Giveaway!  Enter below and on all my social media accounts!!

Giveaway link:

$15  off tray code: silveristhenewblonde15

*The giveaway is open for two weeks. You MUST enter through the link to be counted.  Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents. Please note that 25 entries are needed, so invite your friends and family to enter too!! to close the campaign and choose a winner!*

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with the Smile Brilliant brand.  My results are fantastic and I love my smile!   

IMG_0884 4.JPG

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO



This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. While I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Me, discussing my gift list with Santa, and sharing my love of reading via my favorite app!! 

Me, discussing my gift list with Santa, and sharing my love of reading via my favorite app!! 

As I age, I often ask myself, what is the one thing I can do every day to continue to improve.  When things are busy and hectic anytime but especially during the holiday season, I ask myself what I can do to invest in me and stay grounded.  Even if I only have 15 minutes, I always have time to read, which allows me to stay relevant, grow and learn.

How do I do this you might ask?  I bought an app for myself, last February and have read every day over the last year. This app is a digital learning service, and a micro–learning platform.  The app is Blinkist, where I have access to key insights from 2000+ bestselling nonfiction books.  In essence it's a book in a "blink." These books are transformed into powerful packs you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. These bite sized books are so easy to listen to in the car, while working out or anytime!  They offer apps for iOS, Android, and the web, so you can take Blinkist anywhere. Plus, the Send–to–Kindle feature makes reading on any device much easier... which I love!!

IMG_9441 (1).jpg

So if you need a last minute gift for anyone on your list, or need to gift yourself to meet a New Years resolution, I would highly suggest Blinkist!! 

Click here to order now and check another gift off your list!!

As always, thanks for reading.  Hope you can take the time to breath, read and stay relevant during this wonderful season and into the New Year.  Remember that each day is a gift, that's why it's called the present!! 

As always, thanks for reading!  XXOO






Gift Idea's

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Oh my!  Thirteen days till Christmas!  I feel like I am running out of time, do you?  So happy that I can shop online, even though I enjoy the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping in malls, boutiques and my favorite stores.

I mentioned in a previous post that Soft Surroundings asked me to choose some items, to share with my readers. You might remember the fabulous, faux fur poncho. Such a fun piece for the wardrobe!! Well, I got to pick three more items, and  can't wait to share them with you!  Truly, it felt like an early Holiday!


The first item, I chose and highly recommend as a gift for anyone is this Lamb Wrap.  Several years ago, my husband gifted me a neck wrap for neck and shoulder tension.  So every night, before bed, I heat up the wrap in the microwave, wrap it around my neck and unwind.  It has always been one of my favorite gifts.  And this little lambie is so cute, and the aromatherapy is wonderful.  This one can also be frozen.   If you put this on your list for a loved one, I swear it will be a hit!!


Next, I chose a holiday oil diffuser from Nest. If you love Holiday fragrances in your home and try to stay away from candles like I do, this one is simply the best.  I actually gave this as a gift to my children's in-laws in the past and it was a favorite.  Also, a great gift for the friend that has everything!! 


Last but definitely not least is my Cailyn O! Wow Brush.  This is one of Oprah's 2017 Favorite Things and you or your friend will say "Oh Wow," once it's used.  This brush provides a flawless finish when applying foundation and has won two beauty awards.  The shape makes for even distribution.  I love this makeup brush and feel you will, too!  

Hope this puts you a little closer to finishing your shopping.  Soft Surroundings can really help you mark some items off that list via your local store or shopping online!

I hope to hear back if you gift any of these items or just buy them for yourself.

Tomorrow, I am headed out and braving the crowds.  Wish me luck!!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!!  I so appreciate each and every one of you.







