Wearing a Work of Art - The Kaftan

Ala Von AuersPerg:

While in NYC, I had the opportunity to meet with the designer Ala Von Auersperg and her team (including her daughter Sunny) at their offices. What a fun meeting I had getting to know her and learning more about her, the brand and designs.

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Ala, inspired by her Mother and Grandmother, understood that clothes should be both comfortable and make you look fabulous. Garments should be versatile, and take us from the beach to dinner and even dressed up for events. They focus on making women feel beautiful in the feminine flow of the fabric, the transparency that reveals but also partially conceals the body, and the soft touch of textiles on the skin. As an artist, Ala designs all the beautiful prints. Her travels and surroundings inspire her work.

What I’m Wearing:

I fell in love with the collections (after trying on several) and had to share what I chose with you. I am wearing the Agnes Tank Top in Moraine, the Elaine Pant in Moraine and the Rachel One Sleeve Poncho in Moraine, which I would also call a Kaftan. This rose inspired design is part of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. I should also mention my Vinyl sandals because I know you may inquire. They are from Zara and you can order them here. I should also mention that these photo’s were taken at the Sea Pines Plantation Beach Club at the Ocean Lounge. A beautiful venue on the Atlantic Ocean, within Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island.

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I feel that this outfit is a work of art and love how it moves with me. I now feel a kinship to this beautiful brand, and that is the why behind Ala Von Auersperg. Their goal is to help all women realize that they can be glamorous, no matter their size or age. They feel that women should focus on enjoying life just as you are and being the best version of yourself. This mission resonates with me, and I know many of you too! Bravo, Ala!!

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Happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend loves. What fun do you have planned? Our kids were heading down to spend the long weekend with us at the beach until one of our grands got a tummy bug this morning. Poor baby! So our our weekend plans have changed a bit. Mr. Silver and I may just need to find a fun adventure. Stay tuned, and please continue to follow the fun.