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Silver Style Guide: What to Wear to a Gala or Evening Event

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You’ve just received an invitation to an esteemed social event-- naturally you are thrilled and already planning out the perfect outfit to wear in your head. Whether you’re attending a charity fundraiser, an upscale cocktail event, or a themed ball, finding an exceptional outfit that is both appropriate and glamorous is a must. Below are a few sophisticated and chic outfit ideas from my Silver Style Guide for a gala or evening event.

A Black Tie Festivity

Adhering to the dress code is an important part of styling an outfit for an upscale festivity. If you are attending a black tie event where the gentlemen will be donning their sharpest tuxedo, then you should stick to a formal gown or floor length dress. A lady can never go wrong with a solid colored gown and decorative accessories; however if you wish for your dress to have a little sheen, there is nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of sparkles, and keeping the jewelry simple and elegant.

Teri Jon Dresses, Jewelry by Margo Morrison

Teri Jon Dresses, Jewelry by Margo Morrison

Dress by Siri

Dress by Siri


Formal Fun

Formal fashion allows for some leeway, meaning that you can certainly style a gown or floor length dress if you so wish; however, you can also show off your favorite party dress. Mid-calf formal dresses paired with a statement heel and an eye-catching clutch are excellent options for a formal event. A metallic shawl or wrap is a great way to incorporate some shimmer into your ensemble while staying warm, and also avoiding the possibility that a jacket or coat might distract from your look.

Teri Jon Dresses

Teri Jon Dresses

Classic Cocktail Look

The perfect cocktail looks consists of a classy dress, great heels, and dazzling accessories. A few favorites for cocktail attire include a little black dress, a tailored jumpsuit, a flattering wrap dress, or even dressier separates, like a blouse and skirt set. Add a faux fur bolero, or a formal jacket, an embellished clutch, and some glittering jewelry and you’ll be dressed to impress at any cocktail party.

Dress by Tom and Linda Platt, Earring by Primaura

Dress by Tom and Linda Platt, Earring by Primaura

Jumpsuit by Lafeyette 148, Fairchild Baldwin Necklace

Jumpsuit by Lafeyette 148, Fairchild Baldwin Necklace


If you live near the Charlotte area, these beautiful clothes and gorgeous jewelry are available at Paul Simon Woman, in the Village at SouthPark. This wonderful boutique offers stylish, age-appropriate fashion for all ages. Their staff caters to each client’s specific needs… and if you happen to walk in the door for the first time… you will leave having made new friendships. This is what keeps clients coming back!! And for those that live outside of Charlotte, Paul Simon Woman can order whatever you need and ship it to you or, I have included available links to shop below.

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




How to use

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that at the end of my posts I mention and include a link like: #liketkit I have heard feedback from many of my readers and followers about how they don’t know how to use therefore, I want to provide some training and/or insights on the best way to use it from your desktop or the app.

The links I mentioned above are generated through a program called LIKEtoKNOW.IT which basically allows you to shop anything I’m wearing straight from your phone or desktop.

Long gone are the days of seeing an outfit you love and missing an opportunity to ask about it. Or wouldn’t it be fun to follow along, if you like someone’s particular style and see how they style outfits daily? This is the beauty of


You simply sign up at , follow me, and then every time you like one of my photos (click on the heart) you’ll get an email with direct links to shop everything in the post (if the item is still available). Super simple or easy peasy as I like to say. :)

STEP 1. Go to www.LIKEtoKNOW.IT 

STEP 2. Sign into Instagram and choose to authorize

STEP 3. Enter your email address, save, and finish


OPTION 2 and totally not necessary if you prefer to shop from your computer)…

You can also shop your screenshots through the APP! Here’s how:

STEP 1. DOWNLOAD the app from the app store

STEP 2. FOLLOW me and your other favorite influencers. (Happy to provide a list)

STEP 2. SCREENSHOT your favorite influencer pics on Instagram

STEP 3. OPEN the app and SHOP the products featured directly

For those of you who prefer a visual, here are two videos for you! The first video will walk you through the LIKEtoKNOW.IT sign-up process.  And the second is specifically focused on the new APP version. You can use both these methods interchangeably, it’s based on YOU and how YOU like to shop.

I hope this post helped those of you with questions or who had not used yet. It’s really super easy and convenient.


Ladies were not done yet. I want to help you with a trial run. Today I am featuring on my outfit featured above. Now unfortunately the black dress is sold out but they still have it in red. YAY! Perfect for the holidays. My exact boots are featured as well as some other options, but not linked are my Brenna Bag or my unique bracelet. does not list every retailer and that is why I try to indicate where specific things are from. I have linked the clutch and my bracelet here and here for your shopping pleasure. In fact, if you like a small purse definitely check out Brenna Bags. I love this silver bag, and its from the cocktail collection. Check out the video’s of the different ways this clutch can be worn or styled. My bracelet is from Pam Neri and if you like unique jewelry definitely check out her works of art.


