Bold Beauty - Eye Liners


I love my eyes.  And it's ok to say that.  I feel like my eyes really show my happiness and joy.  So why not make the most out of them!  Right? I use to lightly line my eyes both top and bottom until... I hit middle age and decided I needed a softer look.  I went to one of my favorite makeup counters and asked for some advice.  At Laura Mercier, they showed me how to "tightline" my eyes, which I have now been doing for years.   You can read more about it here.  And you can buy the special brush and cake eyeliner here and here.  The brush is a bit expensive but it will last for years.  It took a bit of practice to perfect both but feel the look is much softer than lining above my eyelashes which I felt was too heavy especially for daytime.  

Still trying to brighten my eyes a bit I looked for another technique to accentuate and brighten my eyes.  Many days, especially when I was traveling every week, I felt my peepers looked tired.  I like this article that shares different ideas on brightening.  Luckily, I found a white highlighter by Sonia Kashuk that works extremely well and you can buy it here from Amazon. There are many other brands that offer eye highlighters as well and I have linked them below in Instagram and My video below shows both tightlining as well as highlighting.  

I love both methods as it looks natural for an everyday look.  And if you have blue or green eyes, it really makes your eye color stand out.  If I am applying or freshening up my makeup for a night out, I usually freshen both areas and may pop some white highlighter in the corners of my eyes to open up my eyes even more.  

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