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An Alternative to Embarrassing Moments...

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I started a very short workout program recently that I loved. It was short and sweet and a really good workout. I then had to end it as quickly as I started. Not because of my knees hurting or inability to do it physically… the problem was urinary incontinence. This problem came on quickly and got worse over time.

My program was jumping rope… and this was not a lot of jumping just light jumping to get my heart rate up for 8-10 minutes. So my point is… not very strenuous. So when sneezing, laughing and sometimes a whole lot of nothing started making me have similar issues (urinary incontinence), I became worried about the situation Anyone else been there?

Twenty plus years ago my Mom had a procedure done for the same issue that caused her some embarrassing moments. I can remember her hospital stay and her 6 week recovery which was terribly painful. I knew that was not the route I would take. I also knew that I would not be using pads, as I had never used them even before a hysterectomy… not my thing.

So I began my search for how I would handle this problem. And my research led me to a procedure called Votiva. You can read more about it here. I agree that feminine health and vaginal rejuvenation are topics that are difficult for many women to talk about… including me. But I feel that this is important female issue.

According to American Family Physician, 47% of women between the ages of 20 to 49 experience urinary incontinence.  The percentage is even higher for post menopausal women.   And in speaking with other women I am close to, a majority of my friends and family experience the same issue. So it’s good to know that there are alternative’s to these embarrassing moments and a lifetime of pads.

After finding Votiva, I found the New Day Wellness Spa in Ballantyne, a modern health care clinic in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte that focuses on women’s health care needs. I met with Dr. Kristin Black, MD and Shannon Shipe FNP-BC, to discuss the Votiva procedure. I was very impressed with their professionalism and reassurance regarding any hesitations I had. I loved the fact that there would be no pain, no side effects and would see immediate improvement after the procedures. I immediately signed up.

The procedures were not uncomfortable whatsoever and I did not experience any issues afterward. I am happy to say I am thrilled with my results and am back to jumping rope, laughing and can now control a sneeze. There are additional benefits that I will be happy to share via email but if you heard any of Glenn Close’s interviews earlier this year… you might suspect the topic. So if interested please send an email to jan@silveristhenewblonde.

I sure hope that anything discussed here did not make anyone uncomfortable. And I’m sure you understand the reason behind no pictures, too. My goal is to share info, that I feel is valuable and to help anyone experiencing similar issues. Back to jewelry and clothing in my next post.

Until next time… thanks for reading,




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Glamour Italia

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Add heading-6.png

Last year, if you were following me then, you may recall that I was featured in the New York Times as one of seven “Glamorous Grandma’s of Instagram” written by Ruth LaFerla. If you did not get to read the article, here is a link. I was so honored and humbled to have been chosen. And then it was re-printed by the Independent in the UK here. And I am happy to say that the article continues to be re-printed many times over.

I was a bit surprised when a writer for Glamour Italy reached out in February and asked for an interview. My sister Kathy and I used to sit on our beds each month and gush over our GLAMOUR magazine. She proceeded to tell me I had huge fans in their offices and they wanted to feature me with some other “Golden Girls” in a similar article. We scheduled a 30 minute interview and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I am happy to say that the article just published this month and I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard-copy to one day show my grandchildren and maybe their children. I am working on having this translated but until then here is a link to the article and I have posted pictures of each page below. The good news is that google will translate it for you. Enjoy!

Thank you Chiara Oltolini. I am again honored and humbled for this opportunity and to be featured with these magnificent women.

My Grandpa Luca and Grandma Nana (Angelina) would have been so proud…

GL1904 page156_19518599.jpg
GL1904 page157_19518613.jpg
GL1904 page158_19518627.jpg

Until next time… keep blooming,



Be a Perennial

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Keep blooming and growing every day so that you continue to evolve as a beautiful perennial.
— Jan Correll
silveristhenewblonde (28 of 174).jpg

When asked for a quote to inspire and encourage ageless women, I always provide the one above. This conveys my approach to life and gives it purpose and meaning; it’s the legacy I want to leave behind.

For those that aren’t gardeners… an annual plant only has a set lifecycle. Typically a year, or even one to two seasons. They have to continue to be replanted each year. A perennial plant lives more than two years. They continue to grow and return year after year. Although they do have a maturity point… the idea is that they keep blooming with the right nurturing and nourishment.

So friends… let’s also keep blooming. So much good can come from this approach. If we keep learning and growing, we will have so much more to talk about, more to share with others, more experiences, more memories and more love to share with our friends, family and loved ones.

What are you doing to keep blooming and be a perennial? Please do tell. I’m taking a glass blowing class next and plan to learn my ancestors native language: Italian.

silveristhenewblonde (9 of 174).jpg

My talented friend and jewelry designer, Sassie Grissom, @sassierocks (on Instagram) and I decided to collaborate on a piece of jewelry. This gorgeous necklace was created to remind ourselves to “keep blooming” at any age - to see the world, exude bold personal style, learn how to make pottery, speak French! We are giving away one "Keep Blooming" necklace to a fellow ageless sister on Instagram. Hope you enter!!

Until next time… keep blooming!



Invisible or Not?

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“Excuse me!”  “Pardon me!”  “Can you please tell me where to find this?”  “Can you please help me with a question?” “Can you please assist me?”  Lately I feel like I am may be invisible at times.  Could I be dreaming and they just can’t see me?  No, I’m here and wide-awake.  Are they choosing not to see me?   This doesn’t make sense to me so I ask why?  Do they think I don’t matter… that I am old… that I’m not going to buy anything?   

