The Little Black Lace Top

Hope you did not think there was something more to this post due to the title. :)  Lace does make me think of soft, feminine style.  Does it you? This post is about a beautiful black crocheted lace top, from Soft Surroundings.  Have you seen their catalog or been to one of the stores? The clothing is very high quality, and they cater to the mid-life woman.  Soft Surroundings believes you should live an inspired life, surrounded by the "little things" that make all the difference... including the philosophy to put yourself first! As we should!!


One of my favorite items in my wardrobe is from Soft Surroundings and is a beautiful sweater coat, bought several years back and featured here in a previous blog post as well as a favorite bathrobe that is you guessed it... so soft!   I recently visited their store in Charlotte and was impressed with the assistance and attention provided by their sales staff.  Be sure to check out their skincare and makeup lines, too.  The staff is very knowledgeable and they cater to the mid-life woman's skin care needs. 

IMG_7851 (1).jpg

When asked to collaborate with Soft Surroundings.  I chose this beautiful black crocheted lace top that comes with a built-in tank, which can be worn year round.  I love the sleeves and the scallop lace around the hem and cuffs.  So feminine and versatile to be dressed up or down.  I styled this with black bootcut leggings (pull on), which are a stretchy jean material and very comfortable.  The shoes are leopard print mules which I feel kick it up a notch!  My jewelry includes these fun gold, leather earrings, and gold bracelet.  Check out the gallery below for links.  


One important bonus, is that you usually size down for this brand, especially on pants.  I wear an 8-10 and sized down to a small on these leggings.   Hey, I would never complain about sizing down...would you?

I had so much fun working with this brand that really understands the mid-life women, including the different style choices and body type needs. I would definitely suggest putting them on your radar for online or in-store shopping depending on your location.  Soft Surroundings offers a one stop shop catered to us... in mid-life.


Thank you to Soft Surroundings for this sponsored post!  Watch for another outfit soon, from this great brand!  

As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!    

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