Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks - Mad for Plaid

Happy Monday, lovelies. Did you get to relax yesterday? I was pleasantly surprised when our kids called and said they were bringing the grands by after church to swim and brought lunch, too. We had a blast for a few hours, and then I relaxed. I stayed at the pool for a while with Mr. Silver and did nothing. Well, I might have read and chatted it up with my neighbors and did not work. And although I always take Sundays off, I am usually working on some home project so was delighted to do nothing.

I popped by Nordstrom to check out their anniversary sale last Friday and within 30 minutes coordinated two outfits all on sale except for the shoes. But I liked the crocodile print so kept them in the lineup. They paired perfectly with the Rebecca Minkoff Croc Embossed, cross body circle bag.


Outfit number 1: shows that I truly am “mad for plaid.” I chose a plaid blazer and pants by Nordstrom Signature and Keyhole Silk Tank by FRAME. The pants could have been a size smaller but worked well for the photo. I plan to wear these items completely separate as well throughout the fall. The top will be fabulous now and all year long.


Outfit #2: is a simple navy jumpsuit by Vince Camuto and the plaid blazer above would look lovely over the jumpsuit for further into fall. The croc print bag and shoes say “fall” to me. I love navy or black with cognac.

So within 30 minutes of power shopping, I have at least five differently looks if I throw jeans into the mix. Let me know what you think and if you can see yourself wearing either of these looks through fall. I have linked everything below if you are interested in shopping. On a side note this girl finds it very difficult to get excited about sweaters and wool till the end of September or first of October due to the Carolina heat.

Have a wonderful week,