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Welcome to Silver is the New Blonde!

Hi, there and welcome to my blog! I am so glad you are here.   As far as introductions go, I am Jan; wife, mom, grandma {Nannie}, lifestyle blogger and a sales professional. Mr. Silver and I downsized 5 years ago, after living 30 years in North Carolina to Fort Mill, SC just across the state line.  I consider myself a Carolina girl with Midwest roots!

I share tips on accentuating ageless beauty, guides to colorful style for all occasions and new ideas on embracing the pure fun and freedom a post-fifty lifestyle brings. 

I have many passions; first is family and then fashion, decorating, renovating, thrifting, exercising, traveling, cooking, reading and learning. But my mission is  to empower ageless women.  Aging is not what it used to be and we can re-write the rules for generations to come.  It's ok to go silver or gray when your ready and if you want to color your hair till your ninety-five... you should do what you want.  Gone are the days of having fit into a mold because of our age.  Ten years ago, I made the decision to stop the coloring madness, which had been going on for years...almost 22 to be exact. It has been an amazing journey embracing "silver" and I have never looked back!

I am also passionate about the phrase "anti-aging."  Enough is enough!  Let's replace it with embrace aging!!

Thank you for following along and since you now know a little or a lot about me, please tell me about you!!  Please feel free to reach out via comments or email!


ageless beauty, post-fifty lifestyle, ageless lifestyle, colorful style for women over 50 , fashion & style tips for women over 50

Facts about me:

Nicknames: Jannie, Nannie, Maybell, Jantastic, Dee Dee and Jade

Personal Style: Sophisticated and feminine, fun, comfortable {but not frumpy}, edgy at times­

Favorite Color: It’s a tie between red and black

Favorite mode of transportation: My beach bike with a bell and cup holder  {for the occasional beach beverage}

Guilty Pleasure:  A great find at a great price, almond cupcakes with white icing {lots of icing}, a good bottle of wine, shoes, margaritas and Swedish fish

Hard to live without: My family, my dogs, friends, my faith, my iPhone, and the beach

Mantra: 1) It’s so easy to be kind… why not!  2) Stay young at heart and keep learning to stay relevant!  3) Let's be proud for the privelage to age!!

Makes Me Happy: The hope of a new day, adventures, cooking for others, belly laughs or snort laughs, wining & dining, thrifting and crossing the bridge to Hilton Head Island

Dislikes: Labeling, frumpiness, the word anti-aging, mean people, lifting weights (which I do 3X a week), bullies and whiners

Daily Goal: To smile at a stranger and have them smile back!




You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great
— Zig Ziglar