Feeling Local

In honor of Flag Day this past week, I thought this picture was very appropriate.  It is near our beach and this flag flies year round!!  

Someone recently told me that if you wear a shirt that says you are a "local" then you are not.   On another note... I know this t-shirt makes me feel like a local and is a favorite.  It doubles as a swim suit cover up, paired with a skirt, or worn with my cut-off  jean shorts (not daisy dukes but old jeans cut off above right above the knee), a bathing suit or a teddy/tank underneath.  It is the perfect, do nothing outfit on a hot summer day!  Throw on a hat (love the pony tail cut-out), stylish sunglasses, some simple earrings and you are ready to go!! 

People always ask me where I purchased this tee... so now you know too!

Shipyard Plantation Beach, HHI