I know that I matter; I know that I have buying power.  I am buying for aging parents, my husband, myself, my children and my grandchildren… and my pups.  I have the ability to spend money.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I rarely write about struggles or negativity and although you may think I’m going there I’m not.  I truly want to understand why some people look past a mid-life woman or cannot find it in their means to assist us. 

What I have come to realize is it’s not about us.  It’s a result of poor customer service skills, poor training, and frankly, people can be so mired in their own lives they don’t take the time to listen and are trying to get through their day as best they can.  You never know what someone else is going through. 

How do I know this because as many times as I have been silent and just kept asking for help, other times I have spoken up and persisted to get help.  Those times, I have made it a point to ask about them and to show some kindness.  A few months back, I was in a popular clothing store in NYC and had this very experience.  I was trying to get my questions about returns answered after standing in a long line.  I was told very rudely to move aside after my question was answered, and I had an armload full of clothes.   After asking numerous people for help, I was at my whit’s end.  Before I blew my top, I asked her if she was having a great day.  She told me it had been kind of rough and our short chat developed into more.  I moved aside to order online at a terminal so that I could in fact make a return and she came over to see if I needed help.  I was touched and we proceeded to chat.  She truly was a dear and I knew in my heart that she felt bad for our original interaction. 

Time and time again, I am happy to share that this approach has worked.  The time it doesn’t…  you will see me talking to the store manager about customer service or walking out the door with no packages.

So these days, I don’t take these situations personally or think it has anything to do with my age or me… I know it truly has to do with them.  I now know that because of my wisdom, maturity, grace and kindness, I just might be able to help someone else when I was the one seeking assistance.

I hope that you have not had a similar experience. But I also know that many of my friends and family have as I have heard their stories. Maybe we are more aware of it as we age and it was happening all along we just were mired in our lives at the time and did not notice.

Thanks for following along and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Perennial Style: A Denim Shirt for the Win

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Happy Friday. I have family in town and we are celebrating my Mom’s 84th Birthday Saturday night… enjoying everyone’s company. So happy we get this opportunity as a week ago she was in the hospital but is doing fine now!


What do you think about this fun frayed denim shirt? I found it early this spring at my local Belk on the 70% off rack. I thought surely, it was mis-labeled but when I checked, the saleslady said it was $12.00. I immediately said, I’ll take it and put it aside while I continued to shop. It is an Ella Moss. I looked it up and other stores were still selling it. Evidently, the sales lady felt is was a great deal too because she asked where I found it and if I was sure I wanted it. HA! You can shop this look below and if an item is no longer available I have linked similar items.

I will be styling this fun find a number of ways… but love it with my white jeans and a pop of color from my bag. I will be layering this over skirts, black pants and may layer it over a sequin top for another fun look. These fun ideas came from an event I attended, last night at Neiman Marcus featuring one of their senior buyers from corporate, Lori Caplan. It was a great event and she shared lots of ideas on how to think out of the box; twist your thinking and round out your looks with different patterns, colors, styles and textures. So many ideas and so much fun to meet this wonderful and talented woman. Check my stories for many picks from the fashion show.


I love this shirt for it’s versatility and how much I can do with it. Looking forward to many different looks. And I definitely feel like I got my $12.00 worth in the few times I have worn it already. Do you have an item you love and found at a bargain?

Have a great weekend friends. Until my next post…




A Versatile Spring Piece...

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It’s Hump Day all! Yay… and we are halfway to the weekend. I am looking forward to a couple of events Saturday and Sunday and plan to wear this beautiful bomber jacket, a Johnny Was design.

I know many of you may have heard of the brand but if I am introducing you to it for the first time, I’m delighted. Their designs cross cultures and defy trends. Yes, there is a bohemian spirit and a sense of authenticity. Their inspiration comes from anything beautiful, genuine and special and can be likened to a striking piece of artwork. (Just like all of us!) Johnny Was is known for their signature embroideries, luxe fabrics and effortless silhouettes. When I wear Johnny Was I feel like my personal style always shines through.

silveristhenewblonde (37 of 174).jpg
silveristhenewblonde (43 of 174).jpg
silveristhenewblonde (47 of 174).jpg
silveristhenewblonde (51 of 174).jpg
silveristhenewblonde (56 of 174).jpg
silveristhenewblonde (60 of 174).jpg

I love the fact that it is slightly quilted since it’s still cool here in the Carolina’s… especially at night. If my upper arms are cold, I act like it is below zero and shivering, (the same in air conditioning). Anybody else with me? So the fact that this bomber jacket is REVERSIBLE with two different silk, color pallets and designs, and will keep me warm is a huge bonus. I will be wearing this on repeat from now until… fall. Definitely an investment piece with limitless options for your wardrobe. If you are planning to travel, this jacket will see you through any journey, whether a weekend jaunt or a 10 day cruise.

silveristhenewblonde (63 of 174).jpg

I have paired it as a casual look and then dressed it up a bit with a Johnny Was dress. The dress is an incredibly soft knit and versatile, too. Another great piece to add to your wardrobe. I have posted shopping links below.

silveristhenewblonde (61 of 174).jpg

Do you own any Johnny Was pieces? If not, definitely check them out for spring and summer. So many beautiful clothes, that are so much fun to wear and style! Thank you to Johnny Was for sponsoring this post! And thank you to Jennifer Austin Photography for her wonderful work behind the camera..

