Annie Oakley and the Coat

Hi Friends, 

When I was young, my sister and I channeled Annie Oakley in various ways.  Playing with cousins on their farm, riding horses and shooting guns with our Dad and brother, we tried our best to be "Annie Oakley's" in our own minds.  I did not know much about her and the incredible woman she was until I researched her for this post.  Wow...she was a modern woman; strong, smart, talented, giving and even supported women's rights back in the 1900's.  

Now to the coat!  I found this coat while at the Round Top Antique Fair in TX.  If you have not been, I would highly suggest it. Such a blast and ridiculous finds!! My coat is vintage Double D Ranchwear.  It is a military jacket with beading and suede fringe.  I saw it hanging on a rack and kept going back to it as I thought it was a work of art.  All I had to do was put it on and I swear to the dear lord, I felt like Annie Oakley all over again!  My daughter, who was with me and knows me very well...said, "get it!" And the rest is history!  I have only worn it on a few times, but it is a piece of clothing I love and will never part with!  Someday, my daughter, grand-daughter and hopefully great-grand.... will wear this coat and enjoy it as much as I have.  Follow the gallery for links to the rest.  

Let me know if you have a find that is special!  I look forward to your comments.

As always thanks for reading,


ps.  If you like this coat as much as I do... there is one on ebay!