The Boots

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You might have seen these boots on a social media video two weeks ago.  These boots are special and unique!  Just look at them... they are so much fun, in addition to being fur-fringed, bling-tasseled, suede and Italian made.  That is why I had to show them off in a video first!!  I bought them right off another women's feet. A first for me!  Why might you ask? I attended a Fall Pop-Up for Dress for Success (DFS) Charlotte.  This is not your usual Pop-Up... it was for a great cause.  Four Charlotte women, all friends, came together two years ago to host Cocktails & Couture.  They solicit their friends to provide high-end, haute couture that they no longer wear for donations to the event.   The event has become a great success and is now hosted both spring and fall!  For every $500 raised, DFS provides job preparedness, job acquisition, employment retention, IT Access and Support, and Career Advancement Services to a woman for an entire year.  So twice a year, dozens of women benefit from a fun night of shopping and friendship.  

Over the course of the evening, I noticed the boots, one of the hosts, was wearing.  I had to comment on them, since they were so unique!  Little did I know, she was just modeling them. Next thing I knew, she was taking them off and I was putting them on.  That is when I knew I had to have them and voila, they were mine!  In fact, I did not take them off till I got home and showed Mr. Silver. (He could not believe the story about how I acquired them.)  I should also mention, I bought a couple of other items including a snake bracelet that I adore.  I guarantee you will see it in the future!

I hope you enjoy the photo's of these fun boots styled three different ways.  Who says we can't wear what we want?  I choose stylish, chic and fun every time.  


this look is partly FTC (from my closet.) the sweater is from United Colors of Benetton, 10+ years ago.  one of my favorite (of several) black sweaters.  the pencil skirt in black and brown is from Nordstrom Rack. my lipstick is chili by MAC.  I have added some similar options for shopping in the gallery below.


this pink leopard dress is from Nordstrom Rack.   I included similar dresses in the gallery, as this sold out quickly. I am wearing MAC lipstick in captive and the sunnies are linked in the gallery below.


this sweater is free people, FTC (from the closet)  as well as the jeans.  Shop the gallery below.

These boots were not the only thing I found at this fun event... I also had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and amazing women!  And can't wait for my next Cocktails and Couture Pop-Up!  Check out other fun events coming up here or look for your local worldwide DFS chapter.  

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Let me know if you ever bought something right off a model or at least wanted, too.

Until next time XX





Gorgeous Garnet

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Who loves silk?  This gal sure does. In fact, if you remember from a previous post, I sleep on a silk pillowcase every night.   I was recently asked to partner and collaborate with Lilysilk. I am so excited to introduce you to this luxury silk brand that manufactures and designs silk fabrics into beautiful clothes, bedding and more.  As you can see, I am wearing a gorgeous garnet silk dress.  The perfect color for the upcoming holiday season.


Lilysilk was founded by Lily Lin after she spent many years working in the silk industry in France. She returned to China in 2010 to start her own silk business so she could use her experience to create a company that offered beautiful silks, give silk workers a better wage and give the customers a fair price. Her goal was to create an online opportunity to connect Chinese silk masters and the Western world lovers of silk.


The product line first started with 6 colors of silk bedding and now has over 20 colors. In 2012 Lily expanded the product line to sleepwear, decorative bedding, baby sleeping bags, beauty accessories and now men’s and women’s apparel. 


As you know, I love high quality and Lilysilk offers very high quality silk as well as a wonderful price.  And I have to mention their incredible service, including free shipping  when ordering from their US website, including a 45 day guarantee. 


I will be wearing this red garnet dress from Lilysilk for all my upcoming holiday parties.  The good news is you can have one, too!  Lilysilk is offering exclusive discounts to my readers.  Check out their Black Friday promotion including a 16% off coupon "silveristhenewblonde16", as well as the following discounts! 



If you would like to purchase multiple pieces, click here for the discounts below.   

25% off for 1 piece

35% off for 2 pieces

45% off for 3 pieces

This post was brought to you in partnership by Lily Silk. Even though I was paid, all opinions are my own.

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!  Have a wonderful holiday this week!  I am thankful for each of you my friends!!

Until next time! XXOO





Be Powerful

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Hello, World!


