Lipsticks That Stay Put

The Cocktail Party Guide


Every  woman has encountered a time in her life where she must find the perfect outfit for a social event, such as a cocktail party. While finding a chic ensemble, that is true to your style, is certainly an important part of prepping for any festivity, it’s crucial to remember the saying, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” don’t forget your lipstick that stays put!

Bold and Beautiful Red: For the woman who is looking to make an eye-catching statement while she socializes and sips, a bold red lip is an excellent choice. A red lip is elegant and classic, and it makes quite a striking statement. A red lip stain ensures a long lasting wear that looks just as fresh as when it was first applied, making it the perfect choice for your pout while you mingle and drink.


The Classic Nude: A nude lip is the ideal product to accompany your look if you want your outfit to be the center of attention at the party. A creamy, nude lip makes for a fresh face that isn’t overbearing, and it is an exceptional pairing for a more dramatic eye look, such as a smokey eye. While lip glosses are flirty and fun, it’s best to avoid them for a cocktail party. Glosses require more maintenance and constant reapplying, so it’s best to stick with the basics when modeling a classic, nude lip.


Poised in Pink: If you are the lady who is entertaining and eating while enjoying your cocktail, a pink, satin finish is the most suitable look for you. The great thing about a pink lip is that it’s quite versatile. No matter the season, you can find the ultimate pink shade that is sure to impress and look stunning in photos. A satin lip is a fabulous alternative to a gloss, and the best thing is that it doesn’t cause your lips to become dry!

img (2).jpeg

Your lips are the focal point of your face, and finding the perfect lipstick shade, that is guaranteed to stay put throughout the evening, is a must for any ageless woman!

I have linked all of my favorites in Now you can use the information in my previous post to use this convenient app. If anyone needs help… just let me know.

Have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate and as always, my goal is to share chic, ageless style and endless fun, from a sincerely silver perspective.  Including fashion, beauty, and relevant lifestyle information as we share this ageless journey together!  Thank you for reading my blog! 




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