Have a great week, friends.



LBD Guide for Spring

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Dress by Lafeyette 148, Beads by Margo Morrison

Dress by Lafeyette 148, Beads by Margo Morrison

Hope everyone has had a great week! It’s a beautiful day here in the Carolina’s and it’s been a great week. My newest grand-daughter was one month old yesterday and I found out I was a finalist in the Shorty awards. YAY! And thank you for everyone’s support. As the underdog, would not have made it without your help. Thank you.

My go to much of the time is a little black dress for various occasions. If you look at my Instagram, you will see that I wear a lot of black year-round A little black dress is what I choose when I don’t know what to wear. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on your accessories and rarely is black a bad color for anyone.

The "little black dress" is considered essential to a complete wardrobe by many women. I’ve heard that it is a "rule of fashion" that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress. So as we head into the spring, I put together some of my favorites. Most of these are pretty simple allowing for accessories of your choosing. I wear black pumps year round but as we get closer to spring and summer I might suggest a kitten heel sandal and definitely a chic handbag and fun earrings. In fact, watch for an upcoming post on accessorizing a LBD.

And remember, nothing says a little black dress has to be skimpy. The “little” refers to the shorter style and not a long evening gown.

Do you have a favorite you wear on repeat? The one I am wearing is a beautifully cut, shift dress by Lafeyette 148 with pockets. I love any dress that offers pockets. I found this at Paul Simon Woman in Charlotte. Knowing that everyone has different tastes and budgets, I’ve provided shopping links for several choices below.


Are you looking for a special LBD? If so, what’s the occasion. Me? I just keep adding them to my closet to give myself many choices.

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together! 



Ageless Adventures: Six Great Trips to Take with Your Girlfriends

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One of my best friends is beside me on this trip… my daughter!

One of my best friends is beside me on this trip… my daughter!

There’s nothing quite like setting off on a new adventure while having your very best friends by your side as you explore new places and make new memories together. Sometimes you don’t even need to go out of the country to broaden your horizons and try new things. Below are six great trips to take with your girlfriends that will keep you staying active and having tons of fun!

New York City is a great place to visit if you and your girlfriends are up for a wild adventure and don’t mind the hustle and bustle of a big city. New York City is known as the “melting pot” of the United States, so expect lots of great food and wonderful cultural experiences! Experience a day of tourism and visit places like Central Park, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Empire State Building, or indulge in a theatrical experience at a Broadway play or musical. No matter what adventures you choose to embark on, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience.

Charleston, South Carolina is the perfect low-country destination getaway if your friend group enjoys exceptional seafood, rich history and beautiful historical landmarks, and of course, the beach! From Charleston Harbor tours to exploring the Battery and Fort Sumter, Charleston is home to beautiful views and excellent tourist sights. After spending a few hours scouting out the best sights and touring the grounds of Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, you and your girlfriends should treat yourselves to a night of drinks and excellent cuisine on King Street.

Nashville, Tennessee is known as the home of country music, so if you and your closest friends can’t help but join in every time a country song comes on the radio, Nashville is the place for you. Some great places to visit in Nashville include the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Music Row. For those who aren’t as keen on country music, don’t fret, Nashville has something for you too! Places like the Tennessee State Capitol Building, Belmont Mansion, and The Gulch, are all destinations that are sure to impress the history lover, the fashion expert, and the art connoisseurs of the group.

Denver, Colorado is full of beautiful, scenic sights and tons of adventurous outdoor activities. Some must see places in Denver include the Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and the Denver Art Museum. If you like to hike, there are so many wonderful hiking trails that are less than an hour outside of the city!

Wine Country in California is a must if you and your girlfriends love wine almost as much as you love traveling! Explore the Napa or Sonoma regions with your friends, and treat yourselves to an abundance of fabulous wine tastings and upscale cuisine as you take in all of the rich culture that Wine Country has to offer. A few things to check off your travel list when in Wine Country includes touring the stunning vineyards and participating in a wine tasting, going on a hot air balloon ride over the valleys, or exploring on the ground on a bike tour.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina is the perfect destination for friends that love a scenic view of the mountains. You can spend your days hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature, or roaming through the various shops in the picturesque downtown of Blowing Rock. From skiing and exploring waterfalls, to spa days and winery tours, Blowing Rock has a little bit of everything for everyone in your friend group!

No matter the destination, wherever you decide to go you’re sure to make a lot of wonderful memories with your girlfriends... and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures to document your travels! And since today is International Women’s Day… don’t forget to celebrate those friends that are always behind you or beside you every single day.

As always, my goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  I feature fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information and help women continue to grow and bloom as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading! 



Ageless Active: Yes to Pilates!

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PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

South Providence, Charlotte Club Pilates  PC: SweatNET

South Providence, Charlotte Club Pilates

PC: SweatNET

At the core of my being… I want to be stronger.  As I age, I want to: get down on the floor (easily), pick up 30 pounds as if it’s no problem and and want to make sure that I am in control of my body.  My legs are strong, my arms are strong… I need to develop a strong core.  Why? My goal is to look and feel my best everyday and to always be able to get down on my grandchildren’s level till they tower over me.

PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

We all have problem areas… mine is my core.  I forgot about it for the longest time.    So when looking for it and ways to improve my body, I found Pilates; originally known as “Contrology” and developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.  Lucky for the Charlotte area and many other cities across the US,  I found Club Pilates

PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

I am excited to tell you that I began working with Club Pilates 3 weeks ago and am already seeing results.  The individual club locations are South Providence, Fort Mill, Huntersville and Mooresville.  Each of these individual clubs offer Level One Foundation/Beginner classes up to more advanced level 2.5 classes.  I am now in 1.5 classes and really enjoying it. I have had various well trained  instructors thus far and love the fact that can truly coach me as needed. 

PC: SweatNET

PC: SweatNET

 I hope you follow along on my journey at Club Pilates.  I will post updates along the way so tune into my Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories for updates.  Be sure to book an intro class for free at each of these studios.

Fort Mill Club Pilates

Fort Mill Club Pilates

Huntersville Club Pilates

Huntersville Club Pilates

Mooresville Club Pilates

Mooresville Club Pilates

Thank you to Club Pilates (the four locations mentioned above) for sponsoring this post.  I am so excited about this journey. 

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  I feature fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information and help women continue to grow and bloom as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading! 



Silver Style Guide: What to Wear to a Gala or Evening Event

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You’ve just received an invitation to an esteemed social event-- naturally you are thrilled and already planning out the perfect outfit to wear in your head. Whether you’re attending a charity fundraiser, an upscale cocktail event, or a themed ball, finding an exceptional outfit that is both appropriate and glamorous is a must. Below are a few sophisticated and chic outfit ideas from my Silver Style Guide for a gala or evening event.

A Black Tie Festivity

Adhering to the dress code is an important part of styling an outfit for an upscale festivity. If you are attending a black tie event where the gentlemen will be donning their sharpest tuxedo, then you should stick to a formal gown or floor length dress. A lady can never go wrong with a solid colored gown and decorative accessories; however if you wish for your dress to have a little sheen, there is nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of sparkles, and keeping the jewelry simple and elegant.

Teri Jon Dresses, Jewelry by Margo Morrison

Teri Jon Dresses, Jewelry by Margo Morrison

Dress by Siri

Dress by Siri


Formal Fun

Formal fashion allows for some leeway, meaning that you can certainly style a gown or floor length dress if you so wish; however, you can also show off your favorite party dress. Mid-calf formal dresses paired with a statement heel and an eye-catching clutch are excellent options for a formal event. A metallic shawl or wrap is a great way to incorporate some shimmer into your ensemble while staying warm, and also avoiding the possibility that a jacket or coat might distract from your look.

Teri Jon Dresses

Teri Jon Dresses

Classic Cocktail Look

The perfect cocktail looks consists of a classy dress, great heels, and dazzling accessories. A few favorites for cocktail attire include a little black dress, a tailored jumpsuit, a flattering wrap dress, or even dressier separates, like a blouse and skirt set. Add a faux fur bolero, or a formal jacket, an embellished clutch, and some glittering jewelry and you’ll be dressed to impress at any cocktail party.

Dress by Tom and Linda Platt, Earring by Primaura

Dress by Tom and Linda Platt, Earring by Primaura

Jumpsuit by Lafeyette 148, Fairchild Baldwin Necklace

Jumpsuit by Lafeyette 148, Fairchild Baldwin Necklace


If you live near the Charlotte area, these beautiful clothes and gorgeous jewelry are available at Paul Simon Woman, in the Village at SouthPark. This wonderful boutique offers stylish, age-appropriate fashion for all ages. Their staff caters to each client’s specific needs… and if you happen to walk in the door for the first time… you will leave having made new friendships. This is what keeps clients coming back!! And for those that live outside of Charlotte, Paul Simon Woman can order whatever you need and ship it to you or, I have included available links to shop below.

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




Silver is the New Blonde® Nominated for Top Social Media Award

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Media Contact:

Genni Threet



Fort Mill Blogger Silver is the New Blonde® Nominated for Top Social Media Award

Jan Correll’s Noteworthy Social Content has Earned her a Shorty Award Nomination


FORT MILL, FEBRUARY 8, 2019 --  Fort Mill blogger and age-positive influencer Jan Correll of Silver is the New Blonde® has been nominated for a Shorty Award, one of the nation’s standout awards for recognizing outstanding content creators on social media. In their eleventh year, The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media by acknowledging some of the most paramount companies, brands, and influencers who use their online platforms as a means to engage their followers, and make a difference. Sixty-one year old Correll is a rarity amongst the list of other nominees in the lifestyle category, being the only age-positive influencer, as well as one of the only non-millennial candidates.


Correll and her husband have lived in the greater Charlotte area for almost forty years. Once she discovered how much an age-positive voice was absent from the youth-driven world of social media and blogging, she became determined to spread her message of age positivity and acceptance thus creating Silver is the New Blonde®. Correll now has over 48,300 followers on Instagram.


Nominated alongside major social media stars including Reese Witherspoon, Joe Biden and Marie Kondo, it is Correll’s hope that winning the noteworthy award would draw more attention to the underrepresented message of age positivity. When asked what it would mean to her to win, Correll said: “Winning The Shorty Award would allow me to reach more people to spread the age-positive message and would validate my fifty-plus peers as part of the social media community. It’s time aging should be celebrated as the accomplishment it is. After all, we can’t stop it!”