I recently had the opportunity to attend a free 50+ class at the top Women's Fitness Studio's in Charlotte.  I saw it advertised on social media and signed up.  Hilliard Studio Method aka HSM is known as simply the best for women's fitness in the Charlotte area.  Pictured above is Liz herself on the cover of her book, about Finding Your Strength At Any Age.  


Even though my weight fluctuates 5-8 pounds, I pride myself on staying active 5-6 days a week.  I include free weights and 3 days of HIT (high-intensity training). So when I arrived for my class and they suggested using a 3-8 lb weight I guffawed to myself!  Two days after the class, I was still feeling the effect in every one of my muscles. It was no laughing matter... just ask Mr. Silver! :) Don't get me wrong there was nothing in the class (which is geared toward low impact and is pilates based) that I could not do... with a little coaching on my form.  It's the fact that I was working my muscles differently.  Did I mention my muscles shaking at the end of class?  Well, they were!  The HSM method promotes a safe and effective approach combining different modes of resistance plus stretching and focuses on the strength of the spine and the power of the core.  

Alas, the core.  I don't know about yours but that is where I need work.  I have lower back issues and tight hips which I understand are all related to the core. The class was exactly what I needed for a kick start or maybe a kick in the rear.  I need and want to get myself into my best shape ever and plan to commit to the program.   I live 35 minutes (an hour in traffic) from this studio and cannot make it to class 5-6 days per week but I can commit to working out on my own using the HSM online videos and streaming.  This will allow me to use the program based on my schedule and offers flexibility.  I plan to stick with this for 3 months and at that point see how I feel.... and look.  I will keep you all posted!!


Ladies, I would be thrilled for any of you to join me!  The good news is, Liz and her team have offered me and my readers half off your first month and since they already offer a 14-day free trial... that is one month free!  The price is less than $30 per month and you can cancel at any time.  I am very excited to get started!  How about you?

Be sure to watch the Be Powerful video here, to understand the essence behind HSM and Liz Hilliard.  At 60+ she is a beautiful, powerful force, empowering women to find and be your best self!  Sounds familiar!! :)

Interesting that the day I was going to attend, I almost talked myself out of going but knew, that day especially, I truly needed to prioritize and focus on myself...and that is just what I did!  Ladies, I don't know about you but I think we should all make sure we are making ourselves a priority... if not now...when?


PS.  There are not a lot of pictures in this post, even though the studio was kind enough to take some.  Sometimes, we have a wake-up call, to get it done and make changes.   The pictures did that for me!  Hope you can all appreciate my transparency.  


You can work out with Hilliard Studio Method anywhere with our easy to use Video Streaming platform. The first two weeks are free, and then it is $29.99 after that. Once you sign up, you can cancel your account at any time. There are over 1,000 minutes of content with a variety of options. We would recommend starting with our Hot Flash Hottie workout or our Beginner workout. Any option in our Beginner category is great to mix it up! As you master these selections, we recommend moving on to our HSM Live Classes  which is a real Hilliard Studio Method class, recorded!

CODE for 50% off your first month: SILVERHSM (

CODE for 15% off our Hot Flash Hottie DVD: SILVERHSM (

**Codes are valid through 12/31/17


Are you working on something about yourself... to Be Powerful?  Would love to hear your comments!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!  I so appreciate each of you!



Misook - Dressing for Success

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IMG_8253 (1).jpg

Hi Friends,

Helping others be successful has always been a passion of mine.  This could be helping a woman considering the transition to silver hair shine, a person trying to become more relevant as she/he ages or mentoring a millennial to find their true joy.  Sales leadership has been my lifelong career and I recently have been doing some sales consulting.  I love helping companies, sales leaders, and salespeople be successful.  

IMG_8222 (1).jpg

I believe that as a modern, ambitious woman it is important to look the part.  And to me, the biggest part is looking and feeling CONFIDENT every day!   I was recently contacted by the Misook brand and was aware of the brand since three of my favorite blogging influencers were recently promoted by the brand.  Check out these three fabulous bloggers Beth, Tanya, and Cathy featured here.  Needless to say, I was more than thrilled to collaborate too, based on the quality and stylish designs.  I feel that quality, style and elegance are what help us feel confident in the clothes we wear.  If we buy less quantity, but higher quality, we can never go wrong.  Read more about this wonderful brand and how Misook Doolittle got her start here.  I also loved the fact that Misook uses silver-haired models to promote their brand.  BRAVO!!


