Silver is the New Blonde™

Supporting Silvers

I am very excited to host a place to help "Silvers" with their Silver or Gray hair transition or transformation.  I know it is not an easy journey but I also know the benefits first hand as many of us do!  A few years back I found the  GGG Going Gray Beauty Guide on Facebook, as a result of my research on different "Silver Hair" topics. I love the camaraderie and support that the group provides.  I have linked their public page here as well as their closed group page here.  When you find them please feel free to tell them that Jan at Silver Is the New Blonde® sent you!  Their founder is also a “Jan”, (Jan Rogers) so as to avoid any confusion!!

Also,  I will be featuring a "Silver" here each month.  You may send me a before and after picture and  share the story behind your transition in 150 words or less. Please put "Silver Feature" in the subject line.  I look forward to hearing from you at my email 


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Megan Ulrichs

“There is nothing more beautiful than living your truth and owning who you are!”

I am so excited to introduce Megan Ulrichs as my first feature on Supporting Silvers. She is pretty amazing. Read the full post here and if you are interested in being considered for a feature, please see my instructions above. xx Jan