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Staying Active and Friendships

Ageless ActiveJan Correll1 Comment

We all know how important it is to stay active not only for our bodies but also for our minds… especially as we age. When recently working with Humana, I was not surprised that 85% of older adults say it’s important to develop friendships and that many have found a new friend or a workout buddy as a result. I believe this is so important and have found this to be true. I have some lifelong friends I met through working out via group classes at my Y.

I also found the following video inspiring and hope you do too.

As a result, this video made me think about taking my Mom who is 84 to her closest Y, to show here all that it offers. She is very social and I feel that this would be one more way for her to stay involved and continue to build friendships for many years to come.

Are you staying involved, working out and building friendships? I sure hope so. I’m always looking for a walking buddy if you live near me! Thank you to Humana for sponsoring this post!

My goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 



Super Woman Wednesday - Meet Gwen

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When talking about menopause with my female pals, I  share that I have been experiencing menopause for 8-10 years, due to a hysterectomy.  And have always questioned whether or not I am in menopause "purgatory" and wondering if I will ever get out.  Thankfully it is subsiding but anytime I can read up on how to beat or ease symptoms, I am all in.  A week ago while working out, I saw information about an upcoming segment about a Facebook menopause support groupon Good Morning America, and made sure to tune in at that time!  I have included a link to the segment here.  This is when I met Gwen Harris, the founder of this group.  Gwen and I had similar stories with menopause symptoms beginning after a hysterectomy.  And as she states in the article, her symptoms hit her "like a ton of bricks." She started the group to find women she could relate to and offer a safe haven for discussions.

The group has quickly expanded from 11K followers to almost 23K since the airing on GMA.  As a new member myself, I jumped right in and started reading. I learned a ton about new treatments, found great ideas and saw the loving support of women dealing with this condition.  The group is run by Gwen herself!  I knew I had to meet her so reached out to learn more about her.

We had a great conversation and laughed about some similar stories.  Gwen is genuine and heartfelt about helping others.  What a great leader for a support group!    I was so impressed by Gwen, I want to introduce her to you, too!  

Gwen was raised in Zambia, South Africa and came to the US at the age of 15.  She said it was a hard move dealing with an accent, and being an outsider.  She shared she was saddened by the greed and found it difficult to understand the love of money. However, after 44 years here, has definitely become accustomed. 

Gwen is married and currently lives near Seattle.  She has two grown sons, one in Washington and  the other in Nashville, both married.  She and her husband will be relocating to Tennessee in the future.

Who inspires you?  "Mother Theresa,  because her value came from her heart!" 

What's the most exciting/adventuresome thing you have ever done? "Conquered Angels Landing, in Utah's Zion National Park, (with her son.) Which included a 5-mile hike, traversed the side of the canyon, and crossed the canyon, a mile in the air." Can we say #agelessadventure?  YES!

Do you have a motto you live by? Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!  

What would you tell your younger self? "Be who are... your not ordinary, your one of a kind!"   We laughed about trying to re-invent ourselves when we were in high school! 

Thoughts on aging? Gwen saw her Mom age not so gracefully but has turned that initial fear into facing the fact that she can age on her terms and by embracing it and all that life has to give!!  Gwen, it appears you are doing just that but also giving a lot at the same time! Especially  to those of us dealing with menopause!

Gwen and Topaz

Gwen and Topaz

Bravo, Gwen!!

As always, thank you reading and stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style and relevant information as we share this journey together!  I so appreciate you, my friends and readers!  XXOO




Wonder Women Wednesday - Bonnie

Travel, LifestyleJan Correll2 Comments

Recently on a flight to San Antonio, I met a really cool lady.  Her name is Bonnie and she is a flight attendant for American Airlines.  My Mom was with me and we engaged in an ongoing dialog with Bonnie throughout the flight.  Soon into the conversation we found out, she is not your ordinary 70ish year old!  In fact, she started as a flight attendant 33 years ago and continues to enjoy her career today.  She said the day she stops enjoying it, is the day she will retire.  

Bonnie has the best smile and a beautiful head of curly, silver hair.  These days, she only makes day trips but that does not stop Bonnie from traveling for pleasure.  When I asked Bonnie about taking risks and adventures, she did not hesitate to tell me about her most recent excursion.  Drum roll, please!  Bonnie drove by herself from Charlotte to Alaska and back in her Prius; 12,800 miles!  Let me repeat that... all by herself.  Many people want to do something like that but she did it.  We talked about the adventures she had including one mishap and how she met the best people along the way!!

Bonnie at her destination, Chicken, Alaska

Bonnie at her destination, Chicken, Alaska

When asked about her motto or mantra, Bonnie shared that it changes all the time as she evolves.  Most recently, she borrowed one from an author who walked the Pacific Coast Trail, "I am safe, I am strong, I am brave."  You are awesome, Bonnie!

Bonnie also said she has no regrets!  She loves herself and attributes that to all she has experienced in her life, both negative and positive! 

Jasper National Park in Canada

Jasper National Park in Canada


It was a true pleasure to meet Bonnie and I hope she inspires you as she did me!  Bonnie, is one fierce lady that I am lucky enough to count among my friends!  And kudo's to American Airlines for valuing this fierce, ageless woman!  


If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Super Women Wednesday, please send me an email to  Thank you!

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!   Keeping it fun, chic and ageless...