As you can see I chose this beautiful Faux Suede Moto Jacket.  I love the gorgeous gray color and the stylish design.  This jacket can be dressed up for an evening out or used for a more casual look.   I am wearing a black pencil skirt and black turtleneck, gray chandelier earrings; J. Crew, MAC lipstick,  patterned stockings and black suede pumps by Guess. I am carrying my favorite notebook by Leuchttrum 1917, ruled slim.   Check out the gallery below for all of the shopping links.


These photo's were taken at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC.  The perfect place for meetings and events and where I have had many meetings over the years.  It's a fabulous venue.  


Thank you again to Misook for sponsoring this post and my Moto Jacket! Misook has also provided you, my reader with a promo code, for 25% off... even more reason to shop.  Here is the code: MSK6191.  Happy Shopping!!

Thank you for reading and until next time!  XXOO


The Bolero Jacket

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I love a great jacket for fall, because you can do so much with it.  When the weather is cool, it's a great layering piecefor both work or casual days.  It's been a while since I have worn a Bolero Jacket (maybe college or high school) but fell in love with this fun, fringed,  jacket from Picadilly, a women's clothing designer from Ontario, CA.  They recently asked me to collaborate and share their designs with my readers.   Picadilly creates and blends classic silhouettes and unique pieces that are timeless, ageless, and seasonless. You can read more about them here, and check out their new line "Into the Wild."  Thebrand was exclusively sold in in high end boutiques, around the world but is now available online.  The clothes are very well made and the fabric is great quality.  I am also wearing the pull on straight leg pants in  black, which fit extremely well.  Fabulous, is how I would describe these slacks.  Under my jacket,  I am wearing a simple white shirt FTC (from the closet) and carrying a black Rebecca Minkoff bag, which doubles as a purse and laptop bag.  Notice the scarf tied around the handle to give a pop of color.  This one is Juicy Couture in a red leopard print.


 You will see me in this jacket the rest of the fall.  I will be styling it with a navy top and dark jeans and I may even wear it with boots to so stay tuned and watch for new ways to style this fun little gem.  

Check out this great line and leave me a comment about your favorite piece.  I have already picked out this for my fall/winter needs.  Picadilly caters to the independent, confident and active woman.  I believe that means each and every one of you!!


As always, thank you for stopping by and reading.  Don't forget to comment on what you are shopping for!

Until next time... XOXO






Black Crocheted Lace

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Hope you did not think there was something more to this post due to the title. :)  Lace does make me think of soft, feminine style.  Does it you? This post is about a beautiful black crocheted lace top, from Soft Surroundings.  Have you seen their catalog or been to one of the stores? The clothing is very high quality, and they cater to the mid-life woman.  Soft Surroundings believes you should live an inspired life, surrounded by the "little things" that make all the difference... including the philosophy to put yourself first! As we should!!


One of my favorite items in my wardrobe is from Soft Surroundings and is a beautiful sweater coat, bought several years back and featured here in a previous blog post as well as a favorite bathrobe that is you guessed it... so soft!   I recently visited their store in Charlotte and was impressed with the assistance and attention provided by their sales staff.  Be sure to check out their skincare and makeup lines, too.  The staff is very knowledgeable and they cater to the mid-life woman's skin care needs. 

IMG_7851 (1).jpg

When asked to collaborate with Soft Surroundings.  I chose this beautiful black crocheted lace top that comes with a built-in tank, which can be worn year round.  I love the sleeves and the scallop lace around the hem and cuffs.  So feminine and versatile to be dressed up or down.  I styled this with black bootcut leggings (pull on), which are a stretchy jean material and very comfortable.  The shoes are leopard print mules which I feel kick it up a notch!  My jewelry includes these fun gold, leather earrings, and gold bracelet.  Check out the gallery below for links.  


