The Most Stylish Accessory for Silver Hair

Think back to the sweetness of days when your daughter or niece would allow you to do her hair. Her braid or ponytail would be rather incomplete without a beautiful accessory like a barrette. While some trends prove to be timeless, others come and go rather quickly. Barrettes have stood the test of time, and now women of all ages can participate in decorating their hair with these dazzling hair clips. Below are three reasons why I believe that barrettes are the most stylish accessory for silver hair.

They Add Glamour to Everyday Style

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are one way to add some shimmer to an otherwise casual outfit or your daytime attire. But, have you ever considered dressing up your hair? If you’re looking for a way to take your hair from just fine to fabulous, then I suggest shopping for a few fun and festive barrettes. On days where I want to add some glamour to my look, I simply add one of my favorite, eye-catching hair clips. These star barrettes not only hold my hair back throughout the day, but they also complement silver hair beautifully.

Barrettes are Polished, Pretty, and Practical

While I love barrettes for their beauty, they are also quite practical. Nothing is more frustrating than having locks of hair continuously fall in your face while you’re trying to concentrate on a task, or when you’re driving down the highway with your windows down. I love to pop in a shiny barrette when I’m at the beach or enjoying lunch outside with friends because it keeps my hair out of my face, but I still feel put together. I find that larger barrettes, like the one below, are great for thick or curly hair because it can keep more hair pinned back.

Life is Way Too Short to Not Play with New Hairstyles 

Last but not least, barrettes add an elegant touch to many different hairstyles. Have a wedding to attend, or perhaps a sophisticated evening party? Barrettes have the power to add an extra touch of flare to your outfit. I love to experiment with different hairstyles, such as updos, french twists, and low ponytails, and my barrettes never fail to sparkle no matter my hairdo.

Silver is the New Blonde_3_res (3).jpg

If you are searching for a way to elevate your everyday hairstyle, then I definitely suggest picking out a few beautiful barrettes! You’ll be surprised how much you love catching a glimpse of them as they glitter in your hair!

I have linked a number of different styles if you are interested in looking for a beautiful barrette accessory for yourself! I am wearing barrettes by

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