A Theory on Pearls

Hi Friends,

Hope that everyone had a fun weekend!  We sure did...with Grandson #2.  

Speaking of precious gems, I have always loved pearls!  My theory is you cannot have enough.  I have at least four different strands;  most are handy downs from generations before me and one very nice set of Mikimoto pearls...a gift from Mr. Silver.  However, I wanted a very long strand that I could double or triple as needed... I found this strand from Carolee, and it was the perfect match.  More pearl sightings in the future!!  

The preppy look comes naturally after years in a uniform while growing up.  This Theory, Striped Chambray shirt is so much fun with its peplum and bell sleeves.   Dressed  up or down, it is a great addition to the wardrobe.  Catch the shot below where the breeze kicked it up a notch!  

As always, thanks for reading~

Until next time,