One important bonus, is that you usually size down for this brand, especially on pants.  I wear an 8-10 and sized down to a small on these leggings.   Hey, I would never complain about sizing down...would you?

I had so much fun working with this brand that really understands the mid-life women, including the different style choices and body type needs. I would definitely suggest putting them on your radar for online or in-store shopping depending on your location.  Soft Surroundings offers a one stop shop catered to us... in mid-life.


Thank you to Soft Surroundings for this sponsored post!  Watch for another outfit soon, from this great brand!  

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!    

Until next time,


Face Value & the Beauty Blogger: Bridging the Gap

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With today’s launch of Bridging the Gap, I am thrilled to be part of the 200 Influencers who are taking part in an unprecedented campaign for social change. As women from multiple and disparate demographics, we have much to offer one another. We are stronger together! This campaign unites the Millennial and Midlife Demographics to blur artificial boundaries while encouraging Reciprocal Mentorship. I am so excited to introduce you to beautiful partner, Miranda Mendoza of Slashed Beauty.  This award-winning blogger featured in numerous print and online magazines, ads etc.  is a beauty in her own right as well as kind, savvy, smart, creative and a very determined young woman. Miranda was born and raised in Los Angeles and recently moved to Las Vegas to be with her fiance.  


Miranda started her blog her freshman year in college when she began sharing her beauty findings and tips which in turn allowed her to fuel her makeup addiction.  Miranda's niche, beauty trends on a budget, has grown into an extremely successful business.  Her blog is her full-time career, which was a goal she achieved last year.  With her Mother as her major influencer, the apple does not fall too far from the cart.  Miranda's Mother, a self-made woman,  paved her way to success with a small idea for a website.  She is the founder of the successful website,


My favorite post on Slashed Beauty is "How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger."  Simply brilliant!  And my second favorite is here; using OZNaturals to help under eye puffiness.  Many posts including these two are helpful to women at any age! 

Even though Miranda and I are miles apart geographically (Las Vegas vs Charlotte) and on the maturity of our blogging (6 years vs 1 1/2), we have some similar viewpoints on this chosen profession:  

+ the ability to help others

+ the connections and the friendships

+ the ability to do what you love and are passionate about

+ brand value - the fact that many brands know the value of influencers

- how quickly blogging changes including all the different platforms

- the competitiveness and the focus on always driving followers.... which makes it sometimes difficult to enjoy the little things and be in the moment

- brand value - when brands want free promotions, not valuing the influencers

Interesting that even though there is a gap in age and generational differences, we still have many similarities.  Miranda and I both believe that as bloggers and influencers we need to tell brands, readers, and the public, what we stand for, what we want to see, what we love and what needs work, including a focus on women and beauty at all ages.


On the subject of aging, Miranda's hope is that once she sees tangible signs of aging that she can take them in stride instead of giving in to the culture including the pressure to conceal the natural process.  However, Miranda also knows that it may be hard to speak for her future self, as part of the beauty industry since society's current perception is that beauty has an age limit.  Miranda, I highly doubt your "beauty" will fade and I am also confident that your blog and influence will help change that misconception in the future. 


It's rare to be able to take someone at face value, even when we have not met face to face.   I am grateful to bridge the gap with this fierce woman and to develop an ongoing relationship where we help each other in the future. 

Isn't it time we came together to bridge every single gap that’s out there? As a society, we’ve made substantial progress in letting go of many labels and divisions, yet when it comes to ageism, it doesn’t get talked about. We intend to change that together. There is energy and innovation in youth and wisdom and experience in midlife. Let’s share with one another and embrace both for the greater good. Deep inside of every Midlife Woman, a Millennial exists and within every Millennial lies a future Midlifer to be. We invite you to join us as we show you that age is just a number while it’s your attitude about life that keeps you young or makes you old. With the concept of Reciprocal Mentorship, we encourage these demographics to embrace one another and share their unique wisdom.

