"Cabernet" Sweater

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was quiet this year...but much needed as we have been on the go all fall and are now ready for the busy holiday season.

When you live in the South, you understand the need to layer when you dress.  The day can start around 30 degrees and end up around 75.  For this reason,  I love merino sweaters.  They are lighter (can be layered) and breath.  I found this pretty Madewell Merino wool sweater in Cabernet, on sale for $39.95.  It comes in 4 additional colors and is a great wardrobe staple.  I paired this with Chico's So Slimming jeans... so comfortable (if you ate too much turkey.)

I love boots but do not to wear them when it's warm. So every fall when I add staples to my wardrobe, there is usually a pair or two of new flats.  This year one of my adds were these Michael Kors patent leather flats.  I have worn them with numerous outfits as they go with everything, are super comfy and are great quality.  These are also in the outfit plans, when I host a few holiday parties at home!

Are you ready for the holiday hustle?  Yikes!  Know you are not alone for the panic to set in!!  My advice is a nice cabernet and chill... by the water, the fire or wherever you are happiest!  Maybe even surfing the web, for those cyber Monday bargains!  

As always, thanks for reading,