You can always reach out to me if you need further assistance.

Have a great weekend and as always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




Exclusive Italian Bracelets - on EVINE

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If you look at any of my pictures, I always wear several bracelets with each outfit. I feel a simple bracelet can and should be layered depending on the style you are going for. I sometimes wear them with a watch or simply layered on my right arm. And lately, I love mixing different metals.

My very favorite bracelet was a gift from my Italian Grandfather, Luca. It is gold, a bit dainty and very intricate. So when Evine, an online shopping network (check them out here) asked me to be feature some Italian jewelry, and talk about their live shows from Vicenza Italy 9/13-9/16, I was very excited. This is the first time in over 15 years that Evine is broadcasting live from Italy and these awesome bracelets, exclusive to Evine, will be featured. The bracelet’s are part of the Toscana Italiana Jewelry line and come in different styles and offer this incredible adjustable slide feature that I love.

Toscana Italiana Choice of Chain Adjustable Slide Bracelet

The most popular silhouette from Toscana Italiana. One size fits most as it adjusts open to 10” for easy on, easy off wearability. Available in 5 different chain designs and three plating options – Gold Plated, Platinum Plated, and Rose Gold Plated. Pair back to any watch or bracelet for a stacked look. Classic Italian chains with a modern flair.

Shop Evine’s wide assortment of Italian Jewelry featuring unique and handcrafted gold, silver and cameo pieces.” 

This pretty Margherita rose gold bracelet (in the middle) compliments my watch and another bracelet!

This pretty Margherita rose gold bracelet (in the middle) compliments my watch and another bracelet!

The second bracelet underneath my Tiffany bracelet is the Silvertone Byzantine and the next is the Silvertone Margherita.

The second bracelet underneath my Tiffany bracelet is the Silvertone Byzantine and the next is the Silvertone Margherita.

This photo features (from the bottom up) Goldtone Byzantine, Corcana and Margherita. and my personal gold watch!

This photo features (from the bottom up) Goldtone Byzantine, Corcana and Margherita. and my personal gold watch!

I have paired the Silvertone and Goldtone Byzantines for a mixed metal look.

I have paired the Silvertone and Goldtone Byzantines for a mixed metal look.

Good news for you is that Evine is offering Silver is the New Blonde® readers a 15% discount. Please use the coupon code: Silver15. If you are looking for a great little bracelet that will compliment any style or your favorite personal jewelry, I would suggest shopping this event.

I am also giving away three of the bracelets on Instagram. All you have to do is follow me @silver_isthenewblonde and @evinelive to qualify. You will find all the rules on Instagram today!

Thank you to Evine for sponsoring this fun post. I hope you tune in to the Evine Live Broadcast tomorrow, through 9/16. Here is the channel finder for the live broadcast!

My goal is to share ageless style, and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  And as always thank you for reading my blog! 




Out of the Box

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My newest bracelet.  Love it!!

My newest bracelet.  Love it!!

Happy Friday.   Hope its been a great week and you are stepping into a wonderful weekend. It has been a fun week for me, with a couple local media companies recognizing my work but also busy.  BUT... no complaining here!  This girl likes to be busy.

A new reader reached out this week and shared how she loved my style but was not sure she could pull it off or get out of her "traditional box."  And that's OK... it's not always easy to change your style or try a new look when you are comfortable.  However, you can take baby steps to step out of that box.  And the easiest way I know how and I love to wear them are fun, bold bracelets.  These simple adornments worn together or alone can add a new element to your style. 

As you can see I have provided a good sampling of some that I wear to give you an idea.  I have a bracelet caddy from the Container Store that holds all of mine!  



I hope this little tip helps and from there we can move toward other ways to add a touch of style here and there to transition or craft your own authentic look with a bit of boldness or fun.  I have linked some similar bracelets below.  If you would like to find the bracelet in the top picture (my latest) I bought it at a Hilton Head boutique,  Evelyn & Arthur.  Another fun place to shop.   Unfortunately they do not offer it online but found it here by SYLCA designs.

Thanks for stopping by. My goal is to share ageless style, and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  And as always thank you for reading my blog! 