Thank you, Miranda for bridging the gap with me as we are definitely #StrongerTogether. 

As always, thank you for reading! 







Day to Night

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Happy weekend, friends! 

I love accordion pleated skirts as they are timeless and an ageless addition to any wardrobe!  This silver and rust leopard print from Anthropologie really caught my eye, for the fall!  I love the length and the beautiful fabric. 


I like to get as much wear as I can from any addition to my wardrobe. So... I styled this pretty skirt two ways so that you could see the transition from day to night and how easy it is to make the switch. 


These fabulous earrings are also from Anthropologie and found on sale.  The grey suede booties are Vince Camuto.  My sweatshirt is Free People, from the previous season #ftc, and Carolee earrings #ftc.


The evening photo features the same accordion pleated skirt, a J.Crew sequin top #ftc (possibly 10 years old), a Kate Landry evening bag #ftc, Ralph Lauren strappy sandals #ftc and earrings #ftjb.  All new or similar items will be featured in the gallery below.  

These photos were taken at the Pump House in Rock Hill, SC (just south of Charlotte) at the Rooftop Bar.  If you get a chance to visit I would I highly suggest this restaurant and bar.  The views are beautiful and the food and drinks... amazing!  

As always, thank you for reading and I love to read comments so be sure to post them below! 



Cheers, beauties!




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Hi Friends, 

Loving the new line from Target called A New Day.  The tagline is "style that goes wherever you do," which I believe is spot on.  This line offers a boutique experience at a lower cost, everything is under $50. Whose on board with saving some dollars!!  ME!  I found this statement jacket last week and fell in love.  From the embroidery on this military jacket to the lining, and turn back cuffs... it's really cute and can be worn at any age! 


I'm wearing Free People frayed jeans, a red French Connection top from the closet and fun gold slides from Steve Madden.  Check out the gallery below for links to the items.  


These photos were taken in front of a red dot for the effect.  However, funny enough you can find these red dots on any liquor store in the state of South Carolina.  Why might you ask?  I had to look up the answer!  You can read the article here but the gist of the story is that in 1945 legislation was passed that strictly limited advertising by liquor stores. A Charleston Liquor dealer got creative and painted a red dot around the words "Retail Liquor Dealer," and they have been painted on the Palmetto State's liquor stores since.  


Don't forget to check out this new line at Target and if you find something fun, let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!


Think Pink

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Hi Readers, 

Happy Wednesday!  Hope the week is treating you well.  It's been a busy one so the weekend cannot get here soon enough.  


When I saw the fall colors listed by Pantone, I knew that Ballet Slipper would be a favorite in my wardrobe. And it would pair so well with one of my other favs: black!  


I found this cute Vince Camuto bomber jacket in Ballet Slipper. (check out the gallery below) Dressed up or down it's a great addition to any closet and it just so happens to pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Which is so important for all of us as a reminder!  I just scheduled my mammogram, have you?


A dear friend, from my childhood, put me in touch with Nancy Anderson of Karina Design: a design studio Check out her website here.  She designs hand-made jewelry and other wonderful gifts.  I am wearing a Pink freshwater pearl necklace in silver and love the unusual design.  It's always fun to get a unique gift like this!


Have a great rest of the week and thanks as always for reading!

Until next time...  XXOO





September Colors

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Hi Friends, 

Do you remember?  Ba de ya - say you do remember! Sorry got carried this song!  :)  Oh my September is almost gone so I could not leave without an autumn post even though it is freakin hot here in the carolinas.  You still dancing... HA... me too!  Ba de ya!!!  


