Supporting Silvers Feature: Jan Rogers

Jan Rogers, Going Gray Guide Creator, Going Gray Beauty Guide, Author

Jan Rogers, Going Gray Guide Creator, Going Gray Beauty Guide, Author

Jan Rogers is the creator behind The Going Gray Beauty Guide Facebook Page, the GGG Going Gray Guide (Closed/Private) Facebook Group, and the author of the Going Gray Beauty Guide Book. She is a warm and delightful person and her group (for women and by women, with 10 administrators to be exact) support women daily, with their transition to Silver and Gray hair. In fact, she is close to 35K followers/members between her Facebook Page and the GGG Group also on Facebook.

Group Mission: Having gray hair is gray8 and the NOW color in hair! Gray Hair has nothing to do with Age or being OLD and we are determined to change your “OLD” way of thinking!

Q & A with Jan:

Q: How did you get started with the Going Gray Guides and when?

A: I remember we had just finished painting our bedroom gray, and I was on my computer searching for a few gray decorating ideas. In one of my searches, a gray hair group popped up out of nowhere, and I stopped dead in my tracks. The thought of a support system (for women wanting to go gray), intrigued me, and in 2013, I opened a FaceBook Public “Page” called GGG Going Gray Beauty Guide. Back when I went gray, (15 years ago), we just did it. In fact, it never occurred to me to even take pictures. But times were changing, and I wanted to be part of that change. As time went on, I could see I needed to do more, as not everyone was ready to show the world their gray roots (on a public site), so in 2015 I opened a Closed FB Group called the GGG / Going Gray Guide. Once I began the closed FB group, a book soon followed called, Going Gray Beauty Guide 50 Gray8 Going Gray Stories, and the rest is history.  Now I’m working on the completion of my second book. Looking back, I’m so glad I decided to paint my bedroom gray that day. 

Q: What has been the most significant benefit as a result of the group?

A: The biggest benefit I’ve received from the GGG Group is the joy of giving back. What could be better then helping support other women on their going gray journey, or bringing a big smile to someone’s face; absolutely nothing.

Q: What or who inspires you? 

A: I get my inspiration from many things in life, but for gray hair, the women I see in the GGG Group, inspire me daily. To be able to watch them reach their goal is such a gift in itself! My Aunt Greta, Aunt Pat, and Great Aunt Ruby (who was 103), all flaunted their beautiful white hair while I was growing up. Another person who inspires me is my 90-year-old dad, and his zest for life. I look at him, and don’t know what impresses me more; his fabulous white hair, or that he still has a full head of hair. He taught me the difference in living and actually “living” your life. I am definitely taking a page out of his playbook.

Q: What’s the most exciting/adventuresome thing you have ever done?

A: I’m probably one of the least adventurous persons you’d ever want to meet. But I am known for taking on a challenge, and jumping in with both feet (if that counts) lol. One idea for an exciting venture started out at work. My co-worker’s mother had a Bed & Breakfast, and she would bring in pics and often talk about her mom’s B&B. One day she had to drop something off at the B&B and asked if I wanted to tag along. After that visit I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I put the idea in the back of my head, (where I could reach it), and began my plan of action. I had lots of ideas, and having a business background definitely worked in my favor. So we began restoring a dilapidated (1890’s) Victorian house for this purpose. About a week before we opened, I told my husband we probably should stay in at least one B&B before the opening (just incase someone asks). I owned and operated an Award Winning Bed & Breakfast for 17 years. Once I make up my mind to do something; I do it.

A BEFORE pic of Jan with her husband at their B&B.

A BEFORE pic of Jan with her husband at their B&B.

Q: Do you have a mantra/motto you live by?

Each new challenge is accompanied by one deep breath. My personal motto is: “To reach your best potential in life, you need to take a lot of deep breaths and step outside your comfort zone. When you begin to feel really comfortable, don’t be afraid to expand your goals, and reach higher.”

Q: Do you have any regrets, or what would you like to tell your younger self?

A: No, I really don’t have regrets when it comes to my hair, except for the one time I let my grandma cut my bangs. By the time she managed to even them out, they were really short. For everything there is a time, I enjoyed coloring my hair for 12 years, and I’ve enjoyed being gray for 15 years. Letting the gray show at 51 was “my” time. Every woman needs to do what makes her feel good about herself. As far as regrets in general, life doesn’t hand us a crystal ball. I taught my daughters that every decision we make matters, as it takes us down a different path. Just make sure it’s the path you want to be on, and if it’s not; change it.

Q: What are your thoughts on aging? 

A: Aging is inevitable. I think the sooner we can come to terms with that, acceptance begins to trickle in. When my sister passed at 52, it really brought that home for me, so I appreciate every day, and will take any wrinkle that comes along with it. But with that said, I take a lot of pride in myself, and know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I also know, those wrinkles aren’t just from laughing, so l make sure I protect my skin with sunscreen and pile on the lotion at night. I spent most of my life working in cosmetics, so I learned early on the importance of good skin care. At 57 (while running my B&B), I decided to back up those years of experience and got my Esthetician’s License (Makeup & Skin Care). Now at 66, I feel good in my own skin. I also know wearing an eye cream for all those years paid off.  I believe if we get caught up comparing the woman in the mirror, with our much younger self, it will lead to disappointment. I believe we need to get know the person we are today.

Personal tidbits: I’ve been married since 1975. My husband and I enjoy family, friends, walking, bicycling, movies, antiques, and each other. We have two daughters, three grandchildren, and two pups!

Check out Jan’s book, Going Gray Beauty Guide, here …. and hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for her next one.