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Running Errands (What to Wear)

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Ever since I was first married, many moons ago, when I had to go out to get something, I always told Mr. Silver,  I will be out "running errands." (Mr. Silver does not share my love of shopping.) This could really mean a lot of things; but to me, it meant getting stuff done, on weeknights or weekends when I was not flying around the country for work.  However, it also meant that I did not have to hurry and I had time to browse and look around.  Sometimes, errands could be quick, or sometimes they took awhile.  Have you ever noticed that when your husband goes out to get something he is quick about it? To be perfectly frank, I am not quick... as I like to "look around."  Therefore, in our house, (including my kids), they still like to ask/kid me if I've been out "running errands!"  HA!  Why yes I have! And I don't mind at all because it provides, me some "me" time!!  Do you "run errands," too??

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I found this fun, long hoodie (super comfy) at J.Jill recently.  It is perfect for the spring.  I am also wearing black leggings and a black J.Jill long sleeve tee (a great wardrobe basic.)  Wearing my favorite Sam Edelman, black Carin espadrilles, (which they have brought back for another season), a silver bangle and earrings (FTC) and my new Silver backpack.  This outfit is easy and comfy for some important errand running!  :)  You can find all details below.

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Have a great rest of the week and as always, thank you for stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this fun journey together!  I  appreciate you!






Silver Linings

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Hi friends,

As we all know... things do not always go our way. Life has its challenges.  But  every cloud, does have a silver lining.  Last week, I got some news.  Something that I worked hard for, did not happen.  It was not meant to be... at this time. And wouldn't you know, it was a cloudy, gloomy day... no sun in sight.  

I let it get me down, allowed some self doubt and a bit of sadness... for about 45 minutes.  The good news... at 50 plus, I have experienced  disappointments before and know how to bounce back.  Good things, including experience, come with age!  Plus, I have great people to support me and tell me to keep going, keep pushing, that what I am doing is the right thing and that it will happen and if not, they know I will find another way!  

That  my friends, is the Silver Lining.  We all have them... the positives in every situation. In this case, it's to have those that love and support you, alongside you, when you need them most!

I have not found another way ... YET, but those of you that truly know me, know I will. This is a goal, I will achieve.  

More good news is, the sun came out that day and it did shine brightly!  My "Silver Lining" (family and friends) helped me to ignite my resolve,  continue on the path, and to keep pushing for what is important and what I am working toward.  

These pics were taken in Texas during my recent visit but this top, made in Italy, was purchased at one of my favorite shops in Ft. Mill, SC... Crossings on Main!  Funny that this top is silver and also, has a "silver lining."  The jeans are William Rast... fun and stylish, with a frayed cuff.  These  Sam Edelman black booties  can be worn with any outfit and have the perfect heel.  A simple look, with a bit of flair!


Hope you can see my determination and resolve as well as the sun shining through.  

As always, thanks for reading!  

Checking in...

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Hi Friends,

No, I was not contemplating hopping on the next train through, though the thought did cross my mind, after reading about this US cross country train tripwhich sounds like a blast.  

This casual look is fun as I don't wear a lot of bright colors.  When I found this bright pink vest, I thought you might enjoy it too! It is a bargain!! Quilted vests are such an easy wardrobe accessory in the south, when the day starts and ends on a chilly note, but the rest of the day is warm.  As you may have gathered by now, I love checks and plaids and could not pass up this William Rast Navy/White Buffalo Check shirt. These jean/leggings are Calvin Klein in dark navy, and a good value too.   The booties are FtC (From the Closet), and are Sam Edelman.  Who agrees that fringe is fun??

This photo was taken in Pineville, NC and is a few steps down the tracks to a new brew pub.  A fun place to hang out after work with a couple craft beers!

Cheers to a great week ahead!

Thanks for reading,


PS.  The last picture indicates that I need to continue my Yoga practice as I had trouble staying on the rails...and yes... this was before the brew pub!  


Christmas Eve Outfit

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Hi Friends,

Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope you get to spend time with loved ones near and far tomorrow.  The ones we love or lost are always close to our heart even if they are not with us!  

I am wearing Sam Edelman Gillian Wedge Booties for Christmas eve, along with an all-black ensemble featuring a black leather motorcycle jacket.  I added the vintage Pendleton Christmas scarf, but this all black outfit can be worn so many ways.  Black is a timeless classic!  

May your holiday be wonderful!  



Make your own {Holly Jolly} Statement

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Hi Friends, 

Hope your week has been great and that your holiday season is starting out fun! Getting ready this week for one of many upcoming holiday parties and decided to put together a few different holiday outfits for you.  Two are dressy and a couple more casual and fun; Holly Red, LBD, Casual Plaid and Naughty!  Please check the gallery for all the details.  

In my opinion, the most important point in planning an outfit for any occasion is to make sure that you are comfortable and feel great about what you are wearing! That way you can relax, enjoy family and friends and feel confident.  Then, as the night unfolds and you feel like dancing on the table, (if your host does not mind) go for it!  And have a holly jolly great time!!