Love this month... so sorry to see it go!  Wanted to share these awesome Chico's Juliet pants in Brandy Brown... can we say OH SO SLIMMING!  Yes, let's do because they are!!!!  Second, this white blouse from Chico's is the best... mine is on its second season and looks like it is the first.  Let's attribute it to quality!  The earrings and cuff are also Chico's... sooo chic!  Shoes are from the closet #ftc and are Stuart Weitzman. Sorry that I cannot help with these but ladies.  I hold on to everything as I promise it will come back in style at some point... and if it doesn't, buy good quality and wear it anyway. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Last but not least, I found this clutch at Nordstrom Rack last month and it was a #have2have...  Helen Kaminski high quality at a fantastic price.  Shop all the looks in the gallery below and similar substitutes.  

Stay tuned as I will be featuring many of these same pieces with a top change. SNEAK PEAK below:

IMG_7010 (1).jpg

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend ahead and as always... thank you for reading!  

One last time... do you remember... Ba de ya!!




A Special Day as a Special Guest - Timeless + Trend

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Life-fulfilling work is never about the money — when you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it.
— Eileen Fisher

Happy Monday friends,

First, let me start off with the quote above and share how much I agree with it!  Secondly, I feel it says so much about the woman who wrote it, her brand, her clothes, her beliefs and most importantly the people of Eileen Fisher.  I had the privilege last Saturday of getting to know these people first hand.  Wow... what a great group of women! 

The beautiful women of Eileen Fisher Charlotte!

The beautiful women of Eileen Fisher Charlotte!

If you are not familiar with the brand, I highly suggest reading this short story as I truly believe Eileen can tell her own story best.  I love the end...  about making a difference (my mantra) and that Eileen feels that business can be a movement!  You might want to read about THE SYSTEM, too.  I might call them "foundations of the brand."

Let me back up!  Back in August, I walked into the Eileen Fisher store in Charlotte.  I did not know it was my lucky day... but feel it was!  I shopped a bit, tried on some clothes and met some of the stylists.  It was then and there that I found my black jumpsuit and also shared my story about SITNB.  Next thing I knew, I was being invited to be part of their Fall Event as a special guest; to share my style ideas for the new fall line.  Everything I tried on was simple, chic and of the highest quality.  The customers were absolutely fantastic and the stylists knew almost everyone by name due to the continued customer loyalty!  In fact, several women came in carrying bags to return clothes they had worn for years. Read more here about this amazing program.

Please enjoy the pictures from the day.   My background in sales and love of helping and talking to people showed.  It was cool to be in this relaxed environment and suggest a few things that may have been out of some women's comfort zone.  But the best part was to see them realize how great they looked and feel confident in their choices!!  

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
The washable motorcycle jacket! 

The washable motorcycle jacket! 

beautiful graf lantz accessories

beautiful graf lantz accessories

The incredible "Vanessa" and my giveaway, a beautiful Shibori scarf.

The incredible "Vanessa" and my giveaway, a beautiful Shibori scarf.

So one day, I hope you can experience the brand by popping by an Eileen Fisher store, meeting their awesome stylists and trying on the clothes.  I guarantee it will be hard to wear anything else, once you have felt the beautiful fabrics and see how easy it is to wear this brand that offers timelessness + trend.  

My wonderful son and DIL stopping by to shop!

My wonderful son and DIL stopping by to shop!

Every day at Eileen Fisher you will see the Power of Women at work.  You will see creativity, confidence, and connection!  Yes, Eileen, your business is a movement.  

Thank you, readers...until next time! XXOO


p.s. A very special thank you to Mr. Silver, my photographer, who spent his Saturday photographing the event and at one point, even dog-sat for a shopper!  :)


Modern Vintage Jewelry

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Hi Friends,

I believe that jewelry plays a big part in a woman's unique style and feel that each piece has a history, especially when given as gifts.  To that end, I own a lot of jewelry and give a lot as gifts.  A few years back, I found a piece of jewelry by John Wind that remains one of my favorites today; a Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet in Gold. The piece was inspired by Grace Kelly in Rear Window.  Love it!!

Through this post, I would like to introduce you to John Wind and his most recent collection inspired from the past.  Each piece takes on a personal meaning and a little soul of its own.  I love the fact that the line is unique, collectible and high quality. In fact, they could and should be handed down for generations!   My initial charm bracelet is still as beautiful as the first day I wore it!