●      Local blogger Jan Correll has been nominated for an 11th Annual Shorty Award in the Lifestyle category for her notable social presence as an age-positive influencer.

●      To vote for Jan visit Users can vote once a day through February 21, 2019 and sharing their vote on social media earns Correll an additional vote. Use the hashtag #silverforashorty in support of Jan’s nomination.


To vote for Silver is the New Blonde® for a Lifestyle Shorty Award please click the link provided, For media inquiries, please contact Genni Threet at


About Silver is the New Blonde®

Silver is the New Blonde® is an ageless lifestyle blog focused on bringing positivity, vibrance and inspiration to women over fifty. Jan Correll, blogger behind Silver is the New Blonde®, provides her audience with tips on accentuating ageless beauty, colorful style for all occasions and new ideas on embracing the pure fun and freedom a post-fifty lifestyle brings. Follow the fun @silver_isthenewblonde and at



Photo Credit: Courtney Paige Ray

Photo Credit: Courtney Paige Ray

Positive Aging: Women Whose Careers Only Improved With Age

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With age comes wisdom and a better understanding of the world, which is beneficial to the mature woman navigating her way through the workplace. Below are five, fabulous women whose careers only improved with experience and age!

Viola Davis: At age 53, Viola Davis is an extraordinary actress, and has won an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award. She is known for movies like The Help and Fences to her hit TV show, How to Get Away with Murder, where her outstanding role earned her an Emmy, making her the first black woman to do so.  Davis has made a name for herself that is known by many, and she continues to do so as an exceptional, ageless woman.

Katie Couric: Many know Couric from her positions on The Today Show as well as CBS Evening News, where she was acknowledged as the first woman to anchor on an evening news program. At age 61, she has received copious awards for her hard work and dedication to her craft of broadcast journalism. At age 57, she started her own company, Katie Couric Media, where she continues to call attention to important topics and relevant news stories.

Oprah: Best known for her phenomenal, daytime talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s career only continues to grow. At age 56, she created her own network channel, OWN, and has continued to do wonderful things in her career. She has founded her own magazine, narrated The Discovery Channel series Life, and has starred in several films since her departure from daytime television

Meryl Streep: At age 69, Meryl Streep is one of the most well known, and highly esteemed actresses of her day and age. She has earned the title of having the most Oscar nominations out of any actor, and she has won multiple awards for her outstanding performances in a multitude of films.

Vera Wang: At age 69, many know Vera Wang as an iconic fashion designer, but she originally figure skated and trained to compete in the Olympics. Even though she did not make the team, she did discover a new passion. After pursuing careers for Vogue and Ralph Lauren, at age 40, she entered the world of bridal wear. Today, she designs beautiful wedding dresses and gowns that have been worn by many, including many celebrities.

Aging is obviously an inevitable part of life, and with another year comes new experiences, opportunities, and memories to be made. While many women hope to discover their calling in life early on, there’s nothing wrong with taking time to grow and mature into the person you want to be, or to simply rediscover yourself.

So don’t turn your back on opportunities or experiences and keep an open door policy to making new memories and reinvention so that you can be the best person you can be at any age.

Thank you to Rickie Freeman Teri Jon Dresses for sponsoring this post.


As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




Pearls are Always Appropriate

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Jackie O has always been associated with pearls… such a classy lady. And although diamonds and rhinestones are fun and sparkly, I typically don’t wear them on clothes, do you? But give me pearls and they make any outfit classy including a simple sweater.

I found this fun charcoal gray sweater at H&M recently and was smitten. I plan to wear it both dressy and casual. As featured I am wearing a long tee shirt underneath but love it over a crisp white blouse as well. I paired this sweater with gray frayed jeans and black booties. By the way… did you know that H&M is going after the ageless woman. You can read more here.

I have linked a number of pearl sweaters (with shopping links) both inexpensive like mine (under $20) as well as more expensive ones, depending on your taste. Do you like pearls on sweaters?


As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 



My Girl's Photo Shoot

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As a Mom I have two awesome children, a son and a daughter. I feel awfully lucky as they are both special people that are very dear to me and Mr. Silver. My son and wife, have two children, a son and daughter and my daughter and her husband, have two sons. When our daughter shared the news they were expecting a third, we all prayed for a healthy baby and Momma. And when they shared the news that this one was going to be a little girl, I was thrilled that she too would get to experience a Mother/Daughter relationship… as we have shared.

My daughter and I have fun and loving affinity and have always supported each other. We have also pushed each other when needed and are very open and honest with each other. It’s like having a best friend, other than your hubby.

When I decided to start the blog, she was behind me in every aspect. She took some of my first pictures and then handed that responsibility over to her Dad. She was always fluffing, fixing and catching little things that a detailed eye could see. And it always made me feel so special.

When she decided to do a maternity shoot, she planned it so I could be there. I was so excited to be part of this to in turn do the same that she had always done for me! We had such a fun time as they setting was magical and the “golden hour” was perfect.


My daughter chose her very close friend, Kameron Rogers for this shoot, Owner of Kameron C. Photography. She is based in Texas and I highly recommend her, if you have photography needs. She is super talented and made it so much fun that the three of us laughed the whole time.


I love these photos and was so happy when my daughter said I could share them with you. I hope you enjoy them too!


This bundle of joy arrives in February and I can’t wait for my girl to experience her “girl.”


