An Outfit for Island Time

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We are as well and enjoyed time with family. Due to travel yesterday and today, I am a bit late with my post.  So here goes...

Does anybody else understand island time? I truly believe the phrase can be used as a verb and adjective at the same time and that there is something special about this phrase.   Whether it is a long island, a caribbean island or just an island off the coast...there is magic that happens once you hit the island. Time seems to slow down and deep breaths seem to come easier. 

When we cross over the bridge to our island,  we can smell the sea air and time around us seems to slow down.

I hope you enjoy these pictures taken in Hilton Head near Coligney Beach on our island, HHI.

My Island Time tee as well as the pom pom earrings are from J.Crew.  Unfortunately, this everyone else love it and it is now sold out!  My vintage tulle skirt is from Bomdiggity Boutique in  Texas but I have posted similar styles on my gallery page.  My black strappy sandals are Coach and have great detail, similar are shown below.  My sunnies are Ray-Ban.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and wherever you are in the world, island or land... hope you can relax and live lie your on "island time!"

Until next time XOXO