The Personalized Beach Cover-Up

Hi Friends,

Hope your weekend was great!  After a fun weekend at the beach, I started Monday with the slows.  Well, Monday dragged into Tuesday and I decided to turn it around by making various lists of to do's to get ahead of the rest of the week. Wish me luck!! Anybody else start the week with the slows? 

Back to the blog...  I found this pretty Ralph Lauren over-sized shirt last year at Belk on the sale rack and paid under $10 for it.  I felt it would make the best beach cover-up due to the light-weight cotton fabric.  I love the long sleeves, that can be rolled up or down depending on the weather or the sun. After I got home with it, I decided it needed something.  Being that I like personalization, I took it to my local embroidery boutique but due to the weight of the fabric, they talked me out of  that idea.  Darn!  But they had another... they suggested I use screen printing to put my name on the back. I had not thought of that, but they assured me it would work great!  We went ahead with the plan and I can tell you I love the result!  In fact, I had three people ask me about the cover-up that very day on the beach.  Of course, I suggested they read about it on the blog!!  

Complimenting my new cover-up, this cute fringe beach hat was a fun find at the local Hilton Head TJ Maxx, and under $13.  Whenever I'm at the beach, I always check their racks and usually find a thing or two for the wardrobe.  I also saw several white shirts that could be used as cover-ups.  TJ Maxx never disappoints.

Would love to hear what you have personalized lately?  I have plans  to use Pom-Poms for another beach cover-up soon... so stay tuned~

As always, thanks for reading!  



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