Goals of an Ageless Woman

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I was recently asked by a friend what do you miss people asking you about vs when you were younger?  I shared my answer immediately.  I miss people asking about my goals, personally and professionally.  I have always been a goal setter... that's why it's important to me..  And when we are younger, the question seems to come up quite often.  What do you want to do?  What do you want to be? What's on your bucket list, etc.? At 60, maybe people give up on goals, feel goal setting is not as important or think we don't need goals... but I feel we do.   

IMG_3114 (1).jpg

Today, more than ever before, there is so much I still want to do and be, and look forward to.  I feel like I am in the prime of my life, so why not!  


When we were younger, it was more difficult to set goals with husbands, kids, work and aging parents.  Today we finally have the time to focus on ourselves and we can.


Sixty is the perfect age to re-set or set your goals and it's never too late to achieve life goals.  I'd much rather achieve something later in life than to never achieve it!  


So what are a few of your goals, my friend?   Mine, thanks for asking?   I want to write a book, own a Christmas Tree farm with horses,  learn Italian and become a sommelier!  But don't get me started because my goal list goes on and on!  


This question can really get you thinking.  I  hope you take some time to ponder on your goals and I look forward to your feedback in the comments.  


Thank you to Soft Surroundings for sponsoring this post and both great outfits featured on this page. I simply love both looks and the high quality clothing they offer. These complete outfits are from Soft Surroundings with the exception of the cork shoes.  You can shop below on my IG or on the app. 

Have a great weekend ahead and as always, thank you for reading the blog.  My goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective;  fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I truly really appreciate you!










Wearing White before Memorial Day

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A new acquaintance recently asked me if I was a "rule breaker."  My answer to her was no, most of the time... unless it is a silly rule.  I went on to explain that I do like to challenge the status quo.  For the most part, I follow rules but also would consider myself a bit of rebel when need  be.  What do I mean by rebel?  If someone tells me there is only one way to do something, I'm all for finding a better and faster way to do it... or shall we say... my way of doing it!!  My daughter gave me a card long ago, which I proudly display on my bulletin board today. See below:  51% Good Girl/ 49% Outlaw.  If you change Outlaw to Rebel... you get the picture.  


In my humble opinion, I am a big proponent of wearing white year round.  According to fashion reporters, it began in the 1930’s with the ultra-rich wearing only white in the summer. Light clothing gave the look of leisure, while dark clothing was mostly for working people.  Silly, yes! I am breaking this rule.  Are you?  How do you feel about wearing white year round?  

You may have already seen me wearing all white this spring, or all winter white over the winter.  In these pics, I am wearing Chico's with the exception of the shoes, which are the Limited brand, from Belk.  Unfortunately, the top sold out quickly but I have linked others on, below.  You can find me here for shopping details or below on my Instagram or  

My hair looks so yellow in this pic, due to the sun setting!  Purple shampoo... to the rescue!!   

My hair looks so yellow in this pic, due to the sun setting!  Purple shampoo... to the rescue!!


Have you tried Chico's Brigette slacks!  They are a fave of mine!!   

Have you tried Chico's Brigette slacks!  They are a fave of mine!!


So back to the question at hand?  Are you a rebel?  And how are you rebelling?  

Have a great week and as always, thank you for reading the blog.  My goal is to share chic, authentic and ageless style; covering fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I truly really appreciate you!




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Palazzo Pants

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I try not to do trendy. However, these fun Palazzo (pants) jeans feel a bit that way to me.   According to Wikipedia (here) and others, Palazzo pants have been around since the 1930's and '40's.  In fact, Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich were all huge fans and many women still feel they are avant-garde.


I found these fun pants, with snaps up the side at a trendy boutique in Texas, maybe another reason they feel trendy.  But I have to say... I love them.  I'm not sure everyone will like them  but know that you will see them again with different looks this summer, and on my Instagram account.   Speaking of Instagram, please follow me there which links to my blog and a shopping app called, for your smartphone. See the links below.  You can shop all of my looks or similar there! Follow this link, for a  video on how to use it.  Then follow me and any other influencers you like!!  You can also reach out to me for help!!

This is where I nearly fell in the fountain!!  HA!

This is where I nearly fell in the fountain!!  HA!

Have a great weekend and as always, thank you for reading the blog.  My goal is to share chic, authentic and ageless style; covering fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I truly appreciate you!



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A Two Week Ride on a Tilt-a-Whirl

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Photo by rkupbens/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by rkupbens/iStock / Getty Images

My favorite ride at an amusement is still the mind-jangling unpredictability of a Tilt-A-Whirl.  As you might recall, it spins its passengers in one direction, then another, sometimes hesitating between forays and sometimes swinging abruptly from one motion to another. This is the perfect analogy of life with a 1, 1 1/2, 3, and 4 year old; three little boys and a baby girl.

