All I Want for Christmas

Are new fun, funky socks


It all began last year when my hubby put six pairs of these fun socks in my Christmas stocking.  At first when I saw them…I thought, wow…they were really bright (not sure I will wear them)!  However, each early morning throughout 2015 as I got dressed for my workout, I looked in my sock drawer for what quickly became my favorite socks.  I would look past the plain white ones and the grey ones with color on the heel (how boring) and put on my fun, funky, bright socks.  There was something about looking down and seeing them that would make my day a little brighter, assist me in being less serious, and I swear they helped make my workouts better!  Who knew…socks?


These socks carried others and me through some rough patches this year.  When my Dad went into hospice back in February, and he became very cold one-day, I grabbed my funky socks from my overnight bag and put them on his feet.  My intention was that these socks stay on for the night (to keep him warm); however, these socks were worn each day, unless we changed them out for a wash.  The black substitutes just did not feel right.  When my Dad passed in March, the socks were returned to me. That one pair will always be special to me.


When visiting my daughter recently in Texas, we went out to exercise, and I grabbed my favorite socks.  Later that day, she asked if I knew they were becoming threadbare.  I said yes…obviously.  She persisted and said Mom; I know you don’t need to wear holey socks!  I let her know that there were no holes…they were only showing some tender loving wear and that my goal was to hold out for a few weeks in the hopes of more fun, funky socks!


After we got home from Texas, my husband asked me for Christmas gift ideas.  The first thing I told him was a new pack of fun, funky socks!


Since today is Christmas Eve, and you might need a last minute idea, remember even a simple gift can make a difference each day! 


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