How to Wear White Boots


Hope it's been a great week, friends!  Mr. Silver and I  are getting ready for our son's family including two of grands and can't wait!  As you may know, I am a great shopper and deal finder!  So while shopping for Easter goodies, found some white boots... that I did not know I needed.  

rsz_img_9900 (1).jpg

Now there is a bit more to the story... as I always wanted white boots when I was young.  However, my parents did not feel they were appropriate.  My older sister and I pined for them.  No lie, every single TV show, had women in white Go-Go boots.  Maybe it was the Go-Go part they objected to.  Can't say we ever really lacked for much, so we never pushed the envelope.  But our staple shoes at the time were black and white saddle shoes!   


So when I came across these beauties, I had to make them mine.  Because at 60, nothing is stopping me! 

I never really thought about how I would wear white boots because I wanted them and they were on my list (more on the list in another post.)  However, what I have found since purchasing these, is that I can wear them with everything and everywhere.  Dresses, jeans, skirts, overalls... well, maybe not shorts! 

Do you have white boots and do you love them too?  Would love to hear from you in the comments, below.  You can check out the gallery below for "my white boots," and more choices, the sunnies and the ring.  The rest of this black and white look is from the closet.

As always, thank you for stopping by the blog.  My goal is to share authentic ageless style; fashion, beauty and relevant lifestyle information as we share this fun journey together!  I so appreciate you!