5 Great Things to Tell Your Daughters and Sons

Wearing a favorite find from a gift boutique in Charlotte called the Cubbyhole. This top is under $40

Wearing a favorite find from a gift boutique in Charlotte called the Cubbyhole. This top is under $40


In honor of Mother’s day yesterday (I failed to put my post up), I thought I would share a simple gift that can be given to your children any time. Who else has a family tradition where you give a valuable item, perhaps a family heirloom or an engagement ring, down to your daughter or son in hopes that they will pass it down to future generations? Words of wisdom might not be something tangible that you can pass down or wrap as a gift, but they are of great value and importance, and will inspire your children and grandchildren to be the very best that they can be. Below are five great things to share at any time:

  1. Be unapologetically you. Never be afraid to be true to yourself, whether it is what your passionate about, or how you look, authenticity is beautiful and real. Never compare yourself to other people because you were made uniquely to be you, not someone else.

  2. You’re vastly capable of achieving great things. Even when the possible seems impossible, it is important to remember that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. Your dreams and goals are significant and they matter, so don’t believe otherwise. Hard work and dedication can make even the hardest goals a reality, but you have to be determined and have confidence in order to achieve those dreams.

  3. Your mindset always matters. Your attitude impacts how you live your life. If you always view things in a pessimistic light, then you will never have the chance to experience the power of positive thinking. In a tough situation, sometimes the simplest solution is to change your outlook.

  4. Failure is a part of life. No matter how many times you fail, you must try..and try again. Failure is a normal part of life, and you’re going to encounter failure no matter how hard you might try to avoid it. Failure makes you resilient; it’s how you grow to become even better than you were yesterday.

  5. Always be a good friend. Focus on relationships where the people that you surround yourself with lift you up, inspire you, and encourage you to be the very best version of yourself. Once you find those people, make sure you are the very same friend to them.


I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating yourself or another Mom… I am very thankful for my two children (and their spouses) and my five grandchildren and enjoyed spending time with my Mom and Carolina kids over the weekend.

And as always, thank you for reading.