Let me start by saying these are all wonderful children, (admittedly, these precious darlings are my grandchildren).  The oldest two are well mannered and polite and set a great example for their younger siblings.  However, the energy level and the lack of communication skills on top of young emotions can be a ride.  

Our Son and DIL in North Carolina went out of the country for 7 days entrusting us with their children.  Two days later our Daughter and SIL in Texas did the same.  We had a blast!  However, I will say it is much different when you are not handing them back at the end of the day or after an overnight.  Just like many moons ago, these little's depended on us entirely; diapers, pull-ups, wipings, throw-ups, scraped knees, bruises, meals, baths, drop-offs, hugs, kisses, time-outs (only 2), and bed-time stories.  In between, there were many adventures; power wheels, park visits, horseback rides,  train rides, strawberry picking, ice cream, soccer, Batman, some TV, snow cones, hot wheels, baby dolls, and forts.  The most important thing is that we kept them uber busy and on their own schedules so that Mom nor Dad were missed.

Would we do it again? Absolutely, it was a fun ride.  We may just ask for a week in between... next time!  


Before leaving Texas, we did take a couple of photos about town and in front of a new mural in New Braunfels.  And what a beautiful mural it is... (on the Comal Flower Shop wall) the El Legado De Nuestra Jornada –The Legacy of Our Journey. This public mural, commissioned by The Historic Outdoor Art Museum in New Braunfels, is a timeline of Hispanic heritage dating from the 1680’s to 1845. Designed by MOSAIC Artist-in-Residence Alex Rubio, the 12 ft. by 60 ft. mural was completed by lead  MOSAIC Student Artists Laura Gonzalez, Rachel Kamata, Zöe Reyes, and Elizabeth Samuel.  In fact, we met one of the artists the day we were there.  


Standing in front of the beautiful wall, I am wearing a white and gold Lilly Pulitzer silk shirt (from the clost, white frayed jeans, gold Kate Spade sandals, gold leaf earrings and borrowed bracelets from my daughter to match.  In fact, I loved the bracelets so much, I hinted that they would make a nice Mother's day gift for this Nannie (Grandma).  You can message Laureen @ McCotti designs here for details.   All other details or similar items are in the gallery below!

Pop (Mr. Silver) and I are still not completely rested but are getting there.  We loved our experience with our sweet grands and can't wait to see what is around the next spin and the adventure it brings.

Have a great rest of the week and as always, thank you for reading the blog.  My goal is to share chic, authentic and ageless style; covering fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I really appreciate you!








Female Hand-Crafted Jewelry

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I am a fan of jewelry and I know many of you are too!  I recently found a company, actually, they found me and I fell in love with their story.  Each piece of jewelry is designed and hand-crafted by women, and it can vary slightly due to the fact it is made in limited quantities.  Each collection is designed to enhance a woman's individual beauty.  The company is Sabika; a company by women and for women.  You can learn more about them here


The story starts with the founder, Karin Mayr, (at the age 50) when she found her family in financial need.  She had been a successful businesswoman as a trend forecaster working for others, for years. Her mission has stayed true to women empowerment through her commitment to helping women along their paths to growth.  

IMG_0890 1.jpg
IMG_0896 (1).jpg

I should not have been surprised when their head designer picked out the pieces specifically for me, but I was!  I have linked the beautiful jewelry in the gallery below.  Lucky, for me she chose some pieces done in collaboration with Swarovski, called the Sabika Cut®, that holds 30 geometric facets. Most of the pieces also have a signature pink heart  inscribed on them as an indicator of authenticity. You can purchase Sabika jewelry on line here or you can find a local consultant here.  You won't be disappointed with the collections and high quality... and remember that each time you purchase Sabika you are empowering women.  A great Mother's Day gift idea!!

Thank you to Sabika for sponsoring this post and the beautiful jewelry.  All opinions are my own.  

Have a great rest of the week and as always, thank you for stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this fun journey together!  I  appreciate you!



My Wardrobe Criteria List

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Happy Monday/Tuesday!  This post was supposed to go out yesterday but due to unforeseen circumstances... it did not.  I am a planner and some days just don't go as planned, as hard as I try.  In fact, I missed my book club last night due to a photo shoot running later than I thought... but had so much fun!  More on that in an upcoming post!  

