A Pantone Inspired Pink Outfit

Hi Readers, 

Happy Wednesday!  Hope the week is treating you well.  It's been a busy one so the weekend cannot get here soon enough.  


When I saw the fall colors listed by Pantone, I knew that Ballet Slipper would be a favorite in my wardrobe. And it would pair so well with one of my other favs: black!  


I found this cute Vince Camuto bomber jacket in Ballet Slipper. (check out the gallery below) Dressed up or down it's a great addition to any closet and it just so happens to pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Which is so important for all of us as a reminder!  I just scheduled my mammogram, have you?


A dear friend, from my childhood, put me in touch with Nancy Anderson of Karina Design: a design studio Check out her website here.  She designs hand-made jewelry and other wonderful gifts.  I am wearing a Pink freshwater pearl necklace in silver and love the unusual design.  It's always fun to get a unique gift like this!


Have a great rest of the week and thanks as always for reading!

Until next time...  XXOO