Be Brave, Be Confident, You Can Do Anything...

When I look at this picture, the title of this blog comes to mind.  This precious little girl, who picked out her own clothes that very morning; a red t-shirt, her brother’s old blue pants and her favorite shoes (another handy-down, blue rubber slip-on boots).  Her toy, a laser gun that made very loud noises as it lit up.  I also see her sweet personality, and just a bit of a “tude” at times…"I will do what I want."  

We tried very hard to teach our children, independence, no fear, and resilience in this world. You never really know if all you are doing is right and if the important lessons will stay with them. I remember vividly the second-guessing and worrying.

Now, as the parent of adult children, I can say that you should always trust your instincts as a young parent.  As long as you are trying your best for your children, it will all work out.

Recently, as I was leaving a long-time career and figuring out what I wanted to do, (including starting this blog). Those words were repeated to me by my daughter, “Mom, you are so brave, be confident, look what you have already accomplished…you can do anything!"

Just wait for it...things always go full circle!





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