I thought I would share how I decide if an item makes it into my wardrobe.  As a planner, I have a list of everything I have to do daily and love to check it off.  As a list maker, I keep a list of grocery items, Target items, and Costco items on my phone.  I share the list with Mr. Silver on our iCal so that if he makes a run before I do, he knows what we need.  However, I do not share my wardrobe list, nor my home update list. :)

My closet is an average size, not over-sized, so I switch my summer and winter clothes 2x a year and keep a running tally (list) of what I have and what I need and what I would like to add including shoes, bags, and accessories.  That means that twice a year, I go through and donate items I no longer wear for the upcoming season to Dress for Success or another charity.  This keeps my wardrobe fresh and updated.  

I have some guidelines that I use when shopping that you may find valuable, too.  These apply to most everything with the exception of special occasions.   

1.  Will I wear an item multiple seasons?  In the south, we can wear things longer since our seasons tend to drag into each other.  

2.  Is the cut flattering for my figure and will it be in style for at least a couple of years? 

3.  Is the color flattering on me?  Does it accentuate my skin and hair color? And will the color take me through a couple of seasons?

4.  Do I see myself wearing this item more than 4 times?  If yes, that means, I will wear it a lot more but if not... it's a waste of money as I try not invest in items that just hang in my closet.

5.  If I don't buy it will I be sorry?  This is a big one.  Typically, if you like something a it then because if you go back... I guarantee it will be gone.

6.  Is it on my list or a variation of what I need to compliment my current wardrobe or for an upcoming event?

7.  Is it good quality?  Your wardrobe is an investment...invest in good quality.  It will show, your feet won't hurt and you will always be happy with your purchases.

8.  Is it a closet staple that you can wear numerous ways?  My Eileen Fisher Moto Jacket, my favorite Jean Jacket, my favorite black pumps, tailored slacks, etc. are all worn time and time again and dressed up or down.

9.  Will I wear it with confidence?  If I doubt that I will, it's not a good purchase.  

10. I am buying it just because it's on sale and a good deal?  I'm guilty of this too!  I always feel like it easier to justify a purchase but if it does not fit my guidelines above, I don't buy it!

I bought this simple J. Jill blue knit dress and have worn it as shown, with tights and flats, with boots and numerous ways already.  Same with the shoes, purse, and necklace.  In fact, I have built a couple of outfits around the necklace because I like it so much and knew it would fit my "wardrobe list!"

Do you have shopping guidelines you "try" to live by?  If so, I would love to hear them.  What's on your fashion shopping list?   Please share in the comments below!


Have a great rest of the week and as always, thank you for reading the blog.  My goal is to share chic, authentic and ageless style; covering fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I really appreciate you!









Pearls Two Ways

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Pearls are always appropriate
— Jackie Kennedy

Happy first day of spring!  Hope you all had a great week last week and a fantastic weekend as well.  I was missing in action, as I spent the week in Texas with my daughter’s family.  Her two small children had spring break from their pre-school program.  We spent the week doing kid stuff every day; playing pirates, picnics in the park, train rides, movies and visiting an amusement park catered to special needs children, but perfect for little’s of any age.  By the weekend, this Nannie was worn out, but would not have traded the time spent for anything.  Lucky for me, we also fit in time for some pictures, taking advantage of one of many daughters many talents; photography.  Texas has such fun backdrops and beautiful landscape.  



Today, I am collaborating with my friend, John Wind; you can find his Modern Vintage line here.   As part of his spring line, John asked me to introduce you to his new-knotted pearl line, which I love.  You can wear this piece as a bracelet or as a necklace, as shown.   I added a black tassel, but John offers other adornments that will compliment any outfit.   The collection also has matching earrings. 

I am wearing a Joan Vass White silk top from the closet, and William Rast Black jeans, details in the gallery below.  




Lucky for you, John and I are doing a giveaway for my readers on Instagram.  So be sure and to enter for a chance to win the exact JW pieces, I am wearing.  Also, if you would like to browse the rest of his website and to find some additional wonderful pieces, John also is offering a 15% discount to my followers and readers on your next JW purchase with code: SPRINGFLING. 

Thank you to John Wind Maximal Art for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own.  I only feature and promote, what I find valuable to pass along to my readers.


Have a great week, lovelies and as always, thanks for stopping by and reading! 






So Soft Cardigan

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Earlier this week, my husband and traveled down to Greenville, SC to see Willie Nelson in concert.  I have always wanted to see him perform live and at 84, this may be his last tour.  This was a birthday gift from my children which included awesome seats.  We had a great time and got to explore the Greenville, beforehand.  What a great city!


The weather had taken a turn and was chilly, so I took the opportunity to wear a new spring cardigan and necklace that Soft Surroundings had sent me.  If you are familiar with SS, you know that they have a softness rating on their clothes of 1-3, #3 being the ultimate of softness.  This "cardi" as they call it, did not disappoint and is very soft (a #3), and warm too.  The rosy-peach color is trending this spring so will be wearing this sweater with tee shirts, and the like throughout the season.  


