Workout Buddies: Why You Should Stay Active with a Friend

We all know how important it is to stay active not only for our bodies but also for our minds… especially as we age. When recently working with Humana, I was not surprised that 85% of older adults say it’s important to develop friendships and that many have found a new friend or a workout buddy as a result. I believe this is so important and have found this to be true. I have some lifelong friends I met through working out via group classes at my Y.

I also found the following video inspiring and hope you do too.

As a result, this video made me think about taking my Mom who is 84 to her closest Y, to show here all that it offers. She is very social and I feel that this would be one more way for her to stay involved and continue to build friendships for many years to come.

Are you staying involved, working out and building friendships? I sure hope so. I’m always looking for a walking buddy if you live near me! Thank you to Humana for sponsoring this post!

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