Fresh and Cool in All White

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The heat is upon us and for those in the NorthEast, it’s hotter than blazes. If you live there, I feel for you! Don’t get me wrong it’s Hot, Hot, Hot here too and that is why Mr. Silver and I escaped to the mountains for the day. Why? For one we love day trips and secondly a ten-degree temperature improvement, 84 degrees.

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I wear a lot of all white and all black too. You could say I lean toward a dramatic, statement look. But I have always loved a monochromatic outfit. So when I recently found this cute blouse at a local boutique in Fort Mill, I grabbed it. I like the drawstring at the waist and the feminine ruffles. I paired this with white jeans, always a staple in my closet. My accessories are neutral in a classic brown. This look can be recreated so easily to fit your style and wardrobe needs. And this same look will work in all black with the same accessories on cooler days.

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The scenery is the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Asheville. If you are not a big beer drinker (like me) they have excellent food, wine choices and the grounds are lovely. They usually have live music, beautiful gardens, a great brewery tour, and games galore. Mr. Silver thoroughly enjoys this place, so we always stop while in Asheville. I have linked some similar items for you.

I am wishing everyone a cool and relaxing weekend.