Along with the sweater they also sent this beautiful handmade necklace; a leather bouquet of colorful flowers.  It truly is a wonderful piece of jewelry.  You will see it in the future with a simple black dress and many more outfits.  I have linked these items and my black patent booties below in the gallery.


I really enjoy shopping at Soft Surroundings, not only for clothes but for skin care, makeup and home goods as well.  Watch for future posts showing other spring items!! I look forward to sharing them.



Thank you to Soft Surroundings for these beautiful pieces and sponsoring this post.   All opinions are my own. 

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!




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Most people know the fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, who revolutionized the feminine wrap dress back in the 70's.  Today, this fierce woman that built a fashion empire is so much more.

These days Diane is embarking on her "third act or her fulfillment phase"... and her mission is to empower women and help them find their strength! You can read more about her recent interview here with Poppy Harlow and Haley Drazin from CNN Money.  The interview is definitely worth watching, reading or listening to.  One big point Furstenberg makes is that "the most important relationship in life is the one we have with ourselves.  It's very important because if you lose yourself, you have nothing."  I love this advice!

DVF has always been one of my favorite designers, and her line has expanded greatly since a rebranding!  I recently found this beautifully detailed blouse and want to share it with you!  Notice the ribbon on the cuffs and down the front.  I believe it is simply spectacular for a simple white blouse.   I paired it with red slacks but you could wear it with anything.  


As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO


The Boots

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You might have seen these boots on a social media video two weeks ago.  These boots are special and unique!  Just look at them... they are so much fun, in addition to being fur-fringed, bling-tasseled, suede and Italian made.  That is why I had to show them off in a video first!!  I bought them right off another women's feet. A first for me!  Why might you ask? I attended a Fall Pop-Up for Dress for Success (DFS) Charlotte.  This is not your usual Pop-Up... it was for a great cause.  Four Charlotte women, all friends, came together two years ago to host Cocktails & Couture.  They solicit their friends to provide high-end, haute couture that they no longer wear for donations to the event.   The event has become a great success and is now hosted both spring and fall!  For every $500 raised, DFS provides job preparedness, job acquisition, employment retention, IT Access and Support, and Career Advancement Services to a woman for an entire year.  So twice a year, dozens of women benefit from a fun night of shopping and friendship.  

Over the course of the evening, I noticed the boots, one of the hosts, was wearing.  I had to comment on them, since they were so unique!  Little did I know, she was just modeling them. Next thing I knew, she was taking them off and I was putting them on.  That is when I knew I had to have them and voila, they were mine!  In fact, I did not take them off till I got home and showed Mr. Silver. (He could not believe the story about how I acquired them.)  I should also mention, I bought a couple of other items including a snake bracelet that I adore.  I guarantee you will see it in the future!

I hope you enjoy the photo's of these fun boots styled three different ways.  Who says we can't wear what we want?  I choose stylish, chic and fun every time.  


this look is partly FTC (from my closet.) the sweater is from United Colors of Benetton, 10+ years ago.  one of my favorite (of several) black sweaters.  the pencil skirt in black and brown is from Nordstrom Rack. my lipstick is chili by MAC.  I have added some similar options for shopping in the gallery below.


this pink leopard dress is from Nordstrom Rack.   I included similar dresses in the gallery, as this sold out quickly. I am wearing MAC lipstick in captive and the sunnies are linked in the gallery below.


this sweater is free people, FTC (from the closet)  as well as the jeans.  Shop the gallery below.

These boots were not the only thing I found at this fun event... I also had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and amazing women!  And can't wait for my next Cocktails and Couture Pop-Up!  Check out other fun events coming up here or look for your local worldwide DFS chapter.  

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Let me know if you ever bought something right off a model or at least wanted, too.

Until next time XX





Misook - Dressing for Success

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IMG_8253 (1).jpg

Hi Friends,

Helping others be successful has always been a passion of mine.  This could be helping a woman considering the transition to silver hair shine, a person trying to become more relevant as she/he ages or mentoring a millennial to find their true joy.  Sales leadership has been my lifelong career and I recently have been doing some sales consulting.  I love helping companies, sales leaders, and salespeople be successful.  

IMG_8222 (1).jpg

I believe that as a modern, ambitious woman it is important to look the part.  And to me, the biggest part is looking and feeling CONFIDENT every day!   I was recently contacted by the Misook brand and was aware of the brand since three of my favorite blogging influencers were recently promoted by the brand.  Check out these three fabulous bloggers Beth, Tanya, and Cathy featured here.  Needless to say, I was more than thrilled to collaborate too, based on the quality and stylish designs.  I feel that quality, style and elegance are what help us feel confident in the clothes we wear.  If we buy less quantity, but higher quality, we can never go wrong.  Read more about this wonderful brand and how Misook Doolittle got her start here.  I also loved the fact that Misook uses silver-haired models to promote their brand.  BRAVO!!


