Mothers Day in Retrospect

One week ago today, I had the opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with my Mom, my Mother-in-law, my daughter and my daughter-in-law.  It was a very special day.  We live over 1200 miles from each of our kids, and it had been awhile since I was with both on Mother’s day.


Mom or Momma…that word means so much to me.  I will never tire of that title, or the responsibilities that come with it.  By no means, did I dream this position would bring so much happiness and joy, smiles, and laughter, with a few worries, a little heartbreak, and tiredness rolled in. Motherhood will always be my greatest accomplishment and honor!

Mothers Day 1988


I am ever grateful to my Mom for the love and compassion she has continuously shown me and my siblings.  She is a great example of what a Mother should be.  To this day, when she calls me darling or sweetheart, I know how sincere those words are, and they mean so much to me.  I also give my Mom credit for my sense of style.  She has consistently set the example for simple elegance and style.  However, her inner beauty; kindness and sweetness have always outshone anything she wore. 


Last weekend, it was fun to sit back and watch my daughter and DIL, with our two baby grandsons.  As I watched them, I saw that love in their eyes and fullness in their hearts that young mothers feel.   They have so much to encounter ahead of them, and I can’t wait to watch them experience motherhood. 


My advice? “Oh certainly,” since you asked for it … enjoy the ride, girls!  Every time you hear Mom/Momma or Mommy, cherish that word; know your child loves you with all their heart.  Let them hear and feel the love and sweetness that only a Mother can give!