Checking in...

Hi Friends,

No, I was not contemplating hopping on the next train through, though the thought did cross my mind, after reading about this US cross country train tripwhich sounds like a blast.  

This casual look is fun as I don't wear a lot of bright colors.  When I found this bright pink vest, I thought you might enjoy it too! It is a bargain!! Quilted vests are such an easy wardrobe accessory in the south, when the day starts and ends on a chilly note, but the rest of the day is warm.  As you may have gathered by now, I love checks and plaids and could not pass up this William Rast Navy/White Buffalo Check shirt. These jean/leggings are Calvin Klein in dark navy, and a good value too.   The booties are FtC (From the Closet), and are Sam Edelman.  Who agrees that fringe is fun??

This photo was taken in Pineville, NC and is a few steps down the tracks to a new brew pub.  A fun place to hang out after work with a couple craft beers!

Cheers to a great week ahead!

Thanks for reading,


PS.  The last picture indicates that I need to continue my Yoga practice as I had trouble staying on the rails...and yes... this was before the brew pub!