Ode to Winter

Hi Friends,

I have truly been off the grid for over a week now... maybe not actually the grid... just the blog! Between travel for work and pleasure and just taking some down time... it's been nice!  But I missed you and I'm baaaaaccckk, better than ever.  Seriously can't wait for you to see some of my upcoming posts, shot on location in Texas.  So stay tuned!

Even though it has been a relatively warm winter, I am done with the cold. So here I am, walking into the weekend and saying goodbye to winter!  

I am wearing a Vineyard Vines, navy and white striped cotton scarf, a Talbot's puffer vest in navy, purchased recently at the Red Hanger sale, Chico's jeans from last season, my faithful Cognac Frye boots and for a pop of color, kelly green leather gloves.  Yes, if you live in the North, you may borrow them for St. Patty's day.  I hopefully won't need them!  

Ready for my ode

here it goes

old man winter 

you feel like a splinter

no more sweaters or coats for that matter

it's time for shorts, sandals too

I want bright colors... pinks, yellows and blues

Bring on spring, sooner than later

goodbye winter, see you later alligator!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope wherever you are it is a beautiful weekend.

As always, thank you for reading.