Glitter on my Feet: My Sparkle Sneakers


After a super busy week and feeling badly that I got behind... I wanted to share a look that makes me happy.  A tee, jeans and sneakers.  As we  all know, we cannot be dressed to the max all the time and I love a casual jeans day!  

My name is Jan... as you probably know.  And my middle name is Ellen... which you may not know.  For years, I have received mail and people will mistakenly call me Jane.  In fact, Mr. Silver likes to tease and call me Jane, too!  I am so used to it... I now love the name Jane.  So when I saw this cute tee at J. Crew... I grabbed it!  I cannot say I am a "Jane of all trades." but I like to try!!  AND then, I saw the pink glitter sneakers and was done!  The makings of a casual, jeans day, outfit.  I continue looking for pink and white seersucker shorts for the heat of the summer but have not found them yet!!  If you spy them...give me a shout. 


There is something about glitter on my feet that makes me smile (possibly my inner young self!) Do you wear shoes that have glitter on them?  And do they make you happy, too?  I kinda feel like dancin. :)  I should also mention my madras bucket hat.  It is special because it was my Dad's and I always miss him around Father's Day.  


I hope you enjoy the look.   I have linked my Instagram and below.  

Have a great weekend and as always, thank you for reading the blog.  My goal is to share chic, authentic and ageless style; covering fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this journey together!  I always appreciate you!