As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 


Silver Style Guide: What to Wear for NYE

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The countdown to champagne, fireworks, and confetti has officially begun as New Year’s Eve is only days away! If you’re searching for the perfect celebratory ensemble, look no further! Below are some fabulous and fashionable ideas, from my Silver Style Guide, for you to wear as you ring in the new year.

The Main Event

New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to indulge in a little glitz and glamour. Whether you’re attending an elegant soiree or spending the evening with friends and family, it is always important to look and feel your very best!


For a more casual outing, dress up your favorite pair of jeans with an eye-catching top, or pair a tailored jumpsuit with your favorite leather jacket or faux fur vest. These options allow for a look that is casual and comfortable, but still chic and put together.


A more formal event, such as a cocktail party or a New Year’s Eve gala, calls for dressier attire. A woman who appreciates perennial style knows that a LBD is always a tasteful and classic option for an elegant affair. Some popular fashion favorites also include wrap dresses, velvet dresses, and embellished sets that are sure to dazzle all night long.


Add a Little Sparkle

New Year’s Eve fashion is also about making a statement. There is no harm in adding a little sparkle to your ensemble. Silver and gold accessories are a must for any iconic New Year’s Eve look, and incorporating some shimmer into your outfit is simple with the right jewelry and shoes! If you’re searching for the perfect finishing touch for your NYE outfit, check out these glittering favorites of mine!


Life of the Party

Of course, a party-look is not complete without a handbag! Printed purses, sparkly clutches, and metallic handbags are all great options for NYE as long as they can hold all of your necessities!

Love my Brenna B Bag

Love my Brenna B Bag


Even if you spend NYE at home in your PJ’s (which I also enjoy) get out your champagne flutes and toast in style!!

Have a happy and safe New Years and as always, my goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Looking forward to 2019 and sharing more fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog and may 2019 be your best year ever!!




Lipsticks That Stay Put

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The Cocktail Party Guide


Every  woman has encountered a time in her life where she must find the perfect outfit for a social event, such as a cocktail party. While finding a chic ensemble, that is true to your style, is certainly an important part of prepping for any festivity, it’s crucial to remember the saying, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” don’t forget your lipstick that stays put!

Bold and Beautiful Red: For the woman who is looking to make an eye-catching statement while she socializes and sips, a bold red lip is an excellent choice. A red lip is elegant and classic, and it makes quite a striking statement. A red lip stain ensures a long lasting wear that looks just as fresh as when it was first applied, making it the perfect choice for your pout while you mingle and drink.


The Classic Nude: A nude lip is the ideal product to accompany your look if you want your outfit to be the center of attention at the party. A creamy, nude lip makes for a fresh face that isn’t overbearing, and it is an exceptional pairing for a more dramatic eye look, such as a smokey eye. While lip glosses are flirty and fun, it’s best to avoid them for a cocktail party. Glosses require more maintenance and constant reapplying, so it’s best to stick with the basics when modeling a classic, nude lip.


Poised in Pink: If you are the lady who is entertaining and eating while enjoying your cocktail, a pink, satin finish is the most suitable look for you. The great thing about a pink lip is that it’s quite versatile. No matter the season, you can find the ultimate pink shade that is sure to impress and look stunning in photos. A satin lip is a fabulous alternative to a gloss, and the best thing is that it doesn’t cause your lips to become dry!

img (2).jpeg

Your lips are the focal point of your face, and finding the perfect lipstick shade, that is guaranteed to stay put throughout the evening, is a must for any ageless woman!

I have linked all of my favorites in Now you can use the information in my previous post to use this convenient app. If anyone needs help… just let me know.

Have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate and as always, my goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




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How to use

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that at the end of my posts I mention and include a link like: #liketkit I have heard feedback from many of my readers and followers about how they don’t know how to use therefore, I want to provide some training and/or insights on the best way to use it from your desktop or the app.

The links I mentioned above are generated through a program called LIKEtoKNOW.IT which basically allows you to shop anything I’m wearing straight from your phone or desktop.

Long gone are the days of seeing an outfit you love and missing an opportunity to ask about it. Or wouldn’t it be fun to follow along, if you like someone’s particular style and see how they style outfits daily? This is the beauty of


You simply sign up at , follow me, and then every time you like one of my photos (click on the heart) you’ll get an email with direct links to shop everything in the post (if the item is still available). Super simple or easy peasy as I like to say. :)

STEP 1. Go to www.LIKEtoKNOW.IT 

STEP 2. Sign into Instagram and choose to authorize

STEP 3. Enter your email address, save, and finish


OPTION 2 and totally not necessary if you prefer to shop from your computer)…

You can also shop your screenshots through the APP! Here’s how:

STEP 1. DOWNLOAD the app from the app store

STEP 2. FOLLOW me and your other favorite influencers. (Happy to provide a list)

STEP 2. SCREENSHOT your favorite influencer pics on Instagram

STEP 3. OPEN the app and SHOP the products featured directly

For those of you who prefer a visual, here are two videos for you! The first video will walk you through the LIKEtoKNOW.IT sign-up process.  And the second is specifically focused on the new APP version. You can use both these methods interchangeably, it’s based on YOU and how YOU like to shop.

I hope this post helped those of you with questions or who had not used yet. It’s really super easy and convenient.


