The Infamous Denim Jacket

Even though it is almost summer, I carry my Denim Jacket with me most everywhere.  It can complement or accessorize (INSTYLE) any outfit, classic or trendy.  Although,  it is warm outside, the AC in most buildings warrants a sweater, jacket or wrap.  

My "Jean Jacket"  is a classic Gap.  I don't know how long I have had it, but it is nicely worn-in!  

One of my favorite trends this spring  (article by Sarah Wasilak of POPSUGAR) is personalizing (PEOPLE)  your Denim Jacket.  I loved this idea and decided to make mine my brand!  Now wherever I go, people ask me about Silver Is the New Blonde, and I can share my story.  One word of careful not to personalize using a Trademarked brand (like mine).

Let me know if you have a well-loved Jean Jacket and if you have already customized it or have plans to!