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The Ageless Houndstooth

FashionJan Correll2 Comments

I have loved Houndstooth since I was in middle school. The bold pattern was eye catching yet stylish. I remember a pair of “hot pants” … yes hot pants I had, that were large black and white houndstooth. I wore those shorts all the time. With black tights, boots, a jean shirt, a black or red turtleneck and my favorite double-breasted black corduroy jacket… that barely covered them.


In my opinion, Houndstooth will never go out of style and since it dates back to between 360 and 100 BC, I would say that is a true statement. Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior have featured them in many different collections over the years.

I am wearing two Houndstooth in two different outfits featured today. The first outfit is from Chico’s and is a a black and white Houndstooth Ruana. Yes, friends, I had to look up what a Ruana was too. A Ruana is a poncho-style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Colombia, South America. Such a fun piece to add to my wardrobe. This item and the complete outfit is linked in below.


The second outfit features a fun navy and white Houndstooth top from Zara. Unfortunately this one is sold out unless you can find it in stores. I love the fraying at the bottom and the overall way it was designed. Another fun piece. Again, sorry this is not linked due to its high demand.

Underlining the fact that I do love this print… I realized too late, that I have two houndstooth outfits posted within days of each other. I am not sure I will be adding any more Houndstooth this year… but there is always next!!

Who else out there loves Houndstooth and do you or did you have a favorite item?

As always, my goal is to share chic ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 





Out of the Box

Jewelry, Favorite Products, Fashion, Super WomenJan Correll3 Comments
My newest bracelet.  Love it!!

My newest bracelet.  Love it!!

Happy Friday.   Hope its been a great week and you are stepping into a wonderful weekend. It has been a fun week for me, with a couple local media companies recognizing my work but also busy.  BUT... no complaining here!  This girl likes to be busy.

A new reader reached out this week and shared how she loved my style but was not sure she could pull it off or get out of her "traditional box."  And that's OK... it's not always easy to change your style or try a new look when you are comfortable.  However, you can take baby steps to step out of that box.  And the easiest way I know how and I love to wear them are fun, bold bracelets.  These simple adornments worn together or alone can add a new element to your style. 

As you can see I have provided a good sampling of some that I wear to give you an idea.  I have a bracelet caddy from the Container Store that holds all of mine!  



I hope this little tip helps and from there we can move toward other ways to add a touch of style here and there to transition or craft your own authentic look with a bit of boldness or fun.  I have linked some similar bracelets below.  If you would like to find the bracelet in the top picture (my latest) I bought it at a Hilton Head boutique,  Evelyn & Arthur.  Another fun place to shop.   Unfortunately they do not offer it online but found it here by SYLCA designs.

Thanks for stopping by. My goal is to share ageless style, and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  And as always thank you for reading my blog!