sublime finds/kate spade

Is youth passé?  Are we in the retirement renaissance?  Is maturity chic?


Not only is silver hair the new trend and very smart I might add, the young at heart are becoming the It-Girls of Fashion,  Iris Apfel, (read her story by Andrea Smith of Sublime Finds) is now the face of brands like Kate Spade and Alexis Bittar. As the article in Adweek (by Emma Bazilian) states she has joined, Joan Didion, Joanie Mitchell, Twiggy, Helen Mirren and many more.  


The Silver economy is an important demographic, and brands (including luxury) are chasing mature consumers. Evidently, we have the most spending power. From the article above in Adweek, it appears; we will continue to see these beautiful women grace the fall fashion world.


Is there a shock factor in these ads?  Are they an insult to older women?  This article by Sandra Howard for the Daily Mail certainly conveys that message. I don’t understand her complaint on styles for mature women.  Sandra might want to check out …that’s not my age blog by Alyson Walsh and her Style Forever book.    Iris Apfel is certainly not wining about difficulty finding smart, stylish clothes.


My feeling is you can take these ads how you want to.   For me, the breadth of fresh air is the acceptance of women being comfortable in their own skin along with the goal of remaining stylish and fashionable.   Aging gracefully is becoming in vogue. When you add in incredible confidence and bravado, which all these women have, who would not want to emulate this look…and support these brands.