Style That Goes Wherever You Do


Hi Friends, 

Loving the new line from Target called A New Day.  The tagline is "style that goes wherever you do," which I believe is spot on.  This line offers a boutique experience at a lower cost, everything is under $50. Whose on board with saving some dollars!!  ME!  I found this statement jacket last week and fell in love.  From the embroidery on this military jacket to the lining, and turn back cuffs... it's really cute and can be worn at any age! 


I'm wearing Free People frayed jeans, a red French Connection top from the closet and fun gold slides from Steve Madden.  Check out the gallery below for links to the items.  


These photos were taken in front of a red dot for the effect.  However, funny enough you can find these red dots on any liquor store in the state of South Carolina.  Why might you ask?  I had to look up the answer!  You can read the article here but the gist of the story is that in 1945 legislation was passed that strictly limited advertising by liquor stores. A Charleston Liquor dealer got creative and painted a red dot around the words "Retail Liquor Dealer," and they have been painted on the Palmetto State's liquor stores since.  


Don't forget to check out this new line at Target and if you find something fun, let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!


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