John started as an artisan making chunky collage brooches and watch bracelets made of linked watch heads!   And due to demand for the line expanded into the gift world to deliver a unique jewelry line!  

Wind's designs have been featured in many books and magazines; including Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Oprah and the New York Times.  You can purchase the full line on their website or it is sold in a number of boutiques around the world!  



Tortoise and gold is a match!!

Tortoise and gold is a match!!

Arm candy makes this look!

Arm candy makes this look!

I have styled two very different outfits, one from the closet and the other new.  I feel this jewelry complimented, enhanced and completed these looks.  In the first, I am wearing a Magaschoni gold coat purchased a few years back and #ftc (from the closet) with Free People frayed jeans and gold sandals, by BCBGMAXAZRIA again #ftc. And of course, my John Wind jewelry, featured in the gallery below.)  The second look is a fun, casual dress by Sundays from a local boutique in Charlotte called Luxe Angel.  Love the rose gold zipper and pockets ( can you tell I am a fan.) The dress is actually of gift for someone close to me so....sssshhhhh!! Such a great place to shop!!  The black sandals are Vince Camuto, from Nordstrom Rack. 

I am in love  

I am in love


Jane Fonda... move over!  

Jane Fonda... move over!  

Love this combination...

Love this combination...

If you add any of this fine jewelry to your own personal collection, I look forward to hearing from you via comments below!! Check out my personalized "J"!  Everyone needs a fun, personalized item.  I am in love with this awesome pin!!

"J"  nothing more to say!  

"J"  nothing more to say!



Until next time and as always thank you for reading!





EILEEN FISHER, a powerful brand

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Words have the power to change us

Hi dear friends,

Hope you are having a great week and that you and your loved ones or friends were unaffected by those crazy "hot messes",  Irma and Harvey.  Compassion is what is needed today for all those suffering as a result.  It is times like these when people pull together, and put differences aside to help others heal. It is so powerful to see,  kindness in action.


This post is about the Eileen Fisher brand and her fall campaign, Power in the Words of Women.  First, I will tell you that I have a few Eileen Fisher pieces.  They include a grey wool top and pencil skirt, that I wear repeatedly in the fall/winter and a linen dress that I recently featured on my Instagram feed.   Last month I  visited the EF store in Charlotte and was immediately taken with several pieces.  In fact, when chatting with the wonderful sales staff, I shared that I did not realize how modern her clothes were and now have a fresh perspective. I also learned that this high quality brand believes in adding key pieces to your wardrobe each season, and not starting over.  This makes so much sense!  During my visit, I tried on the most beautiful taupe dress,  and purchased the black jersey jumpsuit featured in this post. I love this jumpsuit, as it  is one of those pieces, I will wear again and again. BEWARE: you may get tired of seeing this, but I won't get tired of styling it so many different ways. It's perfect with flats, heels, traveling, dressing up or down.  


Secondly, I want to share Eileen Fisher's fall campaign; Power in the Words of Women.   The designer's mission is to continue the empowerment of women and girls, and celebrates the women making an impact on the world and their power.  If you have not see the campaign, please check out a link to the video and stories here.  I also loved learning more about the brand here... including Eileen's 30 year plan, which encompasses so many of my beliefs; women empowerment and recycling. 


I am wearing the Eileen Fisher Jersey Crop Wide Leg Jumpsuit... check out the pockets!!  The gold earrings are from J. Crew and the bracelet is my favorite, #ftjb (from the jewelry box). Shoe are Cole Haan.  This is a simple chic outfit.  Follow the the gallery for links (below.)  


Last, I will be attending the Eileen Fisher Fall Collection at the Phillips Place store in Charlotte as their special invited host.  I am so honored and excited.  Please stop by the store anytime from 10-6 on Saturday, September 23.  I look forward to seeing everyone and hope you get to experience this amazing line like I have!  


As always, thanks for reading.  Until next time...  XOXO.