Limitless Possibilities with my Magnetic Necklace


Clara Williams Jewelry

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and that you have a fun, relaxing weekend in store. I’m helping my Mom get some things done today (gardening), we are going to a Birthday party for friends tonight and Sunday, after mass, it’s “spring cleaning” our front porch and side porch. Not a Sunday Funday for sure. But we are looking forward to fun at the beach next weekend over Memorial Day with our Carolina kids.


On to style… I love to change my style and jewelry daily, so when I came across Clara Williams Jewelry, I was intrigued. I recently got to “play” with the jewelry at a CWC Trunk Show at Paul Simon Women in Charlotte. From the first click of the magnetic clasps as I mixed my own look, from the hundreds of available designs, I knew I had to show you the magic of this jewelry.

First, a little about Clara, who hails from Chicago (my hometown, too). She started making jewelry as a hobby, which grew into an incredible business. With a Harvard MBA and a career in technology, she designed patents for her magnetic mechanisms that allow the jewelry to interchange with a snap and her passion for jewelry allows for creative and colorful designs.


I had not heard the term style mixology before, but after learning more about Clara Williams Jewelry feel it is the perfect way to describe the limitless possibilities the jewelry provides. CWC understands that we are all individuals with unique style and flair and the superior craftsmanship and materials, including 18K gold, mixed metals and beautiful stones have quickly become treasures and collectibles to women around the world.


To start, my suggestion would be to think about what you like and your wardrobe. Then find a basic necklace, you like. I’m partial to the gold and silver one and the turquoise. Then add a few different tassels, tags or centerpieces. Just one necklace can give you numerous, unique looks. And if you travel, it is so easy to take a couple of pieces and change up your look. Even my black and white outfits, provide for different looks as a result of this beautiful jewelry. And the bonus is that never has jewelry been so easy to put on, and take off!

Clara Williams Jewelry is sold in finer boutiques (listed here) or you can also order online here.

Thank you to Clara Williams for sponsoring this post. I can’t wait to wear my designs to my party tonight and show my book club friends what it’s all about. I am now a style mixologist thanks to CWC.

Thank you so much for reading. I love to get your comments and feedback so please feel free to comment below or drop me an email at: