A Knit Dress from a Close-knit Brand


Maybe odd but when I uncover a brand I am not familiar with, I always google them to find out more!  I love to read the stories behind the brand and like to feel the connection.

I was in a fun boutique in Hilton Head earlier this summer working with a young woman from their headquarters on an upcoming project, when I noticed her dress and commented how much I loved it and asked if they had it in a medium?  She went to look and shared that they did not...however five minutes later she tapped on the door to my dressing room and said here... try mine on and see if you like it!  I was flabbergasted first by the fact she would do this kind gesture and secondly by the awesome dress.  Unfortunately, that particular dress was sold out but I knew that the brand was special because of the way I felt in the dress.  Do you ever feel that way when you try something on?  


I would like to introduce you to Nic and Zoe.  I could tell their story but feel they do a great job!  Read about them here.  I think the best part is that they understand the everyday hustle a woman goes through.  As we all know... it's not easy!! And we do deserve to feel good in whatever we wear!!


I love great knitwear!   Whether it's casual or dressy, it moves with you. And that is important.


This pretty dress and matching Nic and Zoe jacket, is perfect now as a sleeveless dress or with the jacket for fall. Matching sets will be big this year so be sure to check this one out here and here.  

Also, we have to talk about the shoes.  Yes, so stylish but oh so comfy!  I know some you may not wear this high of a heel but they have many lower heels to choose from as well.  You can heck them out here.   


Nic and Zoe has eight stores and you can look them up here and is also sold online here.  They are also offer in a number of different boutiques across the country. When you run across them, I highly suggest you try the clothes on and hope you have the same experience and revelation I did. 

I hope you you had a great week and if you recently joined... welcome!!   My goal is to share ageless style, and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog!