Glam Grandma Interview

Hope your week has been great and if you are like me you are thrilled it’s the weekend for some down time. We have an event tonight at a new restaurant opening in Fort Mill, called NAPA and then hopefully tomorrow a bit of relaxing after mass. I rarely relax but have not been sleeping as well as usual… so am going to push myself to take it easy.

Glam Grandma Silver is the New Blonde WCNC.jpg

I was recently contacted by WCNC - NBC Charlotte about a feature article on me and the blog. Allison Andrews, a former anchor at WCNC and now a contract writer interviewed me at Paul Simon Women in Charlotte. A fabulous single Mom that is living for adventure as she reaches a big milestone birthday this year. I have linked Allison’s blog here as I thought you might enjoy following her.

I have to say I really enjoyed the interview as Allison and her team made it pretty easy. Here is a link to the feature.

I am wearing a black Sympli Style top and pants and when I got to PSW threw on a Lafeyette 148 dress and used it as a kimono. I really loved the look and it was so easily changed up. My necklace is Clara Williams and my own. I hope you enjoy watching the video as enjoyed making it. Bravo, Allison and WCNC! Thank you. And thank you to my friend Johann Wheatley, the manager at Paul Simon Women.

Until next time,