As you can see I chose this beautiful Faux Suede Moto Jacket.  I love the gorgeous gray color and the stylish design.  This jacket can be dressed up for an evening out or used for a more casual look.   I am wearing a black pencil skirt and black turtleneck, gray chandelier earrings; J. Crew, MAC lipstick,  patterned stockings and black suede pumps by Guess. I am carrying my favorite notebook by Leuchttrum 1917, ruled slim.   Check out the gallery below for all of the shopping links.


These photo's were taken at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC.  The perfect place for meetings and events and where I have had many meetings over the years.  It's a fabulous venue.  


Thank you again to Misook for sponsoring this post and my Moto Jacket! Misook has also provided you, my reader with a promo code, for 25% off... even more reason to shop.  Here is the code: MSK6191.  Happy Shopping!!

Thank you for reading and until next time!  XXOO


Think Pink

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Hi Readers, 

Happy Wednesday!  Hope the week is treating you well.  It's been a busy one so the weekend cannot get here soon enough.  


When I saw the fall colors listed by Pantone, I knew that Ballet Slipper would be a favorite in my wardrobe. And it would pair so well with one of my other favs: black!  


I found this cute Vince Camuto bomber jacket in Ballet Slipper. (check out the gallery below) Dressed up or down it's a great addition to any closet and it just so happens to pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Which is so important for all of us as a reminder!  I just scheduled my mammogram, have you?


A dear friend, from my childhood, put me in touch with Nancy Anderson of Karina Design: a design studio Check out her website here.  She designs hand-made jewelry and other wonderful gifts.  I am wearing a Pink freshwater pearl necklace in silver and love the unusual design.  It's always fun to get a unique gift like this!


Have a great rest of the week and thanks as always for reading!

Until next time...  XXOO





Modern Vintage Jewelry

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Hi Friends,

I believe that jewelry plays a big part in a woman's unique style and feel that each piece has a history, especially when given as gifts.  To that end, I own a lot of jewelry and give a lot as gifts.  A few years back, I found a piece of jewelry by John Wind that remains one of my favorites today; a Sorority Gal Cotton Pearl Initial Bracelet in Gold. The piece was inspired by Grace Kelly in Rear Window.  Love it!!

Through this post, I would like to introduce you to John Wind and his most recent collection inspired from the past.  Each piece takes on a personal meaning and a little soul of its own.  I love the fact that the line is unique, collectible and high quality. In fact, they could and should be handed down for generations!   My initial charm bracelet is still as beautiful as the first day I wore it!

John started as an artisan making chunky collage brooches and watch bracelets made of linked watch heads!   And due to demand for the line expanded into the gift world to deliver a unique jewelry line!  

Wind's designs have been featured in many books and magazines; including Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Oprah and the New York Times.  You can purchase the full line on their website or it is sold in a number of boutiques around the world!  



Tortoise and gold is a match!!

Tortoise and gold is a match!!

Arm candy makes this look!

Arm candy makes this look!

I have styled two very different outfits, one from the closet and the other new.  I feel this jewelry complimented, enhanced and completed these looks.  In the first, I am wearing a Magaschoni gold coat purchased a few years back and #ftc (from the closet) with Free People frayed jeans and gold sandals, by BCBGMAXAZRIA again #ftc. And of course, my John Wind jewelry, featured in the gallery below.)  The second look is a fun, casual dress by Sundays from a local boutique in Charlotte called Luxe Angel.  Love the rose gold zipper and pockets ( can you tell I am a fan.) The dress is actually of gift for someone close to me so....sssshhhhh!! Such a great place to shop!!  The black sandals are Vince Camuto, from Nordstrom Rack. 

I am in love   

I am in love


Jane Fonda... move over!  

Jane Fonda... move over!  

Love this combination...

Love this combination...

If you add any of this fine jewelry to your own personal collection, I look forward to hearing from you via comments below!! Check out my personalized "J"!  Everyone needs a fun, personalized item.  I am in love with this awesome pin!!

"J"  nothing more to say!   

"J"  nothing more to say!



Until next time and as always thank you for reading!





