Not quite a blank canvas...

Photo by Getty Images

Photo by Getty Images

How exciting…my first blog post! Now I know how an artist feels with a blank canvas… so many topics, and ideas…but where to start. The planning for Silver has been more than two years in the making. All the while, I have been curating information, articles, and pictures and now the launch date is here. 

With that said, I am jumping right in... 

When I was young, my family (Mom, Dad and 4 siblings) moved quite a bit, 21 times to be exact. That is a ton of packing and un-packing. As a result, I learned to thrive on change, and still embrace change today! We would move to a new city or town, and I always felt that I could start fresh. I could change things about myself that I didn’t like. I could emulate someone whom I thought was cool, nice or friendly from a previous school and no one would know. I could be the “new person” that people wanted to meet. I would change my hair, fashion, makeup, etc. for each move perfecting my look and persona. However, what I realized time and time again is that I could not change who I was, what I stood for, what I believed in and what mattered to me. Luckily, for me (even at an immature age, in my early teens) I realized that I liked who I was. Rather than trying to be someone else or change who I was, I needed to stop this behavior. I realized I needed to work on myself and not worry about others.  I focused on growing as a person, and as an individual. Even today, I believe that I need more work and fine-tuning as I continue to work toward my authentic self.    For that reason, I believe that most of us are not quite a blank canvas as we continue to try to paint the picture of who we truly are! 

Are you in tune with your authentic self? I came across this article by Diana Reid of Lifehack, 3 Easy Steps to Becoming Your Authentic Self, and thought it was an easy and beneficial exercise for learning more about yourself. I look forward to your feedback!