An Alternative to Embarrassing Moments...

My (Almost) Embarrassing Moment

I started a very short workout program recently that I loved. It was short and sweet and a really good workout. I then had to end it as quickly as I started. Not because of my knees hurting or inability to do it physically… the problem was urinary incontinence. This problem came on quickly and got worse over time.

My program was jumping rope… and this was not a lot of jumping just light jumping to get my heart rate up for 8-10 minutes. So my point is… not very strenuous. So when sneezing, laughing and sometimes a whole lot of nothing started making me have similar issues (urinary incontinence), I became worried about the situation Anyone else been there?

Twenty plus years ago my Mom had a procedure done for the same issue that caused her some embarrassing moments. I can remember her hospital stay and her 6-week recovery which was terribly painful. I knew that was not the route I would take. I also knew that I would not be using pads, as I had never used them even before a hysterectomy… not my thing.

My Solution FOR Staying Active

So I began my search for how I would handle this problem. And my research led me to a procedure called Votiva. You can read more about it here. I agree that feminine health and vaginal rejuvenation are topics that are difficult for many women to talk about… including me. But I feel that this is important female issue.

According to American Family Physician, 47% of women between the ages of 20 to 49 experience urinary incontinence.  The percentage is even higher for post menopausal women.   And in speaking with other women I am close to, a majority of my friends and family experience the same issue. So it’s good to know that there are alternative’s to these embarrassing moments and a lifetime of pads.

After finding Votiva, I found the New Day Wellness Spa in Ballantyne, a modern health care clinic in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte that focuses on women’s health care needs. I met with Dr. Kristin Black, MD and Shannon Shipe FNP-BC, to discuss the Votiva procedure. I was very impressed with their professionalism and reassurance regarding any hesitations I had. I loved the fact that there would be no pain, no side effects and would see immediate improvement after the procedures. I immediately signed up.

The procedures were not uncomfortable whatsoever and I did not experience any issues afterward. I am happy to say I am thrilled with my results and am back to jumping rope, laughing and can now control a sneeze. There are additional benefits that I will be happy to share via email but if you heard any of Glenn Close’s interviews earlier this year… you might suspect the topic. So if interested please send an email to jan@silveristhenewblonde.

I sure hope that anything discussed here did not make anyone uncomfortable. And I’m sure you understand the reason behind no pictures, too. My goal is to share info, that I feel is valuable and to help anyone experiencing similar issues. Back to jewelry and clothing in my next post.

Until next time… thanks for reading,




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