One of a Kind Jeans

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Hi Friends,

As you may know, my family is everything to me and I count myself one lucky girl that I recently got to spend extra time in Texas, with my daughter and her family. So while there, got to do a bit of sightseeing, which included a visit to Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas.  If you like music like I do, this place is one for the bucket list.  You can read more about it here  but the likes of Loretta Lynn, Willie, Lyle Lovett and Leon Russell are just a few of the artists that have performed there.  A couple years back, my daughter, husband and I did enjoy a band there one evening and a couple of beers....what fun evening.   But this particular day (for the photo shoot), the Bacon Brothers (Kevin Bacon) were playing that night and had just arrived in their motorcoach.  I tried everything to get my kids to go with me... just in case Kevin broke out in a Footloose dance... but it did not work out.  Next time!!

The town of Gruene, just outside New Braunfels, offers a quaint perspective of small town Texas.  Fun shopping, good restaurants and the chance to tube in the cold, clear water of the two local rivers.  

For my visit to the one and only Gruene Hall I chose one of a kind jeans.  Who can truly say they have "one of a kind" jeans.  Luckily, some of us can say,"I do!"  These "holy" jeans are from Punkie's Place and feature Our Lady of Guadalupe and serape print fabric! Contact Punkie for adding these awesome jeans to your wardrobe! This black silk blouse is from the closet but find similar in the here.  My espadrilles are Sam Edelman and if you missed them in a previous post, they are super comfy... I would grab them while you still can as they will take you through the fall!  These cool Quay Australia Vivienne Aviator Sunglasses are a wardrobe staple and at this price... I am adding them in Metallic, too!  This snakeskin Hobo clutch is a classic and can compliment any outfit... and after 10 years continues to offer style.  Similar styles below.  Last but not least, the skull bracelet by Tarina Tarantino is over the top! Check out all these items in the gallery at the end of the post!

Even though I did not get to see the Bacon Brothers, every time I go to the New Braunfels area, Gruene Hall will be on the list; good music, good bands and good company!  And maybe, just maybe, I will be footloose!  

Until next time and as always, thanks for reading!

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Time for Sun

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Hi Friends,

Hope your week is great and that you are gearing up for a fun long weekend.  I am over all this rain we have been having in the Carolina's.  We are headed to the beach and feel that it is time for some sun.  Speaking of time, I recently received this stylish JORD watch.  Are you familiar with them?  If not, you should check them out here! They are hand-crafted wood timepieces and are very cool.  I chose the Frankie 35 in Zebrawood and Navy.  I truly love this watch and it goes with everything in my wardrobe.  Also, JORD watches are offering a contest.  Every person who enters will be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site!  One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends!! Please click here to enter


I really like a quote on their website and found it resonated with me, "moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."  I really agree with this and try to focus on the moments in life and making the most of each one.  

Today, I was taking a moment on our front porch with Gracie, our Wheaten Terrier. Gracie truly loves swinging on the front porch enjoying moments with me and Mr. Silver.  In this photo, I am wearing an Adrienne Vittadini dress from Marshalls. Such a fun print for summer.  My shoes are Marc Fisher from Macy's, and my earrings are by Kitzi (made from sheet metal) from Crossings on Main in Ft. Mill.

I hope this weekend, you have lots of fun moments wherever your plans take you. Even if it's sitting on your front porch watching the time pass by.  

PS... don't forget to enter the contest mentioned above!  Please click here to enter

As always thanks for reading.  

Until next time...  



Planning Ahead and the Coral Pink Dress

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Hi Friends, 

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a restful, fun weekend!  We had a great one!  Kicked it off Friday night, and celebrated Cinco De Mayo with great friends. Our grands visited Saturday and spent the night. Sunday was spent spring cleaning our screened-in porch! Not fun but so glad that the pollen that was coating everything is gone!!

I have a work event this week and planning ahead, decided on this coral pink, silk tunic/dress from Pure Collection.  I love the style of this dress as well as the pretty color. The Coral was last spring's color but their website is still offering it in ivory (on sale). Check it out and the many other options below.  Luckily, my 5'4" height allows me to wear dresses that may be considered a tunic on others.  There are always positives, ladies!  

My snakeskin shoes are also FTC (from the closet). When I bought these beauties at Off Saks, I had nothing to go with them.  But since they are classics, knew I would find an outfit, or three or four to wear them. Since the dress is pretty bright, I felt these pumps were a good neutral accessory. The bonus is they are piped in the very coral pink of my dress.  For jewelry, I chose gold Carolee vintage earrings and a matching bracelet to complete the look.  

I hope your week goes as smoothly as planning this outfit did.  Have you ever bought a pair of shoes, with no outfit to wear them with?  Can't wait to hear because it was not the first nor last time for me!!

As always, thanks for reading!

Until next time,