Ladies were not done yet. I want to help you with a trial run. Today I am featuring on my outfit featured above. Now unfortunately the black dress is sold out but they still have it in red. YAY! Perfect for the holidays. My exact boots are featured as well as some other options, but not linked are my Brenna Bag or my unique bracelet. does not list every retailer and that is why I try to indicate where specific things are from. I have linked the clutch and my bracelet here and here for your shopping pleasure. In fact, if you like a small purse definitely check out Brenna Bags. I love this silver bag, and its from the cocktail collection. Check out the video’s of the different ways this clutch can be worn or styled. My bracelet is from Pam Neri and if you like unique jewelry definitely check out her works of art.


You can always reach out to me if you need further assistance.

Have a great weekend and as always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




The Ageless Houndstooth

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I have loved Houndstooth since I was in middle school. The bold pattern was eye catching yet stylish. I remember a pair of “hot pants” … yes hot pants I had, that were large black and white houndstooth. I wore those shorts all the time. With black tights, boots, a jean shirt, a black or red turtleneck and my favorite double-breasted black corduroy jacket… that barely covered them.


In my opinion, Houndstooth will never go out of style and since it dates back to between 360 and 100 BC, I would say that is a true statement. Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior have featured them in many different collections over the years.

I am wearing two Houndstooth in two different outfits featured today. The first outfit is from Chico’s and is a a black and white Houndstooth Ruana. Yes, friends, I had to look up what a Ruana was too. A Ruana is a poncho-style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Colombia, South America. Such a fun piece to add to my wardrobe. This item and the complete outfit is linked in below.


The second outfit features a fun navy and white Houndstooth top from Zara. Unfortunately this one is sold out unless you can find it in stores. I love the fraying at the bottom and the overall way it was designed. Another fun piece. Again, sorry this is not linked due to its high demand.

Underlining the fact that I do love this print… I realized too late, that I have two houndstooth outfits posted within days of each other. I am not sure I will be adding any more Houndstooth this year… but there is always next!!

Who else out there loves Houndstooth and do you or did you have a favorite item?

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 





Investing in Beauty Sleep

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As an ageless woman, I have realized how important sleep is.  I used to be able to get by on 5-6 hours of sleep but learned the wear and tear that regimen can take on your body and your beauty.  ;)  Once I hit 60, I made the decision to not take my sleep lightly.

Mr. Silver and I had been discussing investing in a new mattresses since we both felt we were tossing and turning way too much each night.  He sleeps very sound, whereas I am a very light sleeper and usually wake at least 2-3 times per night.  My waking is usually the result of night sweats or just being uncomfortable in a particular position.  Do you wake up many times each night, too? 

So we turned to the Internet and began researching the best mattresses out there.  Luckily we found The Wave by, designed for advanced support for your body at 33 key points, temperature regulation (breathable foam for increased airflow) and 5 layers of premium foam. 

I want you to know that although this is a sponsored post, I am truly in love and so happy with our new mattress, that I would endorse this mattress regardless.  Mr. Silver and I are both sleeping better than we have in years and feel that this bed was made specifically for us.  I am sleeping through the night.  Neither one of us is tossing nor turning and best of all, I have eliminated my night sweats. 

If you are considering a new mattress, I would highly suggest The Wave by  It was shipped directly to our home, setup was a snap, and they offer a 100-night trial with free return and pickup.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by investing in a great night’s sleep. 


As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 






Supporting Silvers Feature: Megan Ulrichs

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closer image in glo lab (1).jpg

I began my silver tradition at the age of 44 yrs after hiding behind the brown coloring agents since the age of 27! I can remember my senior year in high school where friends were picking grey out of my head! As I wasn't really ready to become a silver fox but my scalp was. My body was becoming intolerant to the chemicals and with my natural ways of living, a masters degree in holistic nutrition and an organic skincare business, I knew it was time to ditch the coloring. While my heart and my body knew it was necessary to stop hiding behind the brown coloring, my mind was struggling with the "aging" part. The internal ego was questioning, "will I be attractive anymore with grey hair?" "Am I going to disappear and become ignored?" Then came the comments "You're going to let it go!?" "Are you sure you want to age yourself like that!?" but the best was from my 19yr old son who is as wise as the day is long.."Mom, you should totally let your silver grow in! Don't worry about what people think, and besides then you'll have men your own age checking you out..unlike the guy guys my age that I see checking you out non stop!" THAT was all I needed to hear. Except my husbands words were the most motivating, "Megan, you will never be ignored! You could be bald and still be beautiful! It's ultimately your inner confidence and beauty that draws people to you." I had to dig deep on an emotional level for the year that it took to grow out my authenticity! At times it felt like reliving my awkward teen years with the reverse skunk stripe and my grey ombre. My hair was the topic of conversation for an entire year....everywhere I went! For the most part, I believe that my full forced positive attitude when responding to friends and strangers questions left no room for negative comments of disapproval. I received 90% supportive comments and that was a tremendous help to my wavering ego! Basically, I faked it til I made it with confidence and positivity. Now that I am fully grey and amercing the aging process, I get compliments daily and so many friends and community members have come to me to say how much I inspired them to also grow their silver locks out. It was the last step for me to fully walk my talk of natural living and embracing the process of aging gracefully. I feel complete and authentic in every way now!


Megan’s silver transition!

Q & A with Megan

“Who am I?”

I am the creator/owner of an organic Farm to Face skincare company glō luxury oils ( and the author of two books. One cookbook Fed Well based on the 80/20 philosophy of eating 80% whole nourishing foods and 20% you only live once foods. It is chock full of nutritional information on the healing qualities of herbs and spices along with nutritional benefits of ingredients on each recipe. 

The second book is called "SKinside Out" A Holistic approach to eating your way to glowing skin...Both books are due on shelves this December!!

“What has been the biggest benefit of the business?”

The biggest benefit to me is knowing that glō (acronym for give love often) products are not only making a tremendous difference in my customers lives by nourishing their skin and keeping chemicals out of their beauty routines; but also knowing that I can support small farmers buy purchasing directly from them and have the ability to offer superior quality products while doing so. I also benefit weekly from the creative process of making fresh batches weekly in my lab. Each week I turn up my music and dance my way through the batching and bottling process and love every second of it. As you can probably relate, when I’m fulfilled and happy, the entire house hums along with me! This is an important aspect of my work..feeling fulfilled.

“What/who inspires me?”

Mother Earth inspires me. She has most everything we need to stay healthy. As a Holistic Nutritionist working with food and plants to heal the body, I have come to a level of love and respect for what Mother Earth has to offer us. We can meditate and walk in nature to cleanse the mind. We can eliminate preservative and chemically laden foods and products and watch our bodies come into homeostasis simply by consuming organic whole foods provided from her! Her moods proved us with sunny days, rain and epic storms that all of us can relate to and at times fear...just as our loved ones have seen out of our own moods. I don’t mean to sound too “woo woo” but between the food, weather, trees, plants, natural medicine and rainbows that Mother Earth provides, who isn’t inspired by her!?

“Most exciting adventures I’ve ever done?” 

That’s tough! I’ve always been pretty adventurous between spelunking (caving) in college, back packing, birthing and raising 3 boys (the most epic adventure ever) traveling Europe, keeping up with my husband mountain biking...I’d have to say the most exciting adventures these days have been traveling in my 1990 VW Westfalia! Sure it sounds like luxury camping but the adventures happen after it gets us to our far away places and we hike miles up to breath taking hot springs or wake up to flowing rivers in the middle of nowhere or even more adventurous? When we break down and have to figure out what’s next! The unknown is often the most adventurous in my opinion.

“How & when I got started w glō?”

I have always been a bit of an alchemist and slightly obsessed with herbs and botanicals. It was During my masters degree in Holistic Nutrition (2013) when I was learning about the healing qualities of plants and essential oils that glō was conceived. At 43 years old, I began seeking a clean skincare line that didn’t smell too earthy and that actually worked on my sensitive, dry skin. My knowledge of the healing powers of essential oils inspired me to create facial skincare formulas using different essential and carrier oils. Once I found a combination that smelled fresh and felt divine, I began using the oils on my own skin. It took a full year of concocting and reconfiguring formulas before family and friends started asking me about what I was using on my skin and requesting the same for themselves. After seeking validation from doctors and a holistic dermatologist on the safety of my formulas, I finally settled on my first official glō product: Regenerative Oil.  Fast forward 5 years and hundreds of happy glō-ing customers later; I now source most of my oils directly from small organic botanical farmers and have created 10 approved products that sell out regularly in 14 different places ranging from naturopathic clinics to spas, upscale hotels and boutiques in Montana.“Mantra/Motto I live by”

This too shall pass and You’ve GOT this!! When life gets too hard I dig deep, pull up my big girl panties and tell myself and so many others in my life: “this too shall pass” and “You’ve GOT this!” I have my mom to thank for the first mantra as she always reminded me of that when I’d call crying about whatever crazy phase my boys were in! My husband has always been the cheerleader behind me saying “girl!!! You SO have this!!” It helps to have a team behind you and your mottos!

“What I’d like to tell my younger self”

My dad used to always tell me to “simply trust, trust what is meant to be” I’d like to tell my younger self to stop doubting, lean in and trust that all is well and meant to happen. It’s all part of life’s journey and there really is a reason for it”. If someone had told me I’d be an organic skincare business owner traveling in my VW from farms all over the U.S and sitting on expert panels, running wellness retreats, I would’ve laughed in their faces! I didn’t believe in myself until I hit 40.

“What’s my true age?”

I feel almost 50 and it feels fantastic. Well ok, physically my body has taken a lot of abuse over the years of being athletic and adventurous so it doesn’t really feel great. However, I like the wisdom and confidence of feeling almost 50!

“Thoughts on beauty and aging?”

I’ve come a long way here. In my 30’s aging felt scary and wrinkles seemed terrifying. Something shifted in my 40’s. I began to watch older women excel, thrive and find themselves. I am approaching 50 in July and I’ve never felt more empowered and beautiful. Sure my physical body looks different but this emotional/spiritual shift is so exhilarating that the physical no longer feels important. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great wardrobe and pampering myself. It’s important to feel beautiful as a woman, but these days it’s what’s going on inside my emotional self and life that makes me feel beautiful. My smile and squint lines or “angry eleven lines” between my brows are all well earned from 50years of adventures, raising crazy ass boys, laughing and crying, worrying and loving. These are our life lines and I wish our culture honored them more than we do. It’s a work in progress and it’s our job to love our selves and spread that message no matter what age we are!

You can follow this inspirational woman on her social media handles: @glo_luxury_oils and @glo_skinside_out as well as her website here.

Check out my Supporting Silvers page here on my website if